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  Chapter 2019 Power of Grand Dao, kill the beacon emperor, devour over 100 million souls

"How to return What?!"

"How is this possible!!"

Sagong Divine King and the others looked at the scene in disbelief.

I saw Chu Kuangren who was going to be shot headshot by the Emperor Feng. At this moment, he raised his hand and held the long spear tightly in his hand.

Fenghuang this spear, can't get close to Chu Kuangren anymore!

This scene is extremely amazing.

Chu Kuangren's weapons were all shot off.

But now, it was a powerful hand that blocked the beacon's strong shot. This change was too fast and unbelievable.

Even Fenghuang himself couldn't help but eyes shrank.

"Your breath..."

He noticed it.

In Chu Kuangren's body, there is an extremely powerful force climbing, and the breath escaping from it makes his heart palpitations.

That is...power of Grand Dao! !

The Nine Kings also noticed this power, and they were extremely surprised.

There is power of Grand Dao in Chu Kuangren? !   What the hell is going on?

"Is it the Pangu universe power of Grand Dao?"

Everyone guessed.

But Li Tu, Lu Jun and the others can judge that Chu Kuangren is not using the power of Grand Dao in the Pangu universe.

This is outside the two universes, Third Type power of Grand Dao!   "In this world, no one can kill me!"

Chu Kuangren's eyes opened in anger.

Chanran Xianhui burst out, and the power of Grand Dao swept out.

In front of this force, the Emperor Feng was forcibly retreated!

"Fenghuang, do you have the guts to fight again?"

Between Chu Kuangren's hands, Heavenly Halberd, who was knocked up in the distance, flew back to his hands instantly, his eyes were cold , The breath skyrocketed.

power of Grand Dao, Qi of Slaughter in Zeguo Zhantu......

These two forces converge on him.

The horror of breath has been faintly suppressed by Emperor Feng!

"I, why should I be afraid!!"

Fenghuang roared.

One step out, his hand long spear moved towards Chu Kuangren.

And the opponent waved long halberd.

With a clang, the stars burst.

The next moment.

The immensely surging power, through the gun body like an overwhelming ocean, madly impacted the Fenghuang's body.

He was actually hit and flew out.

The people of Tianyuan Universe looked stunned.

"How is this possible? How could he have such a terrifying power of Grand Dao, how much stronger than the Nine Kings!"

"How did this guy do it?" "

Wuxian trembled all over.

The power of Grand Dao that they can only use with the Nine Kings is like an arm swing in the hands of Chu Kuangren, and it can be easily activated.

And I don’t know how much stronger than them.

This blow to him is really too great.

"Ha, Fenghuang, is your strength only like this?"

Chu Kuangren looked at the flying beacon and laughed.

At this moment, he is unprecedentedly powerful.

For this final battle, he prepared a lot.

Azure Lotus Chu Kuangren, the fusion of Heavenly Sword Chu Kuangren, and the layout of the Ze Kingdom battle map are just part of it.

Except for this.

He also has a hole card.

That is the Taoist method left to him by the ancestors!

This method allows him to borrow the power of Grand Dao, but this method is used in the universe to use the power of Grand Dao.

It was originally like this...

But Chu Kuangren is different, he has a portable universe in his body!   He is the avenue! It's   just that because of the limitation of the cultivation base, he can't fully exert the power of Grand Dao in the outside world, but with this approach, he can mobilize the power of Grand Dao in the portable universe on a large scale for his own use.

This power, coupled with the power of Zeguo's battle map...

This is the final trump card he prepared for this battle! !


The Emperor Feng roared, and his silhouette flashed out like lightning.

The long spear pierced straight in his hand, and the flames burned!   "The flames destroy the world!"

Facing this ultimate move, Chu Kuangren did not back down, shouted lightly, and smashed out the infinite divine might wrapped in a long halberd in his hand.

There was a bang.

The gun and the halberd collided suddenly.

Accompanied by a roar, but seeing Emperor Feng flew out.

