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  Chapter 2007 Absorbs Fragments of Hedao , Eight Roads, Small TargetsIn the   Void Secret Realm.

Great Dao Incarnation's body ruptured and nearly collapsed.

When Chu Kuangren saw this, he was sneaked and took a step forward, and Azure Lotus Power of Destruction broke out again, slashing out.

The powerful halberd light that opened the sky, blasted above the Great Dao Incarnation.

With a roar.

The Great Dao Incarnation finally burst into pieces, turning into countless fragments.

And the nine kings also separated and flew out.

They vomit blood, look pale.

Looking at Chu Kuangren, there is a panic in his eyes.

The ultimate ultimate move of the Nine Kings, Great Dao Incarnation was actually defeated! !   Nine of them teamed up and lost to one!

"How could this be..."

"This is impossible."

Xuan Yuanfeng, sleepless and the others felt incredible.

Luo Xue, Ling Fei and the others were also extremely shocked. Apart from Heavenly Sword, they saw such a powerful and terrifying evildoer for the first time.

"Nine Kings? Great Dao Incarnation? Simply this!"

Chu Kuangren gave a chuckle.

He stepped forward to the sky above Sleepless.

Boom!   Death Power of boundless enveloped him on the spot.

Will I die? !

Wuxian feels extreme fear in her heart!

At this point.

In the sky, there are colorful brilliance flowing out.

An extremely powerful force burst out from somewhere, turning into a shocking Heavenly Dragon shadow, moved towards Chu Kuangren and shook away.

This force made Chu Kuangren's eyes narrowed slightly.

Heavenly Halberd, the sleepless tyrant who was originally locked up, cut out with his backhand, smashed the dragon shadow to pieces, and looked towards the person who shot it.

But it is Wushuang War General, Colorful Heavenly Dragon! After the   colorful Heavenly Dragon appeared, without a word, the dragon power in his body burst out, and the power of Dao zealously swept the world.

Or Dao is transformed into dragon claw.

Or transformed into a dragon shadow.

Or transform into a magnificent river.

Powerful divine ability, one after another.

It’s an ordinary multiplicity. In front of this force, I’m afraid I’ll be hit hard in an instant. Even if Chu Kuangren is strong, he has just fought Great Dao Incarnation before, and now he’s facing this kind of Peak. powerhouse.

Everyone could not help but squeeze a cold sweat for him.

The cultivator of the Pangu universe, my heart is up to my throat.

"The people of Tianyuan Universe are so despicable!"

"hmph, I didn't expect that in addition to the nine kings, they also arranged these ultimate moves, damn, really damnable !"

In the void secret world.

Chu Kuangren didn't feel much surprise when faced with the colorful Heavenly Dragon that came from a strong force, and he swung his hand, Heavenly Halberd.

The power of Azure Lotus is surging out.

Bang, bang, bang...

Dao collides and energy explodes.

Like a ball of fireworks.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon startled, he did not expect that Chu Kuangren would retain such power after the Great Dao Incarnation World War I.

"Heh, do you think you hide well?"

Chu Kuangren sneered.

Hearing his words, the colorful Heavenly Dragon suddenly realized.

The other party has already noticed himself.

Always on guard.

Good fellow.

While fighting fiercely with Great Dao Incarnation, he is still guarding himself.

Under the distraction, he can defeat Great Dao Incarnation.

Chu Kuangren, really scary!   "Leave!"

The Seven Color Heavenly Dragon had no other words, and immediately let the Nine Kings leave.

And he stayed behind.

The Nine Kings knew that today’s battle with Chu Kuangren was a complete defeat, and there is no idea to continue the fight.

The silhouettes of several people disappeared in place in an instant.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon is fighting with Chu Kuangren.

In a short while.

Then it turned into a stream of light and flew far away.

The Nine Kings plus a Warriors War General, such a lineup, can be said to be extremely amazing, but it is still defeated by Chu Kuangren.

This fiercely hit the morale of Tianyuan Universe.

"This person's growth rate is far above my imagination. If I don't want to contain it, I am afraid that it will be too late for me to recover."

In the Heavenly Primordial Spirit Temple, God God murmured.

He was severely injured by no regrets, and his injuries are difficult to recover.

Even if he has any treasure, he wants to recover, at least it will have to wait tens of thousands or even nearly 100,000 years before he can do it.

At that time, Chu Kuangren could not figure out how he grew up.

Just when Shentian was a little bit distressed.

A voice came from the Tianyuan universe.

"God, come here quickly, discuss something important..."

It is Emperor Feng.

After hearing his voice, Shentian showed a pensive color, and then his silhouette flashed, disappeared in place, and went to meet.


On the other side.

The Nine Kings and the Colorful Heavenly Dragon escaped from the Void Secret Realm in a dingy manner.

Only Chu Kuangren is left here.

He came to the huge lake that was condensed from countless Hedao fragments, and there was a look of desire in his eyes.

"Now is the time to refining this treasure."

His silhouette flashed.

Go directly into this Hedao debris lake.

In an instant.

A large number of co-dao fragments moved towards him whizzing.

Chu Kuangren said nothing.

An extremely powerful suction burst out of his body.

Countless fragments of Hedao were inhaled by him, and the terrifying suction even formed a huge colorful vortex all over him.

At the same time.

His understanding of Tao is also rapidly improving.

A whole new way, condensed in his mind.

This is Reincarnation Dao.

He has reincarnation celestial bodies, and soon comprehend this way.

But this is just the beginning.

His comprehend Dao, more and more, from Reincarnation Dao to Dao of Life and Death, Frost Way, Violent Fire Dao...


In the portable universe, he has experienced this kind of comprehend multi-path effect, and now it reappears in this lake.

I don’t know how long it has been.

Chu Kuangren completely sucked up the entire lake, but most of the Hedao fragments were only stored in his body and had not been completely refining.

But that's all.

He comprehend five new ways.

They are life and death, reincarnation, frost, fire, and thunder.

In addition to his previous way of self-improvement and invincibility, the way of creation, Destruction Dao, he has a full fusion of eight ways!   Of course, the latest fusion of the five Taoisms is far less powerful than the other three Taoisms. It is only at the level of Small Accomplishment and Great Accomplishment.

But even so, it is still terrifying.

Be aware.

There is still a large part of Hedao fragments in his body that have not been refining.

Give him some more time, he can comprehend more Dao, or raise these Dao to the level of Peak or even Perfection.

"These Dao, my way of self-improvement and invincibility is the strongest, I use this Dao, combined with the battle strength of the rest of the Dao, will be more than twice as strong than it!!"

"But unfortunately, even after refining these daos, I still haven’t improved my way of self-improvement to the extreme."

To achieve Hunyuan, there must be a way to achieve Extreme.

Then dominate and merge the rest.

Only then can you achieve the position of Hunyuan.

But unfortunately, Chu Kuangren's way of self-improvement is too difficult to improve.

Dominate by other ways?

He doesn't want it.

The way of self-improvement and invincibility is his painstaking cultivation till now, and he has grown up all the way to this point. He is not allowed to have other upper ranks.

Chu Kuangren put his mind away, since it is temporarily unable to break through, he plans to integrate more Dao to improve battle strength.

If you have enough ways to integrate yourself, maybe you can blow up the Hunyuan?

Chu Kuangren suddenly speculated.

Although the ultimate Hedao is nine ways, but he is an odd number.

In the portable universe, he has merged ten ways.

"Okay, first set a small goal and integrate ten ways!"

He has now integrated eight.

Two more.

(End of this chapter)

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