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  Chapter 2008 has less than five percent chance of winning, and it’s time for the decisive battle.

Chu Kuangren will soon Back from the secret world.

He brought back a large number of cultivation resources from the secret world.

This makes everyone ecstatic.

With these resources, they are more confident about this battle, and then Chu Kuangren intends to retreat.

He needs to refining all the Hedao fragments in his body as soon as possible.

Except for this.

He also got a Five Elements divine fruit in the secret world, this fruit can help him merge Dao of Five Elements.

In this way, he has nine ways in his body.

This is the limit of Hedao.

Although Chu Kuangren is ambitious, it is very difficult to break this limit. He did not integrate more Dao.

Instead, I chose to upgrade the newly merged Dao, and strive to upgrade all of these Dao to Perfection Level.

As for how to break the limit.

He has other ideas.


Tianyuan universe.

Chu Kuangren is meeting Luo Xue, who has just returned from the secret world, and the goddess You, their faces are unwilling.

"Although I don't want to admit it, Chu Kuangren's strength is indeed powerful, even Great Dao Incarnation can beat it."

"Yes, Heavenly Sword, maybe only you can match Contend."

Everyone looked at Chu Kuangren and said.

Am I hitting myself?   Chu Kuangren rolled the eyes inside.

Even the sky shadow next to him couldn't help but chuckle.

"Chu Kuangren is indeed a worthy opponent."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

He didn't say much, but Luo Xue and the few people in Chu Kuangren relived their old days, then went to other continents and took the front line.

The war is tight now.

They don't have time here to hurt the spring and autumn because of a defeat. Only by becoming stronger can they have a chance to wash away their shame.

"They are all good warriors. If you can, Tian is not willing to wait for you on the battlefield." Chu Kuangren murmured.

Luo Xue and the others are his friends in Tianyuan Universe.

But unfortunately, the two sides have different positions.

This melancholy mood only stayed in Chu Kuangren's heart for a while, and there was a cold color in his eyes.

If he really met on the battlefield, he would not show mercy.

This is war.

Tianying noticed Chu Kuangren's emotional changes beside her, and her eyes showed deep awe and admiration.

Unaffected by emotions, there is no emotional restraint.

Passionate and unfeeling.

Firm and strong.

How beautiful and fascinating.

This is the master of the demon.

In a few days.

"Congratulations to the host for drawing Divine Grade to reward the Light Crystal."

This day.

Chu Kuangren is lottery.

The Holy Crystal of Light.

This is a treasure containing Light Dao.

After refining, people can integrate Light Dao.

Chu Kuangren did not hesitate, chose to retreat and refining it.

Time goes by.

The war between Tianyuan Universe and Pangu Universe has been going on.

Another hundred years have passed.

And in this hundred years.

Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren lottery has successively picked up several kinds of objects that are similar to the bright holy crystals, all of which have been refined by him.

At this moment, Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren is pregnant with Yin-Yang Dao, Light Dao, Dao of Darkness, the way of divine wind and the way of self-improvement.

There are five ways in total.

The achievements of each Tao are not low.

Almost all have reached Perfection Level.

When it comes to individual battle strength, Chu Kuangren asks himself, in today's void battlefield, no one is his opponent.

It's a pity.

War is not an arena.

Unless he has an absolutely overwhelming battle strength.

Otherwise, this war will continue.

This day.

Chu Kuangren is preparing to merge a whole new way.

That is...the way of fate!   This kind of Tao is mysterious and powerful. Chu Kuangren tried several times before, but failed to integrate it successfully.

This time, he came to the Temple of Destiny.

Take advantage of the power of fate here.

A few years later.

He finally incorporated this way of fate into his body.

"Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren, sitting on nine kinds of Taoism, and I now have six kinds of Taoism. Except for the way of self-improvement and invincibility that I have together, it doesn't count. A total of 13 Taoisms are integrated!" Chu Kuangren secretly think.

This is the way he thought of breaking the limits of Hedao.

Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren and Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren separately fuse different Taoisms, and then they will master all Taoisms after they merge.

That's it.

Then you can break the limit of Hedao!

He and Xiao Ai have analyzed, this method is very likely to succeed.

"Now that I have integrated the way of destiny, the great destiny technique is one step closer, let's deduce the result of this battle."

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

This time, he deduced more than 16 million directions.

The ratio is still seven to three.

But this time.

Yes...Pangu Universe has a 70% chance of winning! !   Very good.

Chu Kuangren smiled with satisfaction.

Not in vain to camp for so long.


Something seems to have happened.

The result of Chu Kuangren's performance has changed dramatically!

Sixteen million and six thousand deductions...

Pangu universe loses!   16 million and seven thousand deductions...

Pangu universe loses!   18 million deductions...

Pangu universe loses!   The 20 millionth deduction...

Pangu universe loses!   The 23.67 millionth deduction...

Pangu Universe loses!   Millions of deductions in the future.

Most of the Pangu universe ended in defeat!

The chance of winning is less than 5%!   Compared to the odds at the beginning, even lower!   Chu Kuangren was stunned.

He almost spit out blood.

Having worked so hard for hundreds of years, is this time back before liberation?

Damn!   What the hell is going on? !   Chu Kuangren could not accept this result.

He began to deduct the past and the future, inquiring about the reasons.

"Sure enough..."

"The final reason was Hun Yuan's body."

Chu Kuangren took a deep breath.

Hunyuan, let's take a shot!

And even faster than the last deduction.

What is going on here?

How did they recover?   Chu Kuangren deduced it, but what he saw was still a terrifying blood light. He spurred the way of fate in his body...


He saw that there were two figures in the blood light.

It is God and Heaven, and Emperor Feng, these two people are standing in the blood light, all around, there are countless bloody spots of light converging towards them, and behind them, it is that one after another Become a dead star...

Chu Kuangren eyes slightly shrink.

These two people, are they devouring the vitality of billions of stars? !   Chu Kuangren was shocked.

At the same time, I also felt a wave of anger.

The cultivators of Tianyuan Universe are desperately working hard on the front line, but these two Tianyuan's most powerhouses slaughter the universe in the rear! !   Although Chu Kuangren is not a member of Tianyuan Universe.

But this behavior still made him angry.

Just imagine, if this kind of thing happened in the Pangu universe, he guessed that his lungs would explode.

"Hun Yuan... is really cruel, is this why you can recover quickly?!"

"hmph, is there less than 5 percent chance of winning?" Even if it is one percent, I will make it one hundred percent!"

Chu Kuangren silhouette disappeared in the Temple of Destiny.

He returned to the ninth continent.

I wanted to go back to the Tianyuan Universe, but found that the way back to the Tianyuan Universe was actually blocked!

He has no way to go back.

"In order to prevent being discovered, the passage was sealed so that the void battlefield can only be entered, not out?"

I haven't waited for Chu Kuangren to think of a solution.

Sikong Divine King suddenly summoned everyone.

At the meeting.

He threw a sentence directly, "Everyone, it's time for the decisive battle!"

(End of this chapter)

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