The long spear in his hand actually broke directly!

He was crushed in front of Chu Kuangren now!   "Creation of Gods in the world!"

Chu Kuangren's body is full of creation and destruction.

Under the blessing of the power of Grand Dao, a halberd blasted out.

The endless divine light instantly smashed on the Emperor Feng, the body of Hunyuan was still difficult to resist in the face of this blow, and the blood spurted wildly.

But this is not over yet.

Chu Kuangren came to the sky above Fenghuang, and the long halberd in his hand smashed down one after another.

Every shot down is accompanied by the power of Grand Dao.

Like a waterfall.

The rumbling sound is endless.

Fenghuang took heavy blows one after another, looking pale as paper, and the Tao of Hunyuan inside his body was buzzing, bursting one after another.

Originally, his injury never fully recovered.

Now being attacked by Chu Kuangren again, the Hunyuan Dao in his body suddenly ran away uncontrollably.

"I must be dreaming..."

Sagong Divine King watched Chu Kuangren violently beat Fenghuang, his eyes dull.

It's not just him.

The other cultivators of Tianyuan Universe were also frightened.

Especially the Beacon Dark Golden Guard.

Until now, in their hearts, Emperor Feng is the Supreme Existence, and no one can mention on equal terms with him.

Available now.

They were in the Supreme Existence of mind, but they were suppressed to this point by Chu Kuangren, and they were completely at a disadvantage.

How can they dare to believe this?   "This impossible, impossible, how could Chu Kuangren be my emperor's opponent?! This must be fake."

"Yes, my emperor must not have done his best yet..."

The Beacon Dark Golden Guard could not accept this scene.

At this point.

The power of Grand Dao in Chu Kuangren's body has been mobilized to the extreme.

The Heavenly Halberd blasted out and smashed the beacon onto a continent.

The next moment.

He has cyan ray flowing out all over him.

Primal Chaos Azure Lotus shines.

Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure now, moved towards the Emperor of the beacon enveloped down.

The huge Azure Lotus, pressed on his body, the majestic Chaos Energy machine is endless, and the integration of power of Grand Dao is killing his way of mixing.

Boom, boom, boom...

Fenghuang seemed to hear a whining sound from the Tao of Hunyuan in his body, which made him suddenly a little frightened.

Me, will die? !   Fenghuang couldn't believe it.

But the disintegration of Hunyuan Dao in his body is already inevitable.

Under the joint efforts of Primal Chaos Azure Lotus and power of Grand Dao, the original Hunyuan Dao was not completely repaired and it collapsed!   Fenghuang's consciousness gradually plunged into darkness.

In the eyes of everyone.

Fenghuang's body and his way, under the suppression of Primal Chaos Azure Lotus, gradually turned into countless points of light and dissipated until completely disappeared.

Fenghuang...fallen!   Hun Yuan died.

The morale of Tianyuan Universe suddenly collapsed.

No one dared to make a move anymore.

"No, it's impossible!" Sagong Divine King is still unwilling to believe the fact that Hun Yuan has fallen.

And the rest.

But he has already started to escape.

Hundreds of billions of soldiers fled frantically.

These scenes are extremely spectacular.

When Chu Kuangren saw this, his expression was indifferent, his eyes condensed suddenly, and a mysterious wave spread out.


The cultivators of hundreds of millions of Tianyuan universe only felt that their souls were drawn into a strange darkness of Heaven and Earth, and they were terrified.

In the boundless darkness.

Chu Kuangren stepped out, with Xianhui flowing around him.

"Darkness, my cultivation method of the Pluto clan!"

A cultivator of the Pluto clan recognized this cultivation method.

Looking at Chu Kuangren, his face was full of horror.

Chu Kuangren's eyes were cold, and a large amount of Soul Power spread out, impacting all directions.

One by one Tianyuan Universe cultivator was bombarded and killed by his Soul Power.

Hundreds of millions of souls shattered, and in this darkness, the purest Soul Power was swallowed and absorbed by him.

(End of this chapter)

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