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  Chapter 2014 once again defeated Great Dao Incarnation, Fiberhome Dark Golden Guards shot, we are one person

One move .

It's just a trick, a Wushuang War General's way is almost wiped out!

This power made everyone feel horrified.

Colorful Heavenly Dragon and the others were also shocked.

"Compared with the previous year, he has improved a lot!"

"How can this guy's strength improve so fast?"

And the one who was hit hard Dao Companion of War General screamed, holding a Supreme Treasure in his hand, moved towards Chu Kuangren and smashed it directly.

It is a treasure similar to a hydrangea.

When the hydrangea smashed out, it turned into mountains and rivers, and Power of Five Elements was entangled in it.

"Heh, too weak."

Chu Kuangren smiled indifferently.

Heavenly Halberd, the master of hand, once again blasted out.

I saw the mountains and rivers shattered, the Power of Five Elements collapsed, and the hydrangea was shattered into countless cloth fragments by this halberd.

That Wushuang War General even flew upside down, vomiting blood.

The Tao in the body was also hit hard.

Two Wushuang War Generals, one of them met and was hit hard.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

This battle strength is ridiculously strong!

"Chu Kuangren, wait for another fight with me!"

At this point.

Great Dao Incarnation heard the voice of the Nine Kings.

"In order to fight with you again, over the years, we dare not neglect the slightest and try our best to improve ourselves."

"Today we are not the same as before!"

Great Dao Incarnation blasted out.

The roads converge, turning into a thrilling river of roads!

grandiose, it seems to crush everything.

Upon seeing Chu Kuangren, long halberd blasted out of his hand.

A halberd light cut out like splitting heaven and earth apart, and with the violent turbulence, the river was forcibly shattered.

Great Dao Incarnation, back to ten zhang.

On the gilt Battle Armor, there were a few more cracks directly.

"It is indeed different. Compared to a hundred years ago, you are even more impossible to withstand a single blow!" Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

He didn't keep his hands, and stepped out.

The way of creation, Destruction Dao interweaves and circulates.

The power of Azure Lotus is pushing to the extreme.

"Azure Lotus 3rd Style, create the world!"

divine light grandiose, swallow everything.

There is no reason for destruction and endless creation.

The endless divine light, fiercely hit Great Dao Incarnation's body, and it was completely shattered in just an instant! ! The   Nine Kings flew upside down from the Great Dao Incarnation and fell to the ground.

They looked at Chu Kuangren standing in the sky not far away, and everyone's face looked incredulous.

In one move, Great Dao Incarnation was broken! !

At this moment, they feel that their efforts over the years are like a joke.

Not only the Nine Kings, but the people of Tianyuan Universe are also more confused.

Although the Great Dao Incarnation of the Nine Kings was defeated by Chu Kuangren once, the last time it was said to have played well.

This time, I was beaten in a straight move.

This is simply unreasonable!   "Heavenly Sword, you don't want to make a move!"

At this time, Sagong Divine King looked towards Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren, urging him to make a move quickly.

But Chu Kuangren stood there, lightly said with a smile: "It's not the sky that should be shot, but...you guys!!!"

The words fell.

Chu Kuangren waved his sleeves.

The origin force of the terrifying fairy poured out, and in the void, the beacon dark golden guards wearing dark golden Battle Armor appeared one after another.

Everyone turns pale with fright.

Tianyuan Universe actually hides such a power?   They know nothing.

"You keep such a force to deal with the sky, do you really think that the sky doesn't know it?" Chu Kuangren had ice-cold saying in his eyes.

I haven't waited for Sikong Divine King to order.

The leader of the Beacon Dark Golden Guard will coldly snorted and said: "Arrange an array!"

In an instant.

3,600 dark golden guards surrounded Chu Kuangren, forming a mysterious formation, isolating it from the surrounding Heaven and Earth.

"Heavenly Sword, try the power of the Heavenly Beacon Array this week!"

said the leader of the Dark Golden Guard.

