Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws Chapter 2020

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  Chapter 2020, the ancient star of the disaster to stop deserters, is also arranged by Chu Kuangrenin the   darkness.

Chu Kuangren absorbs many soul fragments.

His Soul Power is rapidly improving. Originally, his soul was only a short distance away from the Chaos Boundary world.

And now, with the influx of a large amount of Soul Power, his realm is madly impacting the Chaos Boundary world!

Hundreds of millions of souls were slaughtered by Chu Kuangren in the darkness, including many Great Firmament and even Hedao.

Absorbed this time, Chu Kuangren feels that his soul feels a little swollen, as if... eating and holding?   Chu Kuangren withdrew from the darkness.

Feeling the surging Soul Power in his body, he temporarily suppressed it, intending to refining after this battle.

This time, he doesn't believe that breakthrough can't help Chaos Boundary!   Next, he looked towards the escaped Sikong Divine King and the others, with a smile on his face, "I want to go, but I have to go back."

He didn't chase.

Because he has already planned everything.

"Immortal King!"

Li Tu, Lu Jun and the others rushed in front of Chu Kuangren. They looked at each other with an irresistible admiration in their eyes.

That's a Hunyuan.

Chu Kuangren killed him when he said to kill.

This is amazing.

"Immortal King, I will immediately organize a chase by manpower."

Li Tu be eager to have a try, and the others are gearing up, preparing to kill the people of Tianyuan Universe.

Chu Kuangren waved his hand, "Don’t worry, I’ve been prepared long ago. The soldiers have just experienced fierce battles, so please cultivate first."

Everyone is hearing this, all Listen to his arrangements.


On the other side.

Sagong Divine King flees in embarrassment with the defeated generals.

He couldn't figure out how, in this battle, Hun Yuan shot, why they still lose so embarrassed? !   "It's lost, everything is lost."

Colorful Heavenly Dragon murmured.

Then, he looked towards the people of Yuan Tian Hui with cold eyes, "Heavenly Sword is a rape, and you are all accomplices!"

He roared, his breath exploded.

Just when he was about to make a move, Sagong Divine King stopped him, loudly shouting, "Stop it, they didn't know it."

"Those who are with Heavenly Sword are all To die!"

The Titan God icily said.

Tian Xing Cai, Tian Nu You, and the others are immediately on alert.

People in the Yuan Tianhui also complained secretly.

It's too uncomfortable.

until now The revered Heavenly Sword is actually a traitor, and they have not completely recovered from this incident.

"Now the most important thing is to quickly return to the Tianyuan Universe, don't forget, the Palace Lord hasn't appeared yet, and we haven't completely failed yet!" Sagong Divine King said.

Hearing his words, a glimmer of hope appeared in everyone's eyes.

Not bad.

Although Emperor Feng is dead.

But Shentian is still alive, he is also a Hunyuan.

They may not be qualified to compete with Chu Kuangren.

"The strength that Chu Kuangren has shown is very unusual. It is very likely that he has used some means to improve himself. Yuan Tian will probably know some things, and it is necessary to keep them for intelligence."

Sikong Divine King calmly analyzed.

Everyone is hearing this, and it gradually calms down.

And the faces of several people in Tianxingcai are a bit complicated.

They have vaguely guessed about the Zeguo battle map.

Because most of the materials used in the layout of this formation were placed in various places in the void battlefield by Yuantianhui people.

At first, they didn't know what it was used for.

Now it's finally clear.

"Heavenly Sword..."

Luo Xue murmured, with pain in his eyes.

The other party should have been the person she admired the most, but in a blink of an eye, is it about to become the enemy of the war?

The rest of Yuantian will be very complicated inside.

The King Sword God grew old all of a sudden, his figure looked a little rickety, and Ling Fei stood beside him, somewhat silent.

"The most urgent thing is to go back as soon as possible."

Sagong Divine King said.

He led the crowd and hurried back quickly.

They advance at full speed for fear of chasing soldiers.

More than half a year later.

They saw the entrance and exit of the Yuan universe that day.

That is a huge vortex channel.

It's weird.

The entrance and exit are now covered by a Dao Rune prohibition.

"What's going on? Did Chu Kuangren also do this?"

Colorful Heavenly Dragon complexion changed.

They looked towards the people of Yuantianhui.

And everyone is also puzzled.

They have no idea about this.

"Don't worry, this was not done by Chu Kuangren. This is a ban set by the Palace Lord to prevent deserters from appearing."

Sagong Divine King explained.

Hearing what he said, everyone was very dissatisfied.

A deserter appeared?

Hmph, I underestimate them.

Sagong Divine King faintly smiled, then took out an orb and threw it to the vortex channel. This orb radiated billions of celestial splendor, and the rune restriction on the vortex channel began to gradually dissipate.

Just when everyone is waiting for the prohibition to completely disperse.

Not far away.

A big black star moved towards They flew towards them.

This big star, shrouded in black mist, revealed a strange and unclear aura, which made everyone shudder.

"This, what is this?"

"It is the ancient star of the war disaster, how can it appear here?"

Everyone was extremely surprised.

Naturally, they will not be unfamiliar with the ancient star of military disaster.

Over the years, this ancient star of war and disaster has drifted around in the void battlefield, absorbing the grievances of the battlefield everywhere, and it is widely known.

But this ancient star never took the initiative to intervene in the two cosmic wars.

And everyone is unwilling to provoke this tricky existence, and over time, no one cares about the other party anymore.

Available now.

Just as they fled, this ancient star suddenly appeared.

Sagong Divine King suddenly had a bad feeling.

"It is rumored that Heavenly Sword once went to the ancient star of the disaster, and destroyed most of the family of the disaster. Is this ancient star related to him?"

Sagong Divine King swallowed a bit of saliva .

The next moment.

I saw countless red lights flickering on the ancient star of the disaster.


Like a torrential rain, densely packed red lasers lased from it, and the target was the army of Tianyuan Universe!

Bang, bang, bang...

A warship exploded under the attack of the ancient star of the disaster.

"Enemy attack!!"

Sagong Divine King loudly said.

Everyone quickly defended, and at the same time they began to counterattack.

Millions of warships all turned their muzzles together, one after another energy laser moved towards Fiercely, the ancient star of disaster.

But the black mist around the ancient star circulates, and there seem to be countless broken weapons flying in it, blocking all the lasers one after another!

The strength of the ancient star of military disaster is unexpected.

"This must have been arranged by Chu Kuangren."

Sikong Divine King's face is very ugly.

Everyone can't help being horrified.

Yuantianhui, Heavenly Sword's identity, Ze Kingdom's battle map, and power of Grand Dao. Now even this ancient star of disaster is arranged by Chu Kuangren.

One hole after another, endless back hand......

Such an opponent is really too terrifying.

"The little ancient star of the disaster, did Heavenly Sword think that he could stop us with this thing? He is too naive!"

Colorful Heavenly Dragon loudly shouts.

He moved towards the Old Star of Disaster with a punch, trying to break it.

The ancient star of the military disaster that has absorbed hundreds of years of grievances in the void battlefield is no longer what it used to be. Numerous grievances condensed into a blood-colored divine light and blasted out. It was actually forcibly to blast the colorful Heavenly Dragon back. Up.

Although the colorful Heavenly Dragon just fought with Chu Kuangren, he was injured.

But this also shows the strength of the ancient star of disaster.

(End of this chapter)

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