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  Chapter 2006 Destroys without a reason, creates endless creation, creates the world

"Master, Chu Kuangren seems Down the wind."

Sky Shadow said as he watched the battle reflected in the sky.

Since returning from the Sword Spirit clan, Sky Shadow has faintly guessed the connection between Heavenly Sword and Chu Kuangren.

Seeing Chu Kuangren fall into a disadvantage now, it is inevitable to be a little worried.

But Chu Kuangren faintly smiled and said: "No need to worry."

Others don't know.

Is he still not sure about his abilities?   Void secret within the realm.

The Great Dao Incarnation, which was transformed by the Nine Kings, has the upper hand, watching Chu Kuangren being bombarded with a magnificent voice.

"In front of me, Chu Kuangren, you are powerless to resist!"

The Nine Kings were also amazed by the power of Great Dao Incarnation.

They feel.

This may not be the limit. Due to the limitation of their own cultivation base, they are far from exerting all the power of this Great Dao Incarnation.

But this is amazing enough.


At this point.

There was a chuckle.

Amidst the endless smoke and dust, a silhouette stepped out with its head high, and the whole body was dazzling with celestial brilliance.

It is Chu Kuangren.

After being bombarded by Great Dao Incarnation, he was unscathed!

Not only that.

His breath is still growing.

The body surface emits golden light.

Nine Sovereign's True Dragon Qi soared into the sky, each of which exceeded a hundred ten thousand zhang, and the terrifying aura filled this a side World.

With the blessing of Kowloon, Chu Kuangren's strength suddenly increased.

Fighting the secret technique, Chi You's magic pattern is also displayed.

However, in addition to Sovereign Dao True Dragon, the increase in the other two secret arts that can provide him is very small.

But it also has a certain effect.

After performing the three secret techniques, Chu Kuangren's body flashed, and the Immortal King three treasures were also worn on his body.

"Come, let me see what else you can do!"

Chu Kuangren said with a smile.

Hearing what he said, Great Dao Incarnation's powerful Dao Ze power vented out, seeming to be irritated.

"Enemy with the Dao, you, courting death!"

Great Dao Incarnation presses down with a palm, and there is a burst of colorful fairy brilliance in the palm, which is accompanied by the flash of thunder , Sword qi aspect.

The power of this palm, terrifying matchless.

sword dao, Dao of Thunder, yin and yang Dao of Five Elements ……

Various daos are superimposed, and the power of Grand Dao is wrapped in a shocking world!

"Good come!!"

Chu Kuangren haha ​​smiled.

He rose into the air, the Azure Lotus Power of Destruction circulating on him.

An azure lotus blooms slowly.

The power of this blow is even more terrifying than before.

"A Azure Lotus is overwhelming!"

Before the collision, Chu Kuangren was bombed out.

But this time.

But he does not retreat, and he is evenly matched with Great Dao Incarnation!

The next moment.

Chu Kuangren came to the sky above the Great Dao Incarnation, with the long halberd in his hand like splitting heaven and earth apart, slammed down, "A halberd opened the sky!"


Jiguang fiercely hit Great Dao Incarnation.

It made a huge roar, and Great Dao Incarnation was blasted back, and a crack appeared in the place hit by the halberd light.


Great Dao Incarnation blasted out another palm.

Chu Kuangren, Heavenly Halberd, swept out and blocked a blow.

Then, a halberd fell.

You come and I meet both sides.

The power of all kinds of Taoism blooms, and the power is extremely terrifying.

The people in the entire void battlefield looked at this battle reflected in the sky, and they couldn't help being dumbfounded and shocked.

"The great road destroys the gods, and all souls die!"

At this time.

Great Dao Incarnation makes a roar in the body.

The nine kinds of Dao belonging to the Nine Kings erupted together, supplemented by the power of Grand Dao, fused together, billion ten thousand zhang divine light, soaring into the sky.

The divine light is intertwined and turned into a huge sharp blade! It   seems to cut all spirits, cut the world!   This blow was extremely terrifying.

This is the strongest blow that Great Dao Incarnation can perform at this stage. Even if Hun Yuan faces this blow, he must take defensive measures.

After Chu Kuangren saw this sharp blade, he still did not retreat.

Stand in the air in a white clothed suit.

Heavenly Halberd in hand.

There is a sense of grandeur all over the body, and the seemingly thin figure of the back gives people a sense of incomparable stalwart at this moment.

"Even if you can destroy these spirits, you can't destroy me!"

"Because of me, there is only one thing forever, and one person is crazy forever!"

The power of Taoism in Chu Kuangren's body surged wildly.

this time.

Not only his own way, but also the way of creating life, Destruction Dao also circulates along with it, converging all over him.

"The chaos has Azure Lotus, which creates and destroys!"

"Azure Lotus 3rd Style... Creates the universe!"

Chu Kuangren Gao Long screaming.

The long halberd in the hand combines the power of the three principles, and the power of Azure Lotus is urged to the extreme, cut out with a halberd, and turned into a divine light!   Destruction for no reason, endless creation!   destroying heaven extinguishing earth, but it is endless! The   two contradictory forces, at this moment, are incomparably ingeniously fused, as if they are a whole, bursting out of shocking power!   bang!!

The extreme impact of Azure Lotus Secret Arts 3rd Style and Great Dao Incarnation.

The space of the entire secret world exploded crazily.

The spectators from the outside only saw a divine light that was extremely dazzling, subconsciously covering the eyes.

Even if you did not directly participate in the war.

Even if separated by a secret world.

But they can still feel the terrifying breath.

That is far superior to them.

a thread of aura.

It is enough to kill thousands of them.

"Really strong impact!"

"Who actually won?"

Everyone was very curious.

Immortal consciousness is circulating, spying on the void secret world, but the terrifying energy fluctuations are isolating people who intend to spy on this battle.

After the dazzling rays of light dissipate.

Everyone only saw that in that secret within the realm, two figures faced each other in the air, one white clothed like snow, holding a pitch-black halberd.

The other person is tall, as if connecting to heaven penetrating the earth.

But at this time, his extremely tall figure is now covered with one after another cracks, and the gilt Battle Armor is in tatters.

Great Dao Incarnation, almost blown up! !

"How could this happen?!"

In the temple of Primordial Spirit, Sikong Divine King was shocked.

Even Great Dao Incarnation is not Chu Kuangren's opponent? !

How tyrannical this person is!

Shentian was also helplessly sighed, "It's really hard to figure out the anomaly, even this Great Dao Incarnation can't suppress him."

The powerhouses of Tianyuan Universe are full of amazement and can't believe it. .

But everyone in the Pangu universe is extremely excited.

"Immortal King is really invincible!"

"Everlasting only appears. Is it a joke to be crazy forever?"

Everyone laughed extremely happily.

Whether it is Xuantian Jiuxing.

Still Wushuang War General, everyone is sighed in relief.

Chu Kuangren did not disappoint them.

He is still strong and reassuring.

"Want to defeat Young Master, Nine Kings, you are still far away!"

Lan Yu faintly smiled, extremely proud.

"Friends' methods are still amazing."

Yu Zhiduan sat on a white lotus with a smile on his face.

"That must be true, that's my brother."

Chu Hong raised her chin slightly, triumphantly, watching the crowd cheering for Chu Kuangren, a pair of honours. Look like.

As Xuantian Jiuxing, they are closer to Chu Kuangren, and they know Chu Kuangren's methods better than others.

So, seeing Chu Kuangren win the Great Dao Incarnation, they are not too surprised, they just feel happy.

(End of this chapter)

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