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  Chapter 2011 Nine Stars Appear Together, Xuantian Nine Stars Battle Luo Heavenly Immortal Emperor

"Siming Immortal Emperor, you are right here, hurry up, call the Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor, they and all the troops, immediately leave here."

Qianxi Immortal Emperor said.

But Immortal Emperor shook the head, indifferently said: "No one will follow you to leave, you guys, don't leave."

"What do you mean?"

Qianxi Immortal Emperor is puzzled.

In the void, a star map appears at once! A   sword qi suddenly cut out from the star map, and the horror sword qi locked onto the Immortal Emperor Qianxi and forced it back several steps.

"Xuantian nine stars!"

Qianxi Immortal Emperor frowned slightly.

"Sure enough, it has been exposed."

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal said with a gloomy face.

I saw in the sky, star maps suddenly appeared, and each star map represented a Peak’s enchanting powerhouse.

Ye Zhu, Jue Wushen, Yuzhi, Lan Yu, Yin Honghua, Hua Wuai, Chu Hong, Desire Flower, Quartz, and Nine Stars!   Their breath completely blocked this a side World.

"Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal, you can't go."

Ye Zhu said indifferently.

"Interesting, it's really interesting. If I didn't guess wrong, the Tianyuan Universe Army should fall into your trap now."

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal said.

"Yes, I knew you were a rape. The queen asked everyone to accompany you in a scene. She deliberately gave you false information to make you mistake it for real, and then lure people from Tianyuan Universe into being fooled. ."

Absolutely no god said with a sneer.

"High, it is really high, didn't expect, I lurked for so many years, but finally lost in the hands of a hairless brat."

Luo Heavenly Immortal understands .

All of this is probably planned by Chu Kuangren behind the scenes.

The only doubt, when did you expose yourself?

But it doesn't matter anymore.

Since the opponent asked himself to attack the 11th continent, he returned from the loss of soldiers, and was cut off. Until now, he used himself to transmit false information, and he has been played by the opponent in applause.

Not only that.

The other side also put an eyeliner in his team.

Thinking of this, he looked towards the Immortal Emperor with cold eyes, "What benefit did Chu Kuangren give you to make you work for him?"

"Re-introduce myself, Below, the former Chief Ming Goddess, and the current Siming Immortal Emperor, are also the substitutes of Xuantian Jiuxing." Siming Immortal Emperor faintly smiled.

Immediately afterwards, Jumei’s face showed an icy color, “As for what benefit Chu Kuangren has given me, that’s not the case, but you abandon the Pangu Universe. Based on this, everyone is punishable. It!"

"Okay, okay! How much did I bear for Xian Ting? In the end, you, a newly promoted Immortal Emperor, said that everyone got it!"

Luo Heavenly Immortal is extremely angry and laughs.

At the same time, I also felt a sorrow.

Then, his eyes swept across the scene coldly, "I want to see, among you, who can kill me!!"

After he finished speaking, he shot out with a palm. .

The aura of multiple harmony burst out, majestic and powerful.

In any case, it is Wushuang War General, the strength is still there.

It is difficult for most people in Xuantian Jiuxing to take this palm.

At this time, Hua Wuai walked out, black gorgeous robe, and waved his sleeves, but when Resurrection Lily opened, Samsara Power came out.

The two forces impacted and each retreated.

"What a Resurrection Lily, you should be the oldest Resurrection Lily in this world." Luo Heavenly Immortal said unexpectedly.

He also knows some secrets about Resurrection Lily.

didn't expect, this kind of character is also one of the nine stars of Xuantian.


Hua Wuai is slightly nodded.

"A flower that originated from the ancient immortals has such strength. If the ancient existences of the ancient immortals can survive to this day, where will Chu Kuangren be the master?!"

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal said with emotion.

Thinking of him in Xian Ting, in the ancient times, the four branches and six imperial courts, what awe-inspiring prestige, but now Chu Kuangren bullied into this appearance.

He is both sad and angry.

"The talent of my king is not inferior to the power of the immortal ancient period, and it is thousands of times better than you!"

