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  Chapter 2009 The Action of Two Hunyuan, cutting off one's means of retreat, Fenghuo Dark Golden Guard   Tianyuan Universe.

Fenghuang, Shentian sat cross-legged.

There is a strong breath coming out of them, and a blood-colored vortex faintly appeared in their eyes, revealing a strange aura.

"Your bloodfiend spirit technique is indeed extraordinary."

Shen Tian looked at the Emperor Feng and said.

"Hey, this is my exhaustion of several millions of years. Combining the Tao of Devouring and the cultivation method created by Dao of Life, it is naturally extraordinary."

"This method can Devouring All The vitality of living things restores the power of the two of us. Although ordinary creatures do not help you and my wounds, it can be transformed into a qualitative change when the number is large."

Fenghuang looked at the starry sky. In the countless stars of life.

There was a cold, bloody color in his eyes.

There is a thoughtful color in the god Heavenly Eye. Originally, he was unwilling to use this weird secret technique.

But Chu Kuangren's battle with Great Dao Incarnation made his heart palpitations.

Even Great Dao Incarnation is not an opponent. Give the opponent a few more years to unimaginable how unimaginable the opponent will grow.

He can't wait any longer. He wants to recover his injuries as soon as possible, capture the Pangu universe, destroy Chu Kuangren and the sealed off without regret.

Only then will the Emperor's invitation be accepted.

Joint cultivation of this bloodfiend spirit Dafa.

"We want to create a new era, and this era does not require the existence of the weak, as long as there is a powerhouse."

"Races below the Royal Family, do not need to keep Now."

"Let their lives become the cornerstone of the new era!"

Fenghuang looked towards a star of life.

He came to the top, and then, between raising his hands, a huge blood-colored vortex appeared in his palm, and the terrifying blood light instantly swallowed out, covering the star of life in the blink of an eye.

millions and millions of creatures, before they can react in the future, Life Aura was sucked up, and the rich vitality poured into the beacon emperor's body.

There was a hint of joy on his face.

"Shentian, don't hesitate, do it!"


Shentian stepped forward and came to the sky above a star.

Between raising his hands, the blood light shrouded.

The stars, which were full of vitality, were momentarily silent, Barren, not even a trace of vitality remained.

Both of them are mixed elements, and within a single thought, millions and millions of creatures are shrouded in blood light and turned into the purest vitality energy.

This day.

The Tianyuan Universe opened the most terrifying dark apocalypse since splitting heaven and earth apart, and countless creatures fell into a nightmare.

From the stars, but one by one galaxy...

Wherever the Emperor and God and Heaven went, the boundless blood light permeated, Heaven and Earth was shrouded in a shadow of apocalypse under.

The starlight disappeared, and all souls died.

Under this extreme plunder, Shentian and Fenghuang didn’t respond to their injuries at first, but as they swallowed more and more vitality, their injuries began to be slowly Fixed it.

"Ha, it really works!"

"Stick harder."

Fenghuang haha ​​said with a smile, speeding up the plundering of vitality, and Shentian is also gradually immersed in this kind of thrill of plundering vitality.


In the void battlefield.

Sikong Divine King speaks surprisingly.

"The decisive battle?!"

"Sagong Divine King, you said true or false, you really want to prepare for the decisive battle, who told you this?"

"Yes, now we are at a stalemate with Pangu Universe. There is also Chu Kuangren over there. It is good if he has not been counterattacked. Why is it suddenly a decisive battle?"

"Yes, don't cheat us."

Everyone looked at Sagong Divine King with suspicious expressions on their faces.

Decisive battle?

The current Chu Kuangren is so strong that even the Great Dao Incarnation, which the Nine Kings played together, was defeated.

The morale of the Pangu universe is soaring, and now the decisive battle will undoubtedly fall into an extremely difficult situation.

"The power of Palace Lord and the beacon emperor is about to be restored. It will not take long for them to come to the battlefield of the void!"

Sikong Divine King dropped another blockbuster.

Hearing this, everyone's expressions were shocked.

Hun Yuan is about to arrive on the battlefield!

This is definitely an exciting news. Nothing can reassure them more than this news.

"Haha, if Hunyuan makes a move, even if there is Chu Kuangren in Pangu Universe, there is absolutely no chance of winning."

"Not bad."

" heaven helps me!"

But some people are also puzzled.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon asked curiously: "Isn’t it said that Palace Lord and Fenghuang’s injuries are serious? Why did they recover so quickly?"

Hunyuan’s injuries are hard to heal.

Sometimes it’s not uncommon to cultivate for millions of years.

Why are you recovering so quickly now?   "Palace Lord and Heaven helps the worthy, they found some kind of healing Supreme Treasure, which greatly shortened the recovery time."

Sagong Divine King said.

Hearing this, everyone was still a little confused.

Healing Supreme Treasure?

What a coincidence?   But everyone did not think too much.

"By the way, how should we solve the rape among us?"

Suddenly, someone asked.

Speaking of which.

There was a grave expression in everyone's eyes.

looked towards the eyes of the people around me, with faint suspicion.

Sagong Divine King stood with his hand, indifferently said: "I can give this traitor a chance to rehabilitate, and now stand up, I can represent the Palace Lord, spare him for not dying, and let him down lightly."

After finishing speaking, he also glanced at Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren curl one's lip, an unperturbed look.

Seeing that no one took the initiative to stand up, Sikong Divine King coldly snorted, indifferently said: "Then when the time comes, don't blame me for being ruthless."


Instead, he began to arrange troops.

This time, he did not hide anything.

All military arrangements are perfectly clear before everyone.

Very simple and rude.

That is to concentrate all the troops and launch a total offensive towards the Pangu universe. This is undoubtedly a battle of cutting off one's means of retreat.

There is no way out.

Sagong Divine King intends to do his best!   "Concentrate all the strength, then Pangu universe must concentrate all the strength to be able to contend with it."

"There is no plot against plot, all battle strengths are perfectly clear on the table, This is a pure strength competition."

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

this time.

It's really time to decide the winner.

"Ha, meet force with force, I like it! I want to see if Pangu Universe has the ability to block our frontal attacks!"

"Yes, I am Go back and prepare."

The meeting is over.

Sagong Divine King gave Chu Kuangren a meaningful look, and said indifferently: "Heavenly Sword rarely shoots. Since the battle on the 11th continent, I have never seen it again. I hope this time the decisive battle will invite you. Let me take a shot, let me wait to see the peerless elegance of Heavenly Sword!"

Chu Kuangren chuckled, "Yes."

After speaking, he disappeared.

Tian Primordial Spirit Temple.

Sikong Divine King looked at the disappearing Heavenly Sword projection and fell into deep thought.

Behind him, a man wearing a dark golden Battle Armor appeared, making a sharp voice like gold and iron rubbing, "He is the Heavenly Sword in your mouth, the most unpredictable variable in this battle?"

"Yes, I hope the Fierce Dark Golden Guard can pay close attention to this person. If he does something unusual on the battlefield, kill him!"

Sagong Divine King's eyes are ice- cold saying.

The Beacon Dark Golden Guard is the hidden force of Tianyuan Universe, and is a direct force trained by Emperor Feng. Even Sikong Divine King only learned of the existence of this force when he was about to fight a decisive battle.

"Oh, interesting, I look forward to fighting with him."

The dark golden Battle Armor man gave a chuckle, and a faint smell of flames appeared all over his body, like an emerging victorious in every battle Beacon War God.

(End of this chapter)

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