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  Chapter 2010 The Path of Thorns, you have been exposed, the commanding Immortal Emperor in the   void battlefield.

Mutations emerge suddenly.

All the battle strengths of Tianyuan Universe suddenly abandoned all the fortifications, and they are all gathered together to prepare for a general attack.

This unusual behavior is shocking.

Be aware.

The last two great universe wars lasted for a hundred thousand years.

This time, it's only a few hundred years.

It's a great decisive battle so soon, it's really unimaginable.

But Pangu Universe soon took action.

They also began to concentrate various forces.

In the deep brain meeting.

"Queen, when will the king leave?"

Absolutely Wushen asked.

Since Chu Kuangren returned from the secret world last time, he has been in retreat for hundreds of years, and all matters have been handed over to Gu Linglong.

Only Gu Linglong can contact each other.

Gu Linglong said: "Husband will leave before the war!"

Hearing this, everyone felt a little relieved.

Then, they began to discuss the decisive battle.

"At this time, the Tianyuan Universe is aggressive, and Wushuang War General has already come out in full force. There are also nine kings who have also participated in the war, as well as the ancient Divine Kings. It is really not to be underestimated. "

"We also have to prepare the corresponding troops."

"Not bad."

Everyone discussed various countermeasures.

In the end, everyone decided to bury various traps on the only way for the army of Tianyuan Universe to consume a wave of their troops first.

The Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal, who is participating in the meeting, will set their ambush route one after another, and plan to go back and report it to Divine King Sagong.


The grandiose army has hundreds of billions.

Various warships vacated.

The elite sergeants of the ten thousand races of the Tianyuan Universe gathered together.

Sikong Divine King stands on the deck of a battleship.

There is a jade slip in his hand, and there is a burst of fluorescence, and a smile appears on his face, "The intelligence is coming..."

"Oh, I want to be where we pass by Set up an ambush? It's a good idea, but unfortunately, in vain."

You Luo Heavenly Immortal did the internal response.

The various traps set by Gu Linglong and the others are all within their grasp, and they can completely bypass these places.


Through the information given by Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal, Sikong Divine King found a safe route that can lead directly to the third continent of Pangu universe, which is not far from the passage of Pangu universe.

"Go, turn around."

Sagong Divine King led everyone, moved towards a safe route.

They passed through unmanned continents.

On the continent, there are many abandoned fortifications. In the magnificent cities, people have already gone to the city at this moment.

Even a lot of cultivation resources are not exploited by anyone.

Some soldiers were moved by it.

Many people have gone to collect resources.

At this point.

I saw a Dao Rune suddenly lit up in a city.

Immediately afterwards, a tyrannical energy wave spread from the runes in these cities, and the entire city seemed to have turned into a huge bomb at a moment, and the energy vented out and exploded!

Soldiers were bombed into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

"Not good!"

Sikong Divine King complexion changed.

It may be too late.

At this time, for those continents abandoned by the Pangu universe, countless rune prohibitions appeared, bursting out with earth-shattering energy.

Boom, boom, boom...

It's like a series of fireworks.

At the same time the continent exploded, it also took away countless cultivators of the Tianyuan Universe, and the wailing and screaming sounded endlessly.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Sagong Divine King, how did you lead the team?"

Colorful Heavenly Dragon and the others look Looking at the chaotic team, their faces were gloomy, some shot to save people, and some people questioned Sikong Divine King.

"We are in the calculation!"

Sagong Divine King took out the information given by Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal.

The safe route recorded above is simply not a safe route, but a thorny road full of various traps!

Luo Heavenly Immortal betrayed them? It   shouldn't.

Sagong Divine King thinks that he can’t be wrong in seeing people. Luo Heavenly Immortal, a ludicrous guy, can only get back to him if he cooperates with them when Xianting’s military power is suppressed. everything of.

It is impossible to betray.

In other words.

The Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal is exposed!   "Sagong Divine King, what should I do now?"

Emperor Heavenly Sovereign asked.

"Go ahead!"

They have gone deep into this thorny road, and the route they want to retreat has been blocked by the people of Pangu Universe.

Retreat now, it will not be any better.

"Colorful Heavenly Dragon, you are ahead."


A few Wushuang War General shots, the imposing manner is shocking.

Chu Kuangren looked at the various traps that emerged one after another in the sky, the corners of his mouth were slightly tilted, and then he glanced at the void imperceptibly.

in the sky.

The beacon dark gold guard eyes froze wearing the dark gold Battle Armor, then chuckled lightly, "Interesting, it seems that I found me."

He didn't have much surprise.

The renowned Heavenly Sword, if there are not two brushes, it would be strange.

"It's just...you, can't live!"

There was a cold color in the eyes of Fenghuo Dark Golden Guard.

Even if there is no explanation from the Divine King of Sagong, they must kill Heavenly Sword. This is the order of their master Fenghuang.

Regardless of whether Heavenly Sword is an insider or not, he must die!   First.

He has already committed public anger. The Titan Divine Race, Hades, Dao Kings and many other ancient Royal families have hatred with him.

Don't talk about Fenghuang, the rest of the ancient Royal Family will definitely at all costs after this battle is over, and find a way to deal with each other.

Fenghuang doesn't mind pushing the boat along the river and being personal.


The other party's potential is too great, letting the Emperor see the threat.

If nothing happens, Chu Kuangren is likely to surpass Fenghuang in the future. Fenghuang will never allow this!   The new era he wants to create cannot have an anomaly like Heavenly Sword.

Combine the above two points.

Heavenly Sword, must die!

In addition to Heavenly Sword, Chu Kuangren can't stay either.


In the fourth continent of Pangu.

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal was drinking a little wine with a slight smile on his face.

He was waiting for the army of Tianyuan Universe to arrive, and at that time he would cooperate with each other inside and outside, and fight Pangu Universe completely unprepared.

"Chu Kuangren, you took my military power at the beginning. Now for this great decisive battle, the soldiers of the fairy court are gathered again. As long as I raise my arms when the time comes, I want to watch Look, who are they going to listen to."

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal murmured.

"Luo Heavenly Immortal, everything is ready."

Qianxi Immortal Emperor walked to his side and said.

Obviously, he also knew the plan of Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal.

And willingly follow each other and betray together.

"Well, very good, Qian Xi, whether we can return to Peak and go further depends on today's battle."

Luo Heavenly Immortal Emperor nodded .


He received a message.

It was sent by Divine King, Sikong.

The content is very short.

"You have been exposed, run away!"

Luo Heavenly Immortal stood up quickly, "This impossible!"

His face was so gloomy, Said to Qianxi Immortal Emperor: "Immediately take all the Xiantian troops and leave here!"

Qianxi Immortal Emperor hearing this, hastened to do it.

But now.

A beautiful figure appeared in front of them.

Lai Ren is a stunning woman.

Qianxi Immortal Emperor recognizes the other party. The other party is the Immortal Emperor who has only been promoted in recent years, and is the Goddess of the original Nine Songs Immortal Court.

Now it is also Hedao.

Immortal Emperor.

(End of this chapter)

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