Absolutely Wushen said, Then, the power of the emptiness broke out.

Jiuxing teamed up to attack Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal together.

Qianxi Immortal Emperor wants to take advantage of the chaos to leave.

But he was stopped by the Immortal Emperor.

"fuck off! ”

Qian Xi Immortal Emperor lightly shouted.

With a palm, the Immortal Emperor was forced to retreat, but in the next instant, several silhouettes appeared in front of them. It was the Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor, the ignorant Immortal Emperor and the others.

"You guys... dare to betray me!!"

Qianxi Immortal Emperor couldn't believe it.

Several people have complicated eyes.

Long time.

Dragon Shadow Immortal Emperor said: "Qianxi Immortal Emperor, it is not we betrayed you, but you, betrayed the Pangu universe!"

"Okay, let me see you How can you stop me!"

Between Qianxi Immortal Emperor raising his hands, a dazzling dragon-shaped Star River leaped out of the sky. It was the top grade Innate Supreme Treasure, the river map!

This thing can be offensive and defensive, extremely powerful.

Several Immortal Emperors were beaten back by him on the spot.

At this point.

A black palm print fell into the air.

Qianxi Immortal Emperor shot to block, was blasted back several hundred zhang.

Come here, Dahei heavenly demon!

"Immortal King has orders, betrays Pangu universe, kill without mercy!"

Dahei heavenly demon tone ice-cold saying.

"Damn it."

Qianxi Immortal Emperor felt a little desperate in his heart.

And the other side.

Xuantian Nine Stars fought fiercely against Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal.

Ye Zhu's green leaf sword pupil urged to the extreme, sword grass emerged behind him, and the blade of the grass moved, and Immortal Beheading Sword slashed out.

The power of Absolute God's emptiness bursts out, incomparably surging.

Moreover, the Behead Immortal platform hangs above the head, and the boundless Qi of Slaughter spreads.

Lan Yu looked cold.

With the scepter waving in the hand, the river of light roars out. Every thread of aura has the ultimate power to crush Great Firmament.

Chu Hong’s phoenix fire, Yin Honghua’s double strength of Dragon, Samsara Power of flowerless love, Buddha’s radiance of quartz, the power of desire flower of desire...

Various The mysterious power, intertwined with celestial splendor.

Their cultivation base is far inferior to Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal.

However, the battle strength that broke out under the joint team was extremely tyrannical, and even the unparalleled War General like Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal was suppressed.

"What's going on?"

The Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal was puzzled.

Observe carefully.

Only to realize that there are faint star maps circulating under the feet of these nine people.

Nine star maps echo each other.

It turned out to be an extremely powerful Formation!

"What kind of Formation is this, why haven't I seen it?"

Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal questioned.

"Xuantian nine-star formation, created by my brother, you have never seen it before." Chu Hong said with a triumphant smile.

"You don't need to explain too much, urge Star God to cut it."

Ye Zhu said.

The rest are nodded.

I saw nine people rising into the air, with endless starlight flowing out of them, and the nine people are like nine big stars floating in the sky.

A huge star map appears.

A terrifying and terrifying atmosphere, pervading out, Suppressing the Heavens and Earth.

Even Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal felt a slight threat.

Accompanied by Chanran starlight.

In that star chart, a huge star knife fell!

This star knife is filled with various power breaths, including the power of Phoenix Fire, Light Power, Samsara Power, Buddha's radiance...

This is the combined force of the nine stars of Xuantian. !   "Xuantian Star God cut!!"

In the star map, nine people shouted in unison.

The huge star knife slashed down, and wherever it went, the void was shattered, and Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal also screamed and urged his power to the extreme.

"Immortal Emperor kills the world!"

A golden sword appeared in his hand.

Cut out with a single sword, and the huge sword shadow is filled with the monstrous Qi of Slaughter!   Star heavenly blade, Absolute Kill Sword! The   collision of breath has already set off a strong energy storm on the spot, and the moment of collision made the whole continent roar.

(End of this chapter)

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