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  Chapter 2018 Killing God vs. War God, fall into a disadvantage, die!

Zeguo's battle map is open!   Chu Kuangren gathered Qi of Slaughter in one body from the entire void battlefield, and his breath in this brief moment skyrocketed wildly.

At this moment, he carries the boundless Qi of Slaughter in every move.

Like a god of death who shattered the heavens and annihilated all souls!   And Fenghuang is not bad.

As a Hunyuan, he has experienced countless wars, cultivation base honed between life and death, terrifying matchless.

If we say that Chu Kuangren is a killer at this moment.

Then, he is War God!

Kill God vs. War God!

You come and I go with each other, and each will not give way to each other.

The powerful breath flowed out, shocking Nine Heavens and Ten Earths!   "Fenghuo endless robbery!!"

Long spear raised high in the hands of the Emperor Feng.

fighting intent, all around endless Spiritual Qi moved towards he madly rushed away.

a spear thrust out.

The vast emptiness collapsed and shattered into nothingness.

This spear is terrifying.

Everyone trembled when they saw it.

And Chu Kuangren still stood tall, his eyes condensed, Qi of Slaughter skyrocketed, and Heavenly Halberd blasted out!   "Creating the gods of the world!"

The boundless halberd light swept out with a terrifying killing intent.


Compared with Fenghuang, the power is not different.

Boom! !

With a roar.

The impact of two forces, the spreading energy shattered the continent, and tore the deepest void barrier.

Chu Kuangren, Fenghuang, the two retreated.

The cultivators of the Pangu universe watched this battle attentively.

Everyone has expectations in their eyes.

Chu Kuangren has created too many miracles in front of them.

So this time.

They hope that the other party can continue to create even greater miracles!

"Using Formation to improve yourself, even my Tianyuan Universe's most powerful Huanyu Seven Killing Formation can't be compared."

There was a touch of wonder in Fenghuang's eyes.

Chu Kuangren curl one's lip.

That is natural.

This is a big array beyond Divine Grade.

Unfortunately, there is not enough time. If he is given hundreds or even thousands of years to collect Qi of Slaughter on the battlefield.

The formidable power of this Formation will be even more terrifying.

When the time comes to deal with a mixed element, is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain?   Time is too hasty.

He didn't expect that Hun Yuan could recover so quickly.

"You have a lot of treasures, whether it's Hunyuan Supreme Treasure or this big formation, I want them all!!"

Fenghuang loudly shouted, burning one after another Dark fire.

These fires are as black as ink.

The light of all around seems to have been swallowed by it.

The boundless void Spiritual Qi, moved towards Fenghuang rushed forward, actually raising his aura again.

Chu Kuangren expression congeals, holding Heavenly Halberd in his hand, the one after another scarlet formation mark in the void fell and injected into his body, making his breath continue to rise.

Fenghuang, Chu Kuangren.

The two breaths collided, and they shattered ten thousand li in silence.

Blocks of floating continents approached them, but they were annihilated by the escaping breath, leaving no residue.

This is the ultimate terrifying scene.

Fenghuang and Chu Kuangren, as if incarnation of the Source of Annihilation, are full of the majestic power of destruction.

"The god of violent beacon, destroy the world!"

Infinite divine light exuded in the eyes of Emperor Feng.

The next moment.

The dark flames on his body shrank and poured into his body, and the grandiose's world-killing power was condensed on the long spear in his hand.

A spear thrust came out, easily moved through the void, the gun power tore through the deep void barriers and shattered countless stars in the universe.

Faced with a rapid shot.

Chu Kuangren saw a dark flame about to engulf him, and a hint of coldness appeared in his heart.

But he quickly suppressed the coldness, his eyes gradually cold, and he shook hands with Heavenly Halberd, the tyrant, and smashed it out at this spear.

The spear halber impact.

The sound wave spreads and crushes the Void Continent.

But this is just sound waves.

The energy impact after the sound wave spreads out like a tide.

In the blink of an eye, he swallowed Heaven and Earth.

Everyone only saw that the pitch-black beacon was burning, covering the void of millions and millions li, as if it turned into a hell of beacon!   Everyone couldn't see what happened in the flames.

Even the immortal consciousness will be burned to nothingness as soon as it approaches.

Everyone is worried.

Boom!   At the moment.

There was a loud noise like the explosion of Star Explosion.

A silhouette flew upside down from the flames, smashing a continent like a meteor one after another, that was...Chu Kuangren!

"Immortal King!"

"How could it be like this......"

Everyone in the Pangu universe creded out in surprise, very worried.

Gu Linglong bit her lip, looking at Chu Kuangren who was knocked into the air and stained with blood, very distressed.

Lan Yu, Chu Hong and the others also have red eyes.

They want to rush up.

Even if you are willing to die for the other party.

However, Hunyuan-level existences fight against each other, and they can't even get close to the energy aura created by the collision of the opponent's aura.

"Immortal King..."

Li Tu, Lu Jun and the others clenched their fists.

My eyes are red.

If Chu Kuangren loses, Pangu universe will usher in destruction.

Everyone knows this.

One side of Tianyuan Universe.

Sagong Divine King and the others saw this scene with the same shock.

At the same time, let out a long sigh of relief.

"Although Chu Kuangren prepared a lot of hole cards, in front of Hun Yuan, no matter how hard he struggles, it is useless."

"Yes, we are determined to win."

The faces of everyone gradually showed joy.

But the mood of the people in the Yuan Tianhui is extremely complicated.

Although Chu Kuangren deceived them.

But the other party was once their most beloved Heavenly Sword!   "Heavenly Sword, I don't care who you are, but I hope you can live..." Luo Xue muttered while looking at Chu Kuangren.

Tianxingcai and the others have the same idea in my heart.

Although the position is different.

But they worry about Heavenly Sword in the same mood.

"Chu Kuangren, in front of Hunyuan, you are impossible to withstand a single blow!"

Fenghuang stepped out from the boundless black fire.

The breath on the body is very domineering.

This is all the power he can exert at this stage.

Chaotic-Origin Force surges, divine light is dazzling.

And Chu Kuangren slowly walked out of a broken continent. The blow was terrifying just now, and he almost passed the Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, shattering the Dao in his body, but even so, he still let him The fleshy body has been damaged a lot, and it can quickly recover under the action of Immortal Body.

But the remaining Chaotic-Origin Force still affects him.

Immortal Body can repair fleshy body.

But it is unable to expel Fenghuang’s Chaotic-Origin Force.

Not Death Power, and Chaotic-Origin Force formed a weird stalemate on him, while recovering and destroying...

Chu Kuangren chuckles when he sees this .

"Hunyuan battle strength is indeed no trivial thing."

"You can still laugh? I want you to cry!"

Fenghuang coldly snorted.

He stepped forward and came to Chu Kuangren.

A spear thrust came out, and the opponent raised his hand long halberd to block.


The huge force impacted Chu Kuangren's arm, causing the long halberd in his hand to be involuntarily shaken out.

After losing his weapon, Chu Kuangren fell into an absolute disadvantage.


Fenghuang shot it down, powerful enough to break the Star Fragmentation system.

Many people exclaimed, heartbreaking.

"Immortal King !!!"

"no! !"

The long spear blasted, aiming at the top of Chu Kuangren's head.

Boom! !

Huge energy spread out.

The scene that greeted the eyes was extremely shocking.

(End of this chapter)

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