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  Chapter 2002 is just passing by. Among us are traitors, and we are susceptible to each other

Tianyuan Universe.

The attack on the 11th continent.

Sikong Divine King held a meeting again. This time, everyone looked at Chu Kuangren who appeared at the meeting and was silent.

Not long ago, they were still mocking each other for not having any military exploits.

This time is good.

The other party directly gave them a big one.

On the 11th continent, even the Emperor Heavenly Sovereign almost couldn't hold it, but he defended it with strength of oneself.

On this basis, it is not too much to seal a Wushuang War General.

Especially Luo Yunxiu among the nine kings, there are few people who sleepless.

They already saw Chu Kuangren upset.

Now, the other party has given such a big credit.

This makes them feel jealous.

But more, it was the shock of the opponent's strength, that he was able to block an unparalleled War General by the strength of oneself and cooperate with many others.

This is far from them.

"Heavenly Sword, don't be proud of you, you only made a single contribution. We Nine Kings have won more battles than you do?"

Luo Yunxiu coldly snorted and said.

"Don't, although I am also the Nine Kings, I don't dare to talk in front of Heavenly Sword. You can represent yourself."

Ling Fei said suddenly.

Luo Xue also said next to him: "Although it is just one work, it is better to stop a Supreme War General, it is better than countless work."

"Emperor Heavenly Sovereign, how do you respond? What? With your strength, can't even a Heavenly Immortal Emperor Luo be able to stop it?"

The Tyrant turned his spear to the Emperor Heavenly Sovereign and said.

The corner of Emperor Heavenly Sovereign's mouth twitched twice.

Of course he can block it.

But he can't say, this feeling is too aggrieved.

In the end, Emperor Heavenly Sovereign could only suffocate one sentence, "Heavenly Immortal is extraordinary, thanks to Heavenly Sword in the end."

When Divine King saw this, he was depressed. very.

Obviously this Chu Kuangren didn't achieve the least amount of merit, but in the eyes of everyone, he has achieved great merit.

The battle between the opponent and Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal has been completely spread.

His prestige has been upgraded to another level.

"Heavenly Sword, why did you appear on the 11th continent?" Sagong Divine King asked curiously.

"Passing by."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Passing by?

That's it?

Passing by, by the way, I played an unparalleled War General.

Everyone was a little speechless.

"Is it really just passing by?"

Sagong Divine King is still a little skeptical, this void battlefield is so vast and boundless, just passing by the 11th continent?

It just happened to disrupt their plan?   He doesn't believe it very much.

"I actually asked Heavenly Sword for help."

At this time, Di Feitian said.

Everyone was extremely surprised.

Did Di Feitian have a private relationship with Heavenly Sword?   Sikong Divine King frowned slightly. He secretly cut off the channel for help on the 11th continent. Didn't expect missed this point.

"Leave aside this matter for the time being, God, there are more important things to say." Chu Kuangren looked around all around, indifferently said.

Everyone was very curious, and Sagong Divine King was also interested. He picked up a cup of tea and was ready to listen.

"God thinks, among us... there is an insider!"


Sagong Divine King spouted a sip of tea.

Is there an insider?   I suspect it is you.

And the few veterans of Tianyuan Universe, such as Colorful Heavenly Dragon, Tyrant God, Emperor Heavenly Sovereign, narrowed their eyes slightly.

They also know about rape.

But most of the Divine King didn't know. After hearing Chu Kuangren's words, he was in an uproar and exploded.

"Who? Who is the rape?"

"Damn, which bastard betrayed us!"

"Heavenly Sword, you have evidence, you can't just talk about it Ah!"

Everyone stared at Chu Kuangren.

And Chu Kuangren was indifferent, and said: "Who is this traitor? Heaven has already guessed. This person has a high status and is very important."

After finishing speaking, he slowly looked towards Sikong Divine King.

Sikong Divine King shook his heart, with a bad premonition.

"This person is you, Divine King Sagong!!"

shua~ shua~ shua~ ……

Everyone's eyes are smashed looked towards the other party.

And Sagong Divine King was also stunned.

Good fellow.

Oneself until now. I have been conscientious in investigating the rape. How did the investigation come to the end, and the rape became myself?

"Heavenly Sword, you can't talk nonsense!" Sagong Divine King gloomy face said.

"The attack on the 11th continent was not accidental. First, Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal just happened to attack during the defense phase. Second, the reason why Emperor Feitian asked me for help in private was precisely because of other help signals. They are all cut off for some reason. These are all top-level military secrets."

"And these are only in the hands of Divine King, Sikong."

"Just imagine, if not Sagong Divine King secretly cooperated. How could Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal attack the 11th continent at this time, leaving Emperor Heavenly Sovereign in an isolated and helpless situation?"

Chu Kuangren said something.

Everyone actually feels that there are several points of truth.

And Sikong Divine King is already in a cold sweat.

Good fellow.

It is well-founded and convincing.

The key is.

He really did these things!

But he is not an insider. He intends to sacrifice the 11th continent because he wants Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal, the insider to gain power in the enemy's camp, but this matter is top secret and cannot be said.

Seeing everyone's suspicious eyes, he suddenly felt inexplicable. The Emperor Heavenly Sovereign looked towards him with some pity.

Sagong Divine King, ask for your own blessings.

"Sagong Divine King, give us an explanation!"

"Heavenly Sword said, is it true!"

"hmph, if you really are Traitor, I will definitely want you to peel and cramp, chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades!!!"

Some people questioned, some were murderous-looking.

Sikong Divine King took a deep breath and said: "I didn't think about the adjustment properly. As for the signal for help on the 11th continent, I have sent someone to investigate it. It is a technical error..."

But this argument did not completely convince everyone.

Sagong Divine King continued: "I have known about the rape. I have been investigating it in secret for these years. On this point, Colorful Heavenly Dragon, Tyrant God and the others can testify for me."

"Not bad."


The colorful Heavenly Dragon came out in time, and the anger of everyone was calmed down. Divine King Sagong wiped it. Put virtual sweat.

It's really dangerous.

"In addition, what I want to say is that I am the designated agent of the Palace Lord. I am loyal to the Palace Lord and will never betray!"

Everyone is hearing this, and then I think of this For one thing, the other party is an agent appointed by Hun Yuan, and it is unlikely to be an insider.

Unless the other party has cheated even Hunyuan.

"You said that you were investigating a rape, did you gain something?"

Someone asked.

"This person is hidden, and the weak spot is not exposed for the time being."

Sagong Divine King glanced at Heavenly Sword and said indifferently.

Noting the other person’s gaze, Heavenly Sword frowned slightly, coldly snorted, "Don’t you want to say that heaven is a traitor?!"

Divine King indifferently said: "Nothing This means."



The crowd talked for a while around the subject of the rape.

But there are no results.


These Divine Kings looked at the people around them, their eyes were no longer as pure as they were before, and they were vaguely suspicious.

Sikong Divine King's heart trembled.

He suddenly had a terrifying guess.

Uncover the insider.

Not the real purpose of Heavenly Sword.

His real purpose is to release the intelligence of the rape, make these Divine Kings suspicious of each other, and disintegrate them from the inside!   If this is the case.

That's too terrifying.

The probability that Heavenly Sword is an insider has risen in the heart of Sikong Divine King, but all this is just his guess.

There is no evidence.

With the prestige and strength of Heavenly Sword, without any evidence, he is said to be a traitor, I am afraid it will cause a lot of turmoil.

And if it is wrong.

They lost their best weapon against Chu Kuangren.

(End of this chapter)

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