The flames burst out.

The breath stuns Heaven and Earth.

To kill this Heaven Beyond the Heaven sword in one fell swoop!   "Three thousand six hundred gods are killed!"

The dark golden guard leader lightly shouted.

one after another Killing all wrapped in boundless Qi of Slaughter, moved towards Chu Kuangren rushed out one after another, a total of three thousand six hundred.

And each of these killings contains the ultimate power to kill the Great Firmament, even the Divine King must be afraid of.

Among them, there are 30 Six Paths killed, and even the multiple Divine King must be handled carefully. If you are not careful, you will fall on the spot!

The killing of all directions shrouded, Chu Kuangren can almost be said to be irresistible, inevitable.

But seeing his sword fingers condensed, sword qi swept out of his body.

Sword qi and Kill Guang, collide and explode in the void one after another.

Far away.

Countless cultivators were stunned to see this scene.

Especially the cultivator of Pangu universe, look at each other in blank dismay.

"They are infighting?!"

"I don't know."

"This is what the hell is happening?!"

"What the hell is happening?!"


When Emperor Luo Heavenly Immortal saw this scene, he understood something, "It turns out that he is the traitor of the Pangu universe!"

No wonder the other party would ruin his plan before.

I was exposed at that time.


Li Tu, Lu Jun, Xuantian Jiuxing and the others were all stunned.

Are there any of their spies in the Tianyuan Universe?   Why don't they know?   The cultivator of Tianyuan Universe has exploded on the spot.

"What?! Heavenly Sword is a traitor!"

"How is this possible?!"

Especially Luo Xue, Tiannvyou, Dragon Crystal and the The others were even more shocked, and they felt suspicious of life.

They have been doing things for the traitor? !

"No, no, it must be fake."

"What the hell is going on?"

They couldn't accept this kind of thing.

At this moment, Chu Kuangren, who was trapped in the beacon array from Zhou Tian, ​​has no way in his hand, and a powerful sword move is brewing.

"A trifling Formation, how can I stop the sky?"

Cut out with one sword.

Thousands of killings are all crushed by sword qi.

One by one, the dark golden guards exploded on the spot!

The Heaven Beyond the Heaven sword, tore a crack in the Formation!   "This is the strength of Heavenly Sword?!"

The Dark Golden Guard leader was a little shocked.

His strength is not bad, not much worse than Wushuang War General, but facing Heavenly Sword, he feels a burst of pressure.

sou!   At this time.

The silhouette of Chu Kuangren has already rushed out of the Zhou Tian Fenghuo array.

He and Tianying came to the camp of Pangu universe.

Li Tu, Hongyang and the others looked at him, his face uncertain.

Are you really your own? !

Sagong Divine King’s face was gloomy, "What a Heavenly Sword, my guess is correct, but I’m very curious that your innate talent is not weaker than Chu Kuangren, so why are you willing to succumb to him? Down?"

Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren glanced across the crowd.

Luo Xue and the others were shocked and puzzled.

The anger of Colorful Heavenly Dragon and the others.

He closed his eyes one after another, and then chuckled lightly, "Do you want to know the answer? I will tell you that day!"

I saw him and Azure Lotus next to him. Chu Kuangren, both of them burst into dazzling celestial splendor at the same time, and mysterious Taoism sang out.

The silhouettes of the two meet, turning into a huge ball of light.

A seed path surrounds the ball of light.

Immediately afterwards, the Tao shrank like lightning, the ball of light shattered into countless spots of light, and a silhouette appeared in the fairy radiance.

A white clothed, untainted by even a speck of dust.

Two Swords one black one white circling around him.

The terrifying coercion continues to spread from the opponent, and its aura is more terrifying than anyone present!   Chu Kuangren opened his eyes, and his deep gaze swept over everyone present, indifferently said: "The answer is...We are alone!"

(End of this chapter)

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