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  Chapter 2015 is one to nine, relaxed and calm, and true strength

"We, one person! "

Chu Kuangren's voice echoed throughout the battlefield.

Everyone was extremely shocked!

The most enchanting Heavenly Sword in Tianyuan Universe, Immortal King Chu Kuangren in Pangu Universe, and these two people are actually the same person! !   This is incredible.

"It's like this..."

"We were all cheated."

"Chu Kuangren, Heavenly Sword, how could they be the same person? "

Luo Xue, Dragon Crystal and the others looked at Chu Kuangren with extremely complex eyes, shocking, unbelievable, and complaining...

What is this?   until now, they have always looked at Chu Kuangren as their horse's head.

Available now.

The other party has actually become their enemy? !   The impact of this incident on them is really too great.

It's not just them.

The Sword Spirit family represented by the King Sword God is shocked beyond words at this moment, all speechless.

"Heavenly Sword is Chu Kuangren, and Chu Kuangren is Heavenly Sword?"

The King of Sword God felt a little confused in his head.

"Okay, okay!"

"What a Chu Kuangren, two universes, you are playing around in circles by yourself." Sagong Divine King said good.

His face is ugly to the extreme.

Although I was extremely shocked by this incident.

But there is another kind of very strange, I think it is reasonable.

How can an anomaly like Chu Kuangren appear so easily? There are two as soon as they appear.

It's still in the same era.

These two people are the same person, and it seems that it is not incomprehensible.

But his hatred for Chu Kuangren has only increased!

"Chu Kuangren, now that you have appeared, then come to death!"

Sagong Divine King let everyone take action.

I saw the colorful Heavenly Dragon, Hades, Tyrant God, Heavenly Sovereign and other Wushuang War Generals rushing towards Chu Kuangren in an instant moved towards Chu Kuangren.

But Luo Xue, Dragon Crystal and the others didn't do anything.

They are still in shock.

I don’t even know if I should play against Chu Kuangren and Heavenly Sword.

"The messenger of destiny...oh, it is extraordinary."

Di Feitian shook his head and smiled.

He was not as shocked as the others. He knew that behind Chu Kuangren, there was a more unfathomable Temple of Destiny.

What is the point of doing these things?

"Help Immortal King!"

Li Tu, Yuetu and the others want to help Chu Kuangren.

But at this time, thousands of cultivators wearing Dark Golden Battle Armor rushed out and surrounded Li Tu and the others.

It's the Beacon Dark Golden Guard!

The Zhou Tianfeng fire formation is formed again.

It actually restrained these Wushuang War Generals in one fell swoop.

For a time.

The battlefield is divided into four places.

The confrontation of the soldiers at the bottom.

The Hedao headed by the lineage of the gods and devil fights against the Divine King of the ten thousand races.

Fenghuo Dark Golden Guard collides with Pangu Universe Warrior War General.

And the last battlefield.

Chu Kuangren, alone against the war General of Tianyuan Universe!

And this among which is included Titan God, Colorful Heavenly Dragon, Luo Heavenly Immortal Emperor, Heavenly Sovereign, Tyrant God, Pluto and the pair of Dao Companion.

In addition, there is also a dark golden guard leader who is not weaker than Wushuang War General, a total of nine super powerhouses!   "Whether you are Heavenly Sword or Chu Kuangren, I have long wanted to have a good fight with you!!" The god of Titan shouted loudly.

I saw him raise his hand to urge the power of the Four Elephants.

Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire, converge in one body.

punched out.

The principle of the four forces converging, exudes a dazzling brilliance, like a meteor that pierced the sky.

Chu Kuangren raised his hand and grabbed the Kunwu sword on the right.

"The testimony of the sky, the emperor is eternal!"

The aura of the emperor converges, impacting the fist strength and disintegrating it.

Emperor Heavenly Sovereign, the two tyrants are puzzled.

What if Chu Kuangren is an insider?   Then why does he have the overlord body and the imperial body of Great Accomplishment?   But there are too many mysteries about Chu Kuangren, and they have no time to think about it.

