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  Chapter 1995 The collision of the great destiny, the vast River of Destiny, the fall of six eyes

Six eyes to see Looking at Chu Kuangren in front of him, he couldn't believe it.

You should know that people who cultivation the way of fate can easily spy on the fate of others, but it is extremely difficult to spy on their own fate.

It is difficult for a healer to heal himself.

This is the same reason.

But now, he actually sees Chu Kuangren appearing in the trajectory of his own destiny, which is really incredible for him.

Moreover, Heavenly Sword is actually good at the way of destiny?   No one discovered this?   Six eyes are dumbfounded.

But Chu Kuangren ignored him, his sword fingers condensed, and the entire path of fate was shaken by his appearance.

Immediately afterwards, the majestic force of fate rolled over and turned into a surging sword qi, moved towards Liuyan suddenly cut away!

sword qi like a hot knife through butter, horrified.

In front of this sword, the mask formed by the power of fate in the six-eyed body was torn out.

"Great Destiny!"

Six eyes couldn't sit still.

The great destiny technique is used, all around the power of destiny condenses, stabilizes the life fire, and then turns into a divine light and shoots out!

This is destiny divine light, formidable power is extremely terrifying.

Upon seeing this, Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes.

"Talking about fate in front of the sky, you are extremely stupid!"

He raised his raised hand.

The power of destiny flows out.

In an instant.

A light mask condenses out, easily blocking the divine light of fate!

And the fluctuations posted by him made Six Eyes held breath cold air, and couldn't believe it: "Great Destiny!"

Not bad!

What Chu Kuangren uses is the great destiny technique!

The great destiny technique that only the six-eyed clan can do!

"How can you have this kind of power, this is impossible!"

Six-eyed cultivation The way of fate for so many years, I have seen the fate of countless people, but it has never been like today Shock.

At this point.

Chu Kuangren did something again.

While he raised his hand, the great destiny technique was performed again.

A burst of divine light burst out.

The six-eyed loudly shouts, igniting the power of life and fire, the eyes burst out with the power of destiny, and also a streak of divine light.

The two divine lights converge, stirring Heaven and Earth.

The River of Destiny has ripples.

And because of the fight between the two, the fate of all around has shifted slightly, and the fate of all souls in the world has changed.

Someone overnight, the cultivation base was completely abandoned.

Someone fell off the cliff. Originally, he should get a fortuitous encounter, and then counterattack to become a powerhouse, but at the moment it is turned into a withered bone at the bottom of the cliff.

There is a big wicked tyrannize, who had been at large for a lifetime, but suddenly a thunderbolt fell from the sky and chopped him to death.

There are also good people who do good things every day, but go to jail for grievances...

And these.

It is not clear to the two who are fighting each other in the track of fate.

Chu Kuangren, six eyes.

When the divine light of the two met, it was deadlocked.

"I have six eyes and the blessing of life fire, Heavenly Sword, even if you also have the great destiny spell, but it can't help me, just let it go."

Six eyes loudly said.

You can hear him, Chu Kuangren remain unmoved.

"Trying to spy on the fate of the sky, you, damn it!"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"You can't kill me."

"Where do you think you are now?"

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly.


I saw the trajectory of fate was shaken.

An incomparable great horror power is transmitted from the boundless darkness, shattering the fate of six eyes divine light.

The remaining two life fires around him also dissipated.

Destiny divine light fell on him.

Almost shattered his life style!   "Not good!"

The six-eyed complexion changed, showing horror.

And the sixth continent in Tianyuan.

Inside the palace.

The six-eyed true body was sitting cross-legged, wandering in the River of Destiny, but suddenly, the seven life fires all around him went out one after another, and the colorful Heavenly Dragon next to him saw it. complexion changed.

"Six Eyes is in danger!"

He didn't dare to neglect, and acted according to plan.

At the moment when all the seven life fires disappeared, a ball of dragon flame hit Liuyan's body and burned him to ashes.

In the ashes, a puppet appeared.

The fairy radiance lingers above, the power of destiny circulates, and the thread condensed by the power of destiny penetrates into the void, seeming to be connected to something.

River of Destiny, within the trajectory of destiny.

Chu Kuangren caught Chu Kuangren's fate divine light in his six eyes, and his life was shattered. He should have fallen here like this.

But at this time, threads of fate emerged on his body, pulling him out of the River of Destiny forcibly.

"Oh, it seems that there is something left."

Chu Kuangren murmured, then faintly smiled, "It's just a blow from the sky, do you think it's so easy to bear? ?"


His mind came to the River of Destiny.

Looking at the chaotic trajectory of fate, ponder for a while.

Then, he extended the hand and began to realign some of the chaotic fate trajectories that had occurred due to the two playing against each other.

Of course, it's not all correct.

The destiny trajectory of a good man, he gives the other party the result he deserves.

The trajectory of the wicked’s destiny also deserves its due end.

"These destiny tracks represent ordinary persons, or ordinary cultivators, so they will be easily affected."

"If it is a high-strength cultivator, it will not. "

Chu Kuangren glanced across the River of Destiny.

Some people’s destiny tracks are clearly visible, and you can see their heads at a glance, while others are obscured by the cultivation powerhouse with great means, confused and unclear...

And what he saw at this time was just a corner of this long river. Deeper in the River of Destiny, I don't know how many people's fate is hidden.

"I'm afraid that even if I cultivation the Great Destiny technique to the extreme, it will be difficult to get a glimpse of the full picture of the River of Destiny."

Chu Kuangren murmured.

Fate together, too mysterious, maybe when he truly became a destiny Sovereign, he dare to say that he truly mastered his own destiny.

Chu Kuangren laughed, and then his silhouette flashed, disappeared.


In the sixth continent of Tianyuan.

The puppet suddenly changed into six eyes, and he looked at the burned ashes on the ground with lingering fear.

"It's very risky. If I hadn't prepared this puppet in advance, I'm afraid I will really die in the River of Destiny this time."

The puppet, this is him. The life-saving thing that cost a lot of refinement, and because of this thing, he has the confidence to spy on Chu Kuangren.

"How's it going? Did you catch a glimpse of the origin of Heavenly Sword?"

Colorful Heavenly Dragon stepped forward and asked.

"No, but Heavenly Sword is not trivial, he..."

When Liuyan wanted to say something, suddenly the complexion changed.

In his body, a force of fate suddenly flowed out, and a brilliant divine light burst out of his body.


The six eyes looked terrified.

He has used a stand-in puppet, but he still can't completely offset Chu Kuangren's destiny divine light!

This divine light actually followed him to the puppet.

"Not good!"

After seeing the divine light bursting out of Liuyan's body, the complexion slightly changed in Seven Color Heavenly Dragon, there is a kind of palpitation, and the instinct goes backwards.

And the six-eyed body began to inflate like a balloon. At the last moment, he loudly roared, "Kill me, Heavenly Sword!"

Boom!   Six eyes burst open!

There is no blood.

Some only have a gorgeous divine light, like a firework.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon walked over, but found no trace of all six eyes, and even his way was completely erased.

It seems that this person with six eyes has never appeared in the world.

There was a panic in the heart of Colorful Heavenly Dragon.

"Heavenly Sword...what did you do?!"

(End of this chapter)

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