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  Chapter 2000 repels Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal, and plans to break the

Heavenly Primordial Spirit Temple.

Sagong Divine King looked at Chu Kuangren who suddenly appeared on the battlefield with a puzzled face. Why did he suddenly appear there? !   Wait.

If Heavenly Sword shoots, can Emperor Heavenly Immortal still hit the 11th continent? Do you want to tell the truth about Heavenly Sword? ?   No way.

If Heavenly Sword is really a traitor, isn't he self-destructed?

For a time, Sagong Divine King was caught in a dilemma.

Now, he can only hope that Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal will have a way to deal with Heavenly Sword. After all, the opponent is also an unparalleled War General.

On the 11th continent.

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal looked at Chu Kuangren in front of him, stunned.

What's the matter?

Didn’t you say that I will capture this 11th continent?   Heavenly Sword that suddenly appeared. What the hell is happening?

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal is extremely puzzled.

Emperor Heavenly Sovereign was also very surprised.

But the others were a little excited after seeing Chu Kuangren's appearance.

"It's Heavenly Sword! He made it!"

"Can he defeat Wushuang War General?!"

Although Chu Kuangren is in the top of Tianyuan Universe Not popular, but in the eyes of these low-level soldiers, his prestige is still very high.

How can the name Heavenly Sword become a name?

But some people are not optimistic.

"No way, even the ancestor was defeated, even if the strength of Heavenly Sword is strong, is it still the opponent of the ancestor?"

"So it is."

But anyway, Heavenly Sword is a strong supporter.

Everyone has high hopes for it.

And Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal looked at Chu Kuangren with cold eyes, "renowned Heavenly Sword? Then let me come to you for a while!"

sou!   He disappeared in the blink of an eye.

When he reappeared, he had already come to the sky above Chu Kuangren, slashed with a big sword in his hand, which contained at least four Dao auras.

Chu Kuangren's eyes narrowed slightly.

No way out of the sheath!

With a clang, sword edge and sword edge collide!   The power of the bursting Dao Ze spreads, and the void is shattered one after another.

"Using a sword in front of the sky, you are not qualified!"

Chu Kuangren's hands are not deflected, and the sword qi shoots out, engulfing incomparably surging Taoism Power!   This Dao has reached the level of Perfection!

This is one of his progress over the past few decades.

In addition, he also refining the Yin-Yang withered wood from Colorful Heavenly Dragon, and successfully mastered Yin-Yang Dao.

Now he is also a multifunctional powerhouse.

"Sure enough, it's not trivial."

The repelled Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal was a little dignified.

But he did not shy away.

He must take down this 11th continent.

I saw the Dao in his body roaring, and the power of Dao surging out one after another, converging into a huge sword shadow in the void.

This sword is composed of several Dao combinations.

Especially at the tip of the sword, there was an extremely terrifying aura of killing and killing, which was obviously the breath of the extremely terrifying Dao of Slaughter.

"Immortal Emperor kills the world!"

The Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal roared.

The big sword is cut down suddenly!

A terrorist attack with Dao of Slaughter as the main attack, and the other three daos as auxiliary, fell from the sky and locked Chu Kuangren.

This blow, even the Emperor Heavenly Sovereign must solemnly deal with it.

"The Witness of Heaven, Heaven Beyond the Heaven sword!"

Chu Kuangren held Wudao in his hand and cut out with a sword.

It seems as if the sword shadow above everything is vacated.

Along with the roar of horror, the two sword shadows converged, and then each retreated, but Chu Kuangren only retreated two steps.

And Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal was forcibly blown out.

The whole person smashed dozens of mountains one after another.

Set a verdict on top of one another!

This scene made everyone stunned.

Even the Emperor Heavenly Sovereign is not the opponent Luo Heavenly Immortal Emperor, but Chu Kuangren was crushed and beaten, and the opponent's strength was so powerful!

Sikong Divine King's eyelids twitched in the temple.

What a Heavenly Sword.

"It seems that his injury from the battle with Pluto is healed, even Wushuang War General is not his opponent, too strong."


The emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal who was bombarded was extremely depressed.

Damn it.

What is the situation?   This is different from the plan!

Is it intended to give me a terrible victory? The   Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal seemed to have thought of something, and suddenly realized.

"Yes, it must be like this. If I win too easily, it will definitely arouse the suspicion of Chu Kuangren and the others."

"Sikong Divine King, it is considered Zhou Xiang."

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal thought to himself.

He who thought he knew everything, no longer had any scruples, his silhouette flashed, and moved towards Chu Kuangren flew away.

The golden sword in his hand was cut down fiercely.

But Chu Kuangren gave him a sword to fly away.

The two sides are fighting endlessly.

From the ground to the sky.

Every corner of this continent has become a battlefield for their fierce battle, wherever they go, they are all destroyed in one place, extremely terrifying.

The power of Wushuang War General is vividly and thoroughly demonstrated.

And the other side.

Emperor Feitian and the others also fought with other powerhouses in Xian Ting.

A few hours later.

"Immortal Emperor Star Slash!"

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal once again used his ultimate move.

Several kinds of Dao are condensed in the big sword in his hand, and the dazzling starlight suddenly blooms on the sword body of that sword.

A sword slashed out, and a sword qi that looked like a Star River swept across.

The formidable power of this sword is even more terrifying than before.

Chu Kuangren stood still.

"The Witness of the Sky, Inverse Chaos Yin-Yang!"

A large number of Yin-Yang Dao powers surging out, and this force is integrated with Chu Kuangren's self-improvement and invincibility. Tao.

The superposition of two forces makes the void distorted and shattered. Power of Yin-Yang subverts Heaven and Earth, which is a brand new testimony of the sky!   bang!   This sword directly smashed the sword shadow of Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal, leaving most of his body broken. Although he was repaired by his own way, the Tao in his body was still violently turbulent. .

From the outside, he was completely drenched with blood.

Very miserable.

And Chu Kuangren raised his hand to attack again.

It is still ruthless.

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal's face became extremely gloomy with a brush.

It's over! I   've been acting up to this point, so I won't let me capture this continent. This Heavenly Sword is too hot! The   Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal hurriedly dealt with the attack of Heavenly Sword.

With the continuous consumption of Dao Ze power.

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal gradually felt a icy chill in his heart. It was a killing intent from Chu Kuangren!   This killing intent is so real!   This moment.

He suddenly understood.

Heavenly Sword is not acting, he really wants to kill himself!

How could this be?   This is different from the plan.

Has the plan changed? Why i don't know?   Fight for a while.

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal was hit hard again.

He has a very strong hunch that if he continues to fight like this, he is likely to die here.

"You must leave!"

Luo Heavenly Immortal gritted his teeth.

Dao sounds in the body roar, and Dao's power bursts out.

It turned into a torrent of colors and spread.

Chu Kuangren was forced to retreat.


Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal ordered.

The army of Xian Ting retreats from the 11th continent.

"We won!"

"Haha, Heavenly Sword is extraordinary!"

Di Feitian and the others are extremely excited.

Looking at Chu Kuangren, his eyes are full of fanaticism.

Even the Emperor Heavenly Sovereign is not an opponent.

But Heavenly Sword was able to repel Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal unscathed.

This moment.

Chu Kuangren's image in their mind is infinitely elevated.

When Emperor Heavenly Sovereign saw this scene, his heart was very uncomfortable, and he was not an opponent of Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal.

Just for planning, I plan to give up here.

But Heavenly Sword, why does it suddenly pop up?

This is totally an unplanned variable!

Directly disrupt all their layouts.

(End of this chapter)

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