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  Chapter 2021, the first disaster of war, is the world’s greatest horror

The ancient star of military disaster is blocking the way .

Sikong Divine King and the others are in danger.

Several Wushuang War Generals made a strong move, trying to break the blockade of the ancient star of the disaster, but found that the power of this ancient star is really tyrannical.

The resentment of boundless is surging.

The towers on the surface of the ancient star burst out one after another red laser, each with the ultimate power to kill Great Firmament, and the ancient star can emit more than a thousand lasers at the same time. Ten thousand ways.

The formidable power that broke out at the same time is even more terrifying.

"This ancient star of military disaster, really strong!"

The colorful Heavenly Dragon, the overlord and the others looked at each other.

Wushuang War General made a strong shot.

Colorful Dragon Qi, domineering, imperial......

Three forces smashed out from three directions at the same time!   bang!!

The entire ancient star of the military disaster was shaken.

One after another crack appeared in the army disaster formation.

But then, the resentment rolled over, and it was actually repaired.

"What kind of ability is this?"

"It can be repaired on its own?"

Everyone turned pale with fright.

At this point.

A chuckle came from the ancient star of the disaster.

"In the face of the disaster, only death is your end."

Thousands of killings burst out again.

Wherever he went, there were endless howls.

"Asshole, dressed up as God, playing the Devil! Kindly show up for a battle!"

The Overlord was furious.

"The military disaster, it's time!"

An indifferent shout sounded.

I saw thousands of grievances soaring into the sky, condensed into a dark silhouette in midair, that silhouette fuzzy, but the treacherous overbearing aura revealed on the body made the hearts of everyone present startled.


Dark shadows appear!

A dark Battle Armor, with tricky magic light flowing on it.

A head of white hair is flying, like a demon like crazy.

A pair of dark eyes, watching all sentient beings all over the world!

"Behind me, there is a sea of ​​blood and corpses!"

"Under my feet, Heavenly Tribulation is difficult!"

"Behind me, sigh Sorrow!"

"I have done...a disaster!!"

Accompanied by domineering words echoing in the sky, the god of white-haired military disaster appeared in the world for the first time, terrifying aura, shrouded in the presence. Everyone.

And everyone looked at the disaster in front of them, held breath cold air.

"Chu Kuangren!!!"

The face of this person in front of him is actually similar to Chu Kuangren.

And this time, everyone has finally confirmed that this disaster ancient star has a great relationship with Chu Kuangren.

Hearing what everyone called him, the soldiers frowned slightly, and with a wave of sleeves, violent grievances poured out, raging across the world.

Some cultivators exploded in front of this power.

"Are you deaf? My name is a disaster!!"

He is a little disgusted with others thinking of himself as Chu Kuangren.

Although he is indeed an Avatar refined by Chu Kuangren, in fact, he has also integrated the remaining grievances of the ancient star of the war.

He counts as a brand new individual.

"hmph, whoever you are, blocking the way, die!!"

Colorful Heavenly Dragon coldly snorted.

The power of Dao in the body surges wildly.

Upon seeing the disaster, black grievances rolled on him, be eager to have a try.

"I want to try the strength of this form."

The body of the war disaster is the ancient star of war disaster.

But this ancient star is too large to transform into shape, so he took a different approach and directly condensed endless grievances into shape.

In other words.

He has no body, and now he is just a grievance.

A mass of substantive grievances.

"Long Xiao Void Extinguishing!"

The colorful Heavenly Dragon roared, a huge dragon shadow appeared behind him, and a group of colorful dragon breaths whizzed out between the mouths.

"Star Fragmentation means the military disaster!"

The military disaster never retreats, the sword's finger condenses, and it suddenly points out.

The majestic resentment condenses on the fingertips and gushes out.

With a roar.

The dragon's breath was forcibly shattered.

"Domineering eternal!!"

The Tyrant roared, punched out, and the domineering eruption, like a continuous tide, moved towards the calamity of soldiers rolled out.

Emperor Heavenly Sovereign also followed suit.

The emperor body's divine ability is displayed.

A huge decree lies in the void.

One rune, like a meteor, moved towards the disaster.

"Good come!"

