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  Chapter 2013 a Azure Lotus, prop up Heaven and Earth, and hit Wushuang War General with one move

Void Among.

The powerhouses of all parties are fighting together, the void is constantly shattering, and various Taoist forces are intertwined and collided in the sky.

Hedao and Hedao.

The battle at the summit powerhouse is horrifying.

But the battle of the soldiers at the bottom cannot be underestimated either.

Tens of billions, hundreds of billions of soldiers rushed together like a torrent, killing the sky, like the boundless Asura battlefield.

At this point.

A silhouette was blown out.

is the Purple Gold wheel.

The lineage of the gods and demons is a three-player battle against two war generals.

It's still too reluctant.

"Damn it."

Cang Feng is coldly snorted.

Thousands of sword qi spewed out of the body, locking the two Wushuang War Generals, but their attacks were easily blocked.

"I said, because you want to block us, it's impossible!" The black clothed War General lightly snorted was extremely contemptuous.

He a finger pointed to lock the Tibetan front.

The aura of several perfection ways converge in it.

With just one blow, the hidden front will be blasted back!

A critical moment.

In the void, nine stars Totem appeared empty.

Xuantian Jiuxing made a move.

Xuantian Nine Stars Array used to block the two Warriors War General.

Faintly, it actually restricted their actions.

"Oh, this is Interesting."

The black clothed War General showed a little playfulness.

The other side.

Wumian, Xuan Yuanfeng and other nine kings saw Xuantian Jiuxing taking action, and couldn't sit still, Wumian rushed out first.

"Go, I will meet them."

The Nine Kings and the Nine Stars fought against each other.

And the power of the Xuantian Nine Star Array has also moved to the extreme.

You come and I go with each other, and each will not give way to each other.

"This Formation is really interesting." Wumian discovered the Formation used by Xuantian Jiuxing, and there was an accident in his eyes. In front of this Formation, the nine kings actually felt suppressed.

The nine people looked at each other.

Immediately afterwards, I saw mysterious brilliance circulating in them.

The Mark of the King leaped out.

A surging breath burst out instantly.

That is...power of Grand Dao!   Billions of immortals flickered, and the Nine Kings were enveloped by immortals, and then they turned into a giant wearing a gilt Battle Armor.

Great Dao Incarnation, appear again!   The moment this incarnation appeared, the morale of the Tianyuan Universe party was greatly boosted.

"It's the Nine Kings!"

"It's Great Dao Incarnation. Compared with Chu Kuangren that year, this Great Dao Incarnation is more powerful."

Everyone was amazed.

The faces of the nine stars of Xuantian are also very solemn.

The nine people have no intentions.

The Xuantian Nine Star Array urged to the extreme, a huge star heavenly blade leaped out, moved towards Great Dao Incarnation and cut it away.


Great Dao Incarnation made a noise.

Immediately afterwards, he raised his hand and hit the huge star heavenly blade.

It’s just a trick.

With a bang, the heavenly blade shattered and turned into a starlight and dissipated.

Dao's power rolled out and hit the Xuantian Nine Star Formation. The nine people vomited blood one after another and flew out, looking at Great Dao Incarnation with fear.

"This is the power of Grand Dao, which is beyond our ability."


Not only Xuantian Jiuxing, Li Tu , Yuetu and other Wushuang War General looked at the Great Dao Incarnation, but also felt heart palpitations.

Compared to the previous year, the formidable power of Great Dao Incarnation is even more terrifying.

They have a very bad hunch, that is, if they go together, I am afraid they will not be the opponent of this Great Dao Incarnation.

The nine kings are killing move.

This is really true.

"Pangu Universe, things have reached a dead end!"

"You, there is only one way to ruin for you!"

Indifferent The voice reverberated.

is Great Dao Incarnation.

His face without facial features is full of clouds and mists where various Taoisms converge, revealing the majesty of Supreme.

