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  Chapter 1997, the lurking spies in the Pangu universe, meet with the Warriors War Generals

Chu Kuangren deduces two majors The result of space wars totaled more than 18 million times, of which more losses were won and few were won.

The ratio is ten to one, and in most of the scenes where the Pangu universe was defeated, it was Hun Yuan who made the shot in the end.

It seems that the key to victory lies in fighting against Hun Yuan.

"The layout of the Zeguo battle map will be accelerated."

In the future he deduced, there will be no Zeguo battle map.

It should be that this Formation is too mysterious. After all, it is the existence of Super Divine Grade. At his current level, it cannot be predicted.

Except for this.

In the process of Chu Kuangren's deduction, one thing made him quite concerned. In the Pangu universe, there seems to be a counter-force.

This force stabs Pangu Universe with a knife.

is one of the main reasons for the ultimate defeat of the Pangu universe.

"It seems that not only I will play the undercover set, but Tianyuan Universe will also play it, but who is it?"

What you can get by deducing the future The clues are limited.

It cannot be accurately estimated.

It's like looking at flowers in the mist, like flowers but not flowers.

Even a brilliant cultivator cannot know everything that will happen in the future. This is basically impossible.

"It seems that it is necessary to let the other side pay attention."

The counter-force must be found out.


The third continent of Pangu.

Inside the imperial palace.

Chu Kuangren has received a message from Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren.

"Oh, do we also have a mole on our side?"

A person passed through his mind.

But there is no definite goal.

Fortunately, he is firmly in control of all military arrangements now, and only he knows the complete deployment of troops.

Even if there is an insider, the other party should not have much information.


At this time, a silhouette appeared.

The person here is dressed in red-clothed and holds a long spear in his hand.

It is Yin Honghua.

Chu Kuangren's confidant is also the left auxiliary star among the nine stars of Xuantian.

"Honghua, what's the matter?"

"Wang, what you ordered is almost ready, what else can you order next?" Yin Honghua said.

Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up.

What he wants is the layout of the Zeguo battle map.

He did not personally refine it.

After all, he wants to coordinate the overall situation, so he sent these things to Ruyan Elder of Immortal World a long time ago.

Let her find someone to refine.

Now, all have been delivered.

Then, he secretly found someone to arrange it.

This is not a difficult task for him now in control of the entire Pangu universe, it is much easier than Heavenly Sword.

Heavenly Sword can control only one Yuantianhui.

What he can drive is the resources and power of the entire universe.

After giving some advice, Yin Honghua went down to work.

At this point.

Outside the imperial palace, someone visited again.

It is Li Tu, Lu Jun, and the other three Warriors War General.

They are Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal of Xian Ting, an alcoholic with a bottle gourd tied around his waist, and a little girl.

This little girl is short in stature, only 1.5 meters, with a pair of rabbit ears, her skin is white, her face is delicate and lovely.

Chu Kuangren took a look, with a strange look in his eyes.

Is there a bunny ear girl here?

"What do you look in your eyes, do you look down on me?"

The bunny-eared lady fiercely gave Chu Kuangren a glare.

But it didn't make people feel threatened.

On the contrary, the other party's angry look is even more adorable.

Gu Linglong was watching by the side, and she couldn’t wait to hold her tightly and rub her in her arms, lightly said with a smile: "This girl, my Husband doesn’t mean that, but I think you’re cute. Look more. Two eyes."

"So it turned out to be like this..."

This rabbit-eared lady only calmed down.

When Gu Linglong said she was cute, she blushed.

"Immortal King, this is Spirit Beast from the immortal ancient period, is the legendary moon rabbit." Lu Jun was introduced beside him.

Chu Kuangren was even more surprised.

"Moon rabbit... Chang'e's moon rabbit who lives on the lunar star?"


Lu Jun nodded.


Good guy, the existence of the ancient times will either die out or be reincarnated. Very few can survive to this era.

didn't expect a rabbit actually did it.

And also became the unparalleled War General of the Pangu universe!

This is the most impressive rabbit.

"Immortal King, I came here this time mainly to ask, how do you arrange for us?" Li Tu asked.

"Several people are extraordinary people. Naturally, I can't care about your arrangements. I will consider it for a while and let you know."

"Since this is the case, I do have A suggestion."

At this time, Luo Heavenly Immortal said: "I have a large number of people in the fairy garden, and can manage more than 30 continents at the same time. I have prepared a list and hope that Immortal King will be able to put it on top. Let us take charge of the continent, and I promise to make it as infallible, making Tianyuan Universe difficult to commit!"

Chu Kuangren took a look at the list.

Good fellow.

None of the continents above are simple.

All are fertile ground with abundant resources.

Not only that, these continents are not far away. Once they are fully controlled by Xian Ting, they can be said to be a nation of their own.

The ambition of Xian Ting is obvious.

Chu Kuangren narrowed his eyes slightly, and suddenly thought that the reactionary force he had deduced before, could it be Xian Ting?

No wonder he thought of Xian Ting.

In the Pangu universe, the one that is the most wrong with him is Xianting.

"I will arrange it. As for the continent on this list, I can tell you clearly that I am impossible to give you."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"Immortal King can't understand our Xian Ting?"

"I can't understand it, but this is not the reason why I reject you. I think Xian Ting has no ability to hold it. Lots of territories."

"My fairy..."

What else does Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal want to say.

But Chu Kuangren directly sent people off.

"Damn it."

After leaving the imperial palace, Luo Heavenly Immortal Emperor was coldly snorted, and he looked towards the few Wushuang War Generals around him, "You are willing to listen to this young man. If the arrangement fails, what about your dignity as Wushuang War General?"

"Oh, if I can win this war, I can do without dignity." Li Tu faintly smiled and doesn't hate Chu Kuangren.

And the drunkard, took down the hip flask, and said to Li Tu: "For the sake of the overall situation, you don't need to be dignified. I will toast you a glass."

"I have seen Immortal King's strength and ability, he is indeed the most suitable person to lead the Pangu universe." Lu Jun also said.

"Immortal King is so powerful? To the Immortal King."

The drunkard took the hip flask and took another sip in the direction of the imperial palace.

"If Immortal King can quickly lead us to win this war, he can arrange whatever he wants. There are too many dead people."

Moon Rabbit’s cute face Up, revealing the look of pity.

"Ai, to the undead on this battlefield."

The drunkard held the flask high and took another sip.

Everyone rolled the eyes.

The other party just wanted to drink, so he just found a few excuses.

"The drunkard hasn't changed after so many years."

Li Tu shook his head and smiled.

"The same is true for you, respect this unchanging person."

The drunkard laughed heartily, Yang Tian drank bitterly.

Everyone left the imperial palace.

And the war continues.

Time has turned, and decades have passed.

In the past few decades, Tianyuan Universe and Pangu Universe have fallen into a stalemate, and the two counter soldiers with arms, and water with earth weir have refused to give in.

(End of this chapter)

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