In the face of the emperor and hegemony teaming up, the soldiers raised their hands, and the grievances converged in his palm and turned into Wind and Thunder Power.

"Wind-Thunder Palm!"

Pushing with both hands, Wind and Thunder are violent, and the power of the two powers is mixed with the resentment of the military disaster, like a flood, and crazy Void.

The emperor's decree, the overlord's aura, broke at the voice.

And in the endless smoke of gunpowder.

All I saw was a arrogant silhouette dressed in pitch-black Battle Armor, watching the world, flying white hair, and arrogant posture, shocking everyone present.

"It's him..."


The silhouette of the disaster coincides with the silhouette of Chu Kuangren.

Even if the military disaster does not admit it.

But his arrogant posture is almost the same as Chu Kuangren!   "Dark Golden Guard, set up an array!"

At this time.

The leader of the Dark Golden Guard loudly said.

The remaining dark golden guards rushed out one after another, surrounded the army and surrounded the army, and Zhou Tianfeng's fire formation was completed.

Hundreds of killings moved towards the plunder.

"In this battle, Chu Kuangren can be broken, so can I!"

With a wave of the disaster, a handful of remnants appeared in his hands.

The remnant waved, resentment.

one after another The killing light shattered in an instant and turned into nothingness.

"Split the soldiers in the disaster!"

The soldiers in the disaster shook hands with the remnants, a move total annihilation.

Thousands of grievances condensed into thousands of soldiers, intertwined vertically and horizontally, wrapped in the meaning of boundless killing, impacting the entire large array.

Accompanied by a series of blood mist exploded.

One by one Dark Golden Guards fell.

Even the leader of the Dark Golden Guard was shaken out.

Zhou Tianfeng burst into flames, and broke!

"Nine Kings!"

Sikong Divine King looked towards No Sleep and the others, loudly said.

Hearing his words, the nine kings understood.

But Luo Xue, Tian Xing Cai and the others hesitated, do you really want to use Great Dao Incarnation to deal with the military disaster? What does he have to do with Heavenly Sword...

"There is no time to hesitate, do it!"

Sagong Divine King once again loudly roared.

Luo Xue and the others have firmness in their eyes.

This disaster is not Heavenly Sword, and now, if they don't take action, everyone in Tianyuan Universe will die here.

There can be their clansman, their comrades-in-arms.


The mark of the king on the nine kings is reflected.

The breath of the nine kings blends, Great Dao Incarnation reappears!

"This is Great Dao Incarnation, let me know for a while."

In the face of the terrifying Great Dao Incarnation, the disaster is still unavoidable, holding the disabled soldiers in their hands and looking at them. There is a cold fighting intent in it.


Great Dao Incarnation hits it with a palm.

The remnants of the soldiers were cut out, and the grievances gathered into a torrent.

It broke out.

Each shook back.

Sagong Divine King and the others are a little weird.

This Great Dao Incarnation is extremely powerful, and even Wushuang War General such as Colorful Heavenly Dragon is not an opponent. This disaster can actually contend with it!   "Come again!"

The fighting intent of the military disaster is getting more and more flaming.

Chu Kuangren can win this Great Dao Incarnation, so can I! !   One move is better than one move! It   was actually fighting against Great Dao Incarnation.

Seven-color Heavenly Dragon and the others saw it, the inside of the body was surging, their eyes locked on the battlefield, and suddenly, they shot!

Headed by Dragon Qi, the power of Tyrant God, Heavenly Sovereign, Titan God, and the others follow closely from behind, blasting the disaster in one fell swoop.

Rao is a military disaster, but also blasted by this force, the silhouette gradually becomes illusory, and it seems that it may dissipate at any time.

"Good opportunity, destroy him!"

Great Dao Incarnation blasted out with a palm and wanted to kill the soldiers in one fell swoop.

Available at this time.

A sword light is cut out in the air, Great Dao Incarnation is forcibly blown out, turning into countless points of light and dissipating.

The nine kings are lying on the ground, look pale as paper.

I only see not far away.

In white clothed, I stepped into the air.

The entire battlefield became silent because of the arrival of the white clothed.

Everyone's faces are full of horror, as if the person in front of them is a nightmare, a demon, and the greatest horror in the world!   (End of this chapter)

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