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  Chapter 1994 Six Eyes Start Acting, Encounter within the Trajectory of Destiny   "Coffin, Dark Sovereign, The source of the disaster?"

"Even Hunyuan is secretive."

"Heh, I am really more and more curious about this dark forbidden soil..." Chu Kuangren's mouth curled slightly. , With curiosity in his eyes.

The universe is so big, there is no lack of strange things.

In the past, he thought Hunyuan was the Peak of the universe, and he could explore any place in the universe.

Now it seems that I am a little naive in thinking.

Whether it's the dark forbidden soil or the Tianyuan universe, the purple giant gates in the Pangu universe are difficult for Hunyuan to snoop.

In these places, perhaps there are hidden secrets of detachment.

Even the Great Avenue of the Universe cannot be governed.

"After winning this war, I must find the answers to these questions!" Chu Kuangren thought to himself.


The sixth continent of Tianyuan.

Inside a palace.

All six eyes are well prepared, ready to deduce the destiny trajectory of Heavenly Sword, not only that, he also found a colorful Heavenly Dragon as his protector.

"Colorful Heavenly Dragon, I have seven lights all over me, so I must not let people turn them out. If all seven lights are out, then I will incinerate my body immediately." Six eyes solemnly said to Qicai. Heavenly Dragon said.

"Okay, I understand."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon nodded.

Then, I saw six eyes took a deep breath, sitting in the middle of the circle surrounded by seven lights, thoughts move, and the seven lights came on.

These seven lights are extremely unusual. They were made by Six Eyes in order to deduce the Heavenly Sword and spent several years looking for materials.

"Burn your life with fire, and your destiny will appear!"

Six-eyed hands pinch mysterious secret art.

Countless runes shined in midair.

The lights and flames illuminate the rune, and the celestial splendor circulates, in the midst of the world, a lot of destiny is triggered.

Far away.

Within the Pangu universe.

Several powerhouses who are good at the way of destiny looked at the direction of Tianyuan Universe at the same time, with grave expression in their eyes.

"It's six eyes!"

"He has started to act, what is he going to do this time?"

"No matter what he wants to do, stop him !"

These powerhouses also stimulate destiny.

However, before they have waited for them to display the destiny method, they seemed to see the blazing fire of the seven groups.

The terrifying fire waves burst out.

These powerhouses of the way of destiny have been knocked to the ground one after another.

"That's... the fire of life!"

"Six eyes actually ignited the fire of life, what is he going to deduce, dare to take such a big risk?!"

The fire of life is the flame condensed by one's own destiny.

Igniting the fire of life and deducing destiny. This is an extremely powerful but also extremely dangerous method in the destiny cultivator. If the fire of life is extinguished, regardless of whether you are in harmony or in harmony, you will have to body dies and Dao disappears , Completely fell.

Liuyan is the strongest destiny cultivator they have ever seen.

Even he has to ignite the fire of life to deduct it. It can be seen that it is definitely a kind of shocking secret, which makes the fate cultivator very curious.

"Wait, the goal of the six-eyes deduction is not my Pangu universe, it seems to be in a place inside them."

A destiny cultivator senses where the fire is going, Can't help but wonder.

Is there anything more important than the two great universe wars?

The ninth continent of Tianyuan.

Chu Kuangren seemed to sense something and smiled on his face.

"Oh, it's finally here."


Every creature has its own destiny track.

Following these destiny trajectories, brilliant destiny cultivator can see the past and the future of the creatures, good fortune and bad luck.

And the six eyes are a race favored by the road of destiny.

The way he deduced the trajectory of fate is different from most cultivators. Others observe the trajectory of fate.

And he enters directly.

In the tangled and complicated River of Destiny, countless trajectories of destiny converge here, some parallel, some intersect, and some are mixed together. Tangled and complicated have to be followed by a woolen thread. The same as the ball.

Six eyes found the destiny track represented by Heavenly Sword.

Unlike other destiny trajectories, this destiny trajectory is thick and long, as if it traverses the entire River of Destiny.

Other destiny trajectories have lengths and weaknesses.

And this one seems infinite.

Not only that, other tracks can be spied to more or less, but this one is nothing.

"Such a peculiar path of destiny, I have only seen it in my life."

Six-eyed consciousness came to the River of Destiny and looked at the path of Heavenly Sword's destiny, with a strong eye curious.

For the first time he saw this kind of fate trajectory.

The reason why Sagong Divine King was allowed to spy on Chu Kuangren's destiny again, apart from being for the sake of Tianyuan Universe and distinguishing whether the opponent is an internal traitor, a large part of the reason stems from his curiosity.

"Let's take a look."

The six-eyed consciousness sneaked into Chu Kuangren's destiny trajectory.

But what I see is still nothingness.

He wanders in this piece of nothingness, surrounded by seven life fires, but even this life fire cannot illuminate the darkness of nothingness.

"It's really weird."

Liuyan keeps going deep into this destiny track.


He throbbed.

An inexplicable terror attacked my heart.

The life fire of the seven groups with six eyes and the whole body directly extinguished the three groups.

His complexion changed.

Then, he opened his eyes sharply.

In those eyes, there are three pupils on each side!

There are six in total.

At this time, the six pupils all bloomed with brilliance, and an extremely powerful force of destiny spread out.

The four remaining life flames, like candles in the wind, were immediately stabilized, but this was only temporary.

The six eyes can clearly feel that the great horror is constantly increasing, as if it is endless, without limits!

Liuyan was a little scared.

But when he thinks of the back hand he has prepared, he has a little confidence in his heart, "I want to see, what is this great horror hidden in the trajectory of Heavenly Sword's destiny!!"

"Perhaps, if I find out the mystery, my way of destiny will be one step closer, to the extreme, to achieve Hunyuan!"

Thinking of this, Liuyan became more determined. The determination to explore.

I saw the six pupils in his eyes burst out with brighter brilliance, and the stronger power of destiny swept out, stabilizing the fire.

One step forward.

bang! The   fire of the two regiments dissipated again.

That great horror is more terrifying than Six Eyes thought.

He looked at the remaining two life fires, and the courage he had just gathered up just now fell again.

"Great Destiny!"

Six-eyed hands pinch mysterious secret art.

The six-eyed family’s inheritance cultivation technique is used, and a group of mysterious divine light flows out, enveloping him and the fire of life.


At this moment, a chuckle sounded.

This laughter made the six pupils of the six eyes almost shrunk into six needle points, and could not help but shouted: "Who?!"

But in the voice, he also Unconscious panic.

Over the years.

By virtue of the great fate technique and the power of the six-eyed race, he has been in and out of the trajectory of fate countless times, but he has never encountered the situation today.

Besides him, are there other people in this destiny trajectory? !

This is impossible!   "You came here to spy on the sky, dare you to ask who the sky is?"

An indifferent voice sounded.

In the darkness of nothingness, there is an immortal splendor suddenly appearing! A   white clothed silhouette is coming with the billowing Heavenly Might!

"It's you, Heavenly Sword!"

Six eyes cried out in surprise, I can't believe it.

Is Heavenly Sword able to freely go in and out of his own destiny? ! !   (End of this chapter)

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