I saw the Great Dao Incarnation raised high palm, and the terrifying Dao power roared, completely covering the third continent of Pangu.

This palm slowly fell.

The coercion is strong, but it suppresses everyone. The cultivator under the Great Firmament is all pressed on the ground by this aura, and it is difficult to get up.

Above the Great Firmament, it is just hard support.

The clouds are shattered.

The void burst.

The giant palm hasn't completely fallen yet, and the terrifying palm power has caused violent turbulence throughout the continent, one after another huge crack spreads out.

The whole continent is almost fragmented.

"Quickly stop him!!"

Yuetu, Li Tu, Lu Jun and the others turn pale with fright.

But they are entangled by the enemy, so busy to spare time for a separate task at all.

This palm.

They can't stop it.

"It's over!"

The Pangu universe cultivators located on the third continent almost feel desperate, and this palm is like the end of the day to them.

The sky is covered by large shadows.

The hearts of everyone are gradually sinking into the abyss of despair.

On the battleship.

Chu Kuangren looked at this palm and narrowed his eyes. Just when he was about to move, in the sky, the 3,600 people moved in unison.

one after another The breath is intertwined and circulating, locking him.

It seems that the most violent attack will be launched on him in the next instant.

Chu Kuangren's mouth is slightly tilted.

Then, he seemed to sense something, and he didn't rush to shoot.


A palm on the avenue, destroying heaven and extinguishing earth.

Just when this palm is about to fall.

Far away.

In a magnificent palace.

A pair of eyes suddenly opened.

A ray of light of Tao Ze passed through those eyes.


Everyone only saw that in the imperial palace, an azure light rushed towards the sky like a plant rhizome.

And at the top of this stem, an azure bud stretches out, and the petals slowly unfold, turning into a beautiful Azure Lotus.

Azure Lotus grows in the wind and grows bigger and bigger.

Every petal is flowing with the power of the ultimate principle, and the Chaos Energy machine is forcibly resisting the giant palm.

a Azure Lotus.

In this brief moment, it seems to support the sinking of Heaven and Earth.

Brought hope to everyone.

"This breath is the Immortal King!!!"

Everyone was excited and looked at the imperial palace in the distance.

Only seen in the imperial palace.

A white clothed silhouette walked out slowly, abundance and handsome, with an ancient sword hanging from its waist, surrounded by a wind of creation and destruction.

"Chu Kuangren!!!"

Great Dao Incarnation made a cold voice after seeing the people coming.

The power in the body surges.

The giant palm will be urged again.

As if to completely crush the Azure Lotus.

But seeing Chu Kuangren chuckled, slowly stretched out his five fingers, held in the sky slightly, and with a bang, the bright Azure Lotus exploded in an instant, and billions of dazzling lights burst out. Out, hitting the palm of the avenue!


With a loud noise, the world is in turmoil.

Great Dao Incarnation actually staggered back a few steps.

Chu Kuangren walked out of the imperial palace and came to the battlefield, each step stepped out, and all around, there was an invisible Taoist current that turned out.

Crush the mountains and rivers ten thousand li, sensationalize the heavens and stars!   "With me, no one can invade this Pangu universe!"

Chu Kuangren's voice spread far away.

The cultivators of the Pangu universe seemed to have found the backbone, cheering to the sky, and their morale skyrocketed in an instant.

"As soon as he appeared, these people were so uplifting. It was really troublesome. If you want to completely suppress the Pangu Universe, you must kill him first!"

black clothed War General with indifferent eyes Said.

His silhouette flashed, and moved towards Chu Kuangren shot but nothing.

a finger pointed.

The power of several Taoisms converge.

Chu Kuangren didn't even glance at it.

Half-step Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, Heavenly Halberd is already in his hand.

A halberd swung out, tearing the world apart.


I saw that the black clothed War General's fingers shattered in an instant, the whole person turned into blood mist and exploded, and most of the paths were wiped out!

One hit, Wushuang War General!

(End of this chapter)

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