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  Chapter 1996 Dissatisfaction with Heavenly Sword, deduces the future, loses more and loses less   Tianyuan sixth continent Inside.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon looked at the empty great hall in front of him, his face was gloomy, his six eyes were dead, and he was killed by Heavenly Sword! !   The ability of Heavenly Sword is far above everyone's imagination.

It is so bizarre that even Six Eyes, who is best at the way of destiny, was killed by him while spying on the path of his destiny!

Kill with fate!   Heavenly Sword, there is such an ability? !

"No, this matter must be told to everyone as soon as possible."


Tianyuan Ninth continent.

Chu Kuangren opened his eyes.

He looked towards the distance, with a smile on his face, "This time can be regarded as a disaster for the Pangu universe."

Without six eyes, the ability to predict the future , Tianyuan Universe’s next actions in the void battlefield will be greatly restricted.

"As for other layouts, we are also ready to start."

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

Regarding the layout materials of Zeguo's battle map, it is almost ready now, and it has entered the stage of formation.

The Pangu universe is already underway.

Everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.


Tian Primordial Spirit Temple.

A meeting is held again.

The discussion in this meeting is the death of six eyes!   "Sagong Divine King, Heavenly Sword must give us an explanation for this matter. Why did he kill six eyes?!"

"Yes, why?"

Everyone is very dissatisfied with the behavior of Heavenly Sword.

And Sagong Divine King also had a headache. He asked Liuyan to spy on the fate of Heavenly Sword, and didn't expect to kill him.

Thinking of this, his intestines are almost regretful.

And Liuyan is the unparalleled War General of the last universe war, and has made a lot of contributions to Tianyuan Universe.

The fall of this time naturally makes many people dissatisfied.

Especially the Ancient Divine Kings such as Colorful Heavenly Dragon, they have asked Heavenly Sword to give an explanation, otherwise this matter will not be resigned.

"I will report the matter to the Palace Lord and let him call the shots."

In this case, Hun Yuan can only come forward.

He can't hold down these Ancient Divine Kings.

"hmph, I will go to Heavenly Sword personally and ask for an explanation!"

A coldly snorted sound sounded.

is the god of Titans.

After that, his projection disappeared.

Sikong Divine King reluctantly ended the meeting, then came to a palace, found Shentian, and reported the matter.

"Palace Lord, Heavenly Sword, he has offended the anger, do you want to keep him?" Sagong Divine King asked.

"Whether you want to keep Heavenly Sword, the key lies in the nine kings."

Shentian said indifferently.

"Palace Lord means..."

"If the Nine Kings can deal with Chu Kuangren, then there is no need to keep Heavenly Sword. If it can't be dealt with, Heavenly Sword can't be taken lightly. To move, we need to deal with anomalous numbers with anomalous numbers!" Shentian said.

Sikong Divine King looking thoughtful.

"Not long ago, I calculated that there will be a secret world in the void battlefield. Let the Nine Kings go. I believe that Chu Kuangren will not sit back and watch, just let them stay in the secret world. Once in a clash in the world, if the Nine Kings can win, kill Heavenly Sword!!"

After Shentian said, his tone gradually became cold.

In his eyes.

Heavenly Sword is just a tool to check and balance Chu Kuangren.

But this tool is not very useful.

And if you are not obedient, you can easily hurt yourself by mistake.

If there is a better tool, Heavenly Sword is naturally unnecessary.

"Yes, I understand."

Sikong Divine King nodded.


Tianyuan Ninth continent.

Suddenly an extremely surging breath poured out today.

High in the sky.

A robust man came with two entourages.

In General's Residence, Chu Kuangren squinted his eyes. The person here is the Titan God Lord, and the two behind him are Yuan Teng and Dark Night.

These three people belong to the Titans.

"Heavenly Sword, today you must give me an explanation, why did you kill Six Eyes!" The Titan God Lord coldly snorted and said.

And Chu Kuangren hearing this, his expression was indifferent, "Funny, he dared to spy on the sky, death is his destiny!"

"You know that six eyes are against my Tianyuan Universe What a great effect!"

The tone of the Titan God is still extremely cold.

"Heh, what's the matter with the sky?"

"He spied on the sky and died, having only oneself to blame!"

The breath of the Titan God Gradually growing, moved towards Chu Kuangren kept crushing away, trying to suppress him.

But a pity.

Relying on his strength, relying on coercive pressure cannot make Chu Kuangren acknowledge allegiance.

When the two sides with swords drawn and bows bent.

in the sky.

Sikong Divine King suddenly appeared.

"Stop it."

"Sagong Divine King, what do you mean?"

"Palace Lord said, this is the end of the matter."


"What?" The Titan God Lord was furious, "He killed Six Eyes, and then do that now?"

"This is the meaning of Palace Lord, Titan God Lord, is it possible that you want to violate the Palace Lord?" Sikong Divine King's tone gradually became cold.


Helpless, the god of Titan left bitterly.

After he left.

Sagong Divine King came to Chu Kuangren and said: "Heavenly Sword, you killed six eyes. Many people are dissatisfied with this matter."

"God said, He has only oneself to blame."

"Even so, he is still Wushuang War General. If you don't do anything, it is difficult to be convinced."

"You What do you want God to do?"

"Military exploits, only combat exploits can convince everyone."

"God, I understand."

"Then When do you want to do it?"

"When it is time to do it, the sky will do it naturally."

There was a hint of thought in the eyes of Divine King Sagong, "I heard that Heavenly Sword is in the past and the future. I was injured in the first battle of God. It seems that the injury has not recovered yet. Then I will wait for the moment Heavenly Sword takes the shot."

He gave Chu Kuangren a meaningful look.

The meaning is obvious.

Your every move is under my observation.

This is beating Chu Kuangren in disguise.

Chu Kuangren also heard the meaning of the other party's words.

Good fellow.

Want to beat me, it seems that the Primordial Spirit Temple is dissatisfied with me.

He was not injured. The injury was a false information that he deliberately released through An Zhixun.

By the way, how many people did Anzhixun sell this information to?

"Wait well."

Chu Kuangren finished speaking and returned to General's Residence.

Sikong Divine King has also left.

The soldiers underneath who were watching the excitement also dispersed, An Zhi inquired sighed, "It's a pity, I didn't fight."

After returning to General's Residence.

Chu Kuangren asked Tianying to protect the law for him, while he was urging the great destiny technique and wanted to deduct something.

Tian's Primordial Spirit Temple has been suspicious of him, the war General of all parties are also dissatisfied with him, and his situation here is worrying.

The reason why they are still safe is because they are afraid of Chu Kuangren, and themselves, they are a weapon to restrain Chu Kuangren.

So if I want to continue lurking here, Chu Kuangren can't have an accident, and must keep Tianyuan Universe in fear.

"Look if there is anything that can threaten you."

Chu Kuangren urged the great destiny technique.

Infer the future.

The future is like a mist, which is hard to figure out.

He deduced it for a while, but nothing was gained.

Is there nothing that can threaten oneself?


It should be the existence that can threaten oneself, and cannot be accurately deduced by one's current strength.

Or, it is difficult for a healer to heal himself, and he wants to spy on his own destiny, even if he can't do it himself.

Then, he continued to deduce the result of this space war.

The future is not static.

In this deduction, he saw more than 18 million trends.

As for the results, Pangu universe has won and lost.

Lose more, win less.

The ratio is probably... ten to one!

The situation is still not optimistic.

(End of this chapter)

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