I saw Chu Kuangren holding the Wudao Sword in his left hand again.

Kunwu on the right, no way on the left.

One person, Two Swords.

Infinite sword pressure, spreading in all directions, it seems that even Heaven and Earth must acknowledge allegiance. At his feet, Chu Kuangren at this moment is unprecedentedly powerful!   Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren and Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren, after the two are combined into one, the skyrocketing cents is no small thing.

"Didn't you want to deal with me for a long time? Come on, take out all your strength and save your life to fight with me!"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

The rest of the people are hearing this, and they don't hide their clumsiness anymore.


The colorful Heavenly Dragon roared, and the Tao burst out, and at the intersection in the sky, it turned into a sinister domineering dragon shadow.

Accompanied by a shocking roar.

Long Ying opened his mouth and spit out, and the colorful dragon's breath blasted out.

Chu Kuangren does not retreat, he has no right to cut with his left hand. A sword qi seems to be above all things, enshrining the meaning of detachment and invincibility.

It is the witness of the sky, the sword of Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

The colorful dragon's breath is torn apart by sword qi forcibly! The   colorful Heavenly Dragon was blasted back by a sword.

The Tao in the body is actually shaking.

He eyes shrank, "It's much more powerful than just now!"

In the field, as long as he has played against Chu Kuangren twice, so he knows better than others now How much stronger Chu Kuangren is.

Compared with the previous two battles.

Chu Kuangren now seems to be...different!   "Four elephants are blasting the sky!"

The silhouette of the Titan God, like the wind, came to Chu Kuangren.

With both fists swinging, enveloping the power of the most extreme way.

The formidable power is so strong that it seems to be shaking the sky and the earth!

Chu Kuangren right hand Kun Wu waved, counted his swords at will, smashed all the attacks of the Titan God, and then slashed back to shock the world!

The Titan God Lord flew out.

The Battle Armor on his body roared.

He felt incredible.

If it weren't for this Battle Armor, he would have been hit hard just now!   "Overlord’s Spear!"

"Emperor’s Seal!"

Overlord, Heavenly Sovereign, both of them simultaneously display physique divine ability.

The boundless dominance, the terrifying imperial intent, the purple lance shot out, pierced through the void, the golden imperial seal was pressed down, and Heaven and Earth shattered.

Two forces, one on the left and the other on the right, lock Chu Kuangren!   "Yin and Yang Heavenly Sword, One Sword Splitting The Heavens!"

I saw Chu Kuangren calmly.

Luck Heavenly Sword's famous move on the left, and Azure Lotus on the right.

Two sword qi, cut left and right.

Bang, bang! The   overlord's aura collapsed, and the imperial will shattered.

The two major physique divine abilities are still unable to do anything to Chu Kuangren.

At this point.

"Beacon and trembling!"

A handful of dark gold long spear came through the air and aimed at Chu Kuangren's chest, while grabbing the tip of the power of the boundless killer.

It's the leader of the Dark Golden Guard who made the move!

This spear is so swift and unstoppable.

Upon seeing this, Pluto urged Soul Power, his eyes burst out with purple divine light, and locked Chu Kuangren in an attempt to influence his spiritual fire.

But he saw a flash of Azure Lotus on his forehead.

Soul Power, was easily blocked.


The sword fought with the gun, and the Wudao sword crossed his chest, easily stopping the dark golden guard leader with this extremely shot.

The next moment.

Chu Kuangren expression congeals, sword edge deflection, sword qi sweep.

The leader of the Dark Golden Guard saw that the situation was far from good, and quickly went backwards.

"This is too strong."

Everyone was speechless.

There are so many Warriors War Generals. They attacked together, and they couldn't hurt Chu Kuangren a single point. This is very ridiculous.

The other party is not a Hunyuan.

The half-step Hunyuan is not so exaggerated!

"Heh, enough warm up, next, let you see my true strength!" Chu Kuangren stood with his hands in his hands.

Hearing what he said, everyone eyes shrank.

Like just now, isn't the other party's full force? !   (End of this chapter)

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