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  Chapter 2003 The secret world opens, the nine kings take action, Chu Kuangren goes to   a meeting alone It was thrilling.

After the end.

Sikong Divine King still has lingering fears.

"Heavenly Sword, the Divine King of the celestial pole went to investigate Heavenly Sword, and then fell inexplicably. The six-eyed Divine King spied on its destiny track and also fell. Luo Heavenly Immortal and I planned the 11th continent. This place was given to him as a bargaining chip for his promotion, but it was destroyed by Heavenly Sword..."

"Also at this time, Heavenly Sword didn't know if I knew I was investigating him, so he released the insider This signal made everyone suspicious of each other and disturbed the military's mind..."

Sikong Divine King pondered.

Heavenly Sword was basically labeled as an insider by him.

This is an extremely terrifying opponent.

Even if he is confident that the other party is a rape, he still can't act rashly. Who knows what kind of things the other party will do if Heavenly Sword is pressed, he has a lot of power in his hands.

His Yuantian meeting is very tricky.

Among the nine kings, several people have deep friendship with him.

If you really want to deal with Heavenly Sword.

That must be hit with one hit, otherwise it will cause no end of trouble!

"By the way, the secret world mentioned by the Palace Lord is about to open. I can't go there in person, so let the Nine Kings go. As for the Pangu universe, Chu Kuangren should go out in person. "

"After all, their overall battle strength is not equal to me Tianyuan Universe, and they have lost two Wushuang War Generals. They have few available troops."

"But that The resources in the secret world are very important, and Chu Kuangren is very likely to go alone." Sikong Divine King thought to himself.

The Nine Kings and Chu Kuangren......

It’s also time for a confrontation.


In the ninth continent of Tianyuan.

Chu Kuangren is deducing the results of the two great universe wars.

Compared to the last deduction.

Things are much better this time.

Although it is still losing more than losing.

But the ratio has become three to seven.

"It seems that I weakened the military power of Xian Ting and disturbed the heart of the Tianyuan Universe Army." Chu Kuangren murmured.

He has achieved this level.

Tianyuan Universe's chance of victory still accounts for the majority.


It can be seen that Hunyuan is becoming stronger.

But these two people were badly hit by no regrets. They didn't recover so quickly. What method did they use?   This point is difficult for him to deduce.

In the blur, I only saw a terrifying blood light......

I thought about it for a while, but there was no result.


What he sensed.

I saw a wave of energy fluctuations in the void battlefield in the distance.

A crack opened.

Everyone saw all kinds of treasures from inside, such as Immortal Medicine immortal gold, Hedao fragments, etc., everything.

There is such a treasure in this void battlefield!   Everyone's breathing is a bit heavy.

It’s just that, due to military orders, I can’t go there.

Chu Kuangren was slightly surprised.

"Oh, this secret world..."

He wanted to perform some deduction, but before he could perform it, Xiao Ai's analysis took the lead and came to the result , "The original form of this secret world is the space gap of the void battlefield, but because it absorbed too many pieces of apotheosis, various treasures were born..."

Hear Xiao Ai’s analysis , Chu Kuangren liked it.

Very good.

Sometimes it seems that Xiao Ai is better to use.

And in the corner of the mind that Chu Kuangren did not see.

Xiao Ai is a little melancholy sighed.

As Chu Kuangren's cultivation base gets higher and higher, his horizons are getting wider and wider, and there are fewer and fewer places where he can use his little love.

Now, he has learned the great destiny technique again.

The result of my own deduction is not much worse than Xiao Ai.

Xiao Ai feels that she seems more and more useless.

She desperately wants to grow.

But there is no way.


The appearance of the secret world has shocked the two universes.

And Sikong Divine King also saw it.

He put everyone on standby, don't act rashly, and then notified the nine kings to let them go to the secret world together.

In the sky.

A group of lightning is soaring into the sky!

There is a flashing arc in the God of Thor, Heavenly Eye, "My current cultivation base has reached the Divine King Great Accomplishment, and I am only one step away from Peak. Among them, perhaps there is treasure that can let me breakthrough!"

On the other side.

The sleepless silhouette flashed and rushed towards the secret world.

Now he has replaced Pluto and has become the most powerful person among the nine kings, but he feels that this is far from enough.

Whether it is Chu Kuangren or Heavenly Sword.

He is not even sure that he will be able to overcome it.

There may be a great opportunity in this secret world.

The nine kings appeared one after another and rushed to the secret world.

The cultivators of Tianyuan Universe were a little excited when they saw this.

"It's the Nine Kings, the Nine Kings have taken action together!"

"Ha, the strength of the Nine Kings is extraordinary. If they were to fight together, this little secret world would not very easy?"

"Not bad..."

On the side of Pangu universe, for this sudden emergence of the secret world, everyone naturally does not intend to let it go, they are discussing who to let go with.

It’s just to guard against the Tianyuan Universe, everyone can't get away from exploring, and those who can get away are not the opponents of the Nine Kings.

"I'll go."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Purple Gold Flannel Yuwei frowned, the first objection, "No, you are our leader, if you ask you to come forward, if something happens, who will direct the overall situation?"


"Let me go." At this time, Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal said, "With my strength, it is enough to deal with the nine kings."


"Stay obediently and honestly where you should be."

Chu Kuangren believes 100% that if Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal is to go, he will not only stop the Nine Kings, Will also give up all treasures.

"After I leave, everything will follow Linglong's command."

Chu Kuangren said.

Gu Linglong is his Dao Companion, everyone knows.

In the past few decades, he has not been known for his battle strength, but he has shown good commanding ability in battles.

She took over the situation in place of Chu Kuangren, but everyone had no opinion.

But Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal was a little dissatisfied, "Let a woman take over the battle, huh, spread it to make people laugh."

When he said this, he immediately offended many people. .

Soul Supreme, Moon Rabbit, Hongyang and other female powerhouses all looked towards him, their eyes were as cold as a knife, making him shiver.

After the discussion was almost complete, Chu Kuangren left.

In the Purple Gold round, Li Tu and the others are a little bit emotional.

"If it weren't for our lack of troops, why should Immortal King take the shot himself." Purple Gold shook his head and said.


"Now this situation can almost be said to be supported by the Immortal King by the strength of oneself. If it weren't for him, we would have already failed. Now."

After decades of war, Chu Kuangren's prestige has already reached an unprecedented height.

Even those ancient Hedao who initially despised each other very much are now convinced by each other.

"Okay, Immortal King is not here. Please cheer up and don't let up for a moment. Be sure to keep your ground."


Look When everyone looked so energetic, Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal was extremely uncomfortable. He hated Chu Kuangren, but the prestige of the other party was increasing day by day. Because of him, he couldn't see the hope of the superior.

This made him more determined to cooperate with Tianyuan Universe.

This is his only hope.

(End of this chapter)

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