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  Chapter 2025 The Transaction with the Dark Lord, Primordial Chaos Great World, Three Thousand Great Daos

Darkness Demon Lord, Lord Light God...

Chu Kuangren lost his thoughts.

No doubt.

The opponent is definitely a detached existence.

But Chu Kuangren doesn't know exactly which level it is.

"Lord of Destiny, since it is destined to meet you here, can I make a small request?"

said the Dark Lord.

"The rules of the Temple of Destiny, you should know that if you want to trade with destiny, you must come up with something equivalent."


The Dark Lord was nodded, and then, a drop of black blood came out between his eyebrows, and his face became paler.

It seems that taking out this drop of blood is extremely costly to him.

"This is a drop of my blood essence. The Lord of Destiny can fuse Dao of Darkness, the way of cursing and other 36 avenues with this."

Chu Kuangren hearing this , Slightly trembled inside.

Thirty-six roads are merged at once?

Is there a mistake?   So amazing?

Besides, isn't it said that Dao Integration Realm can only integrate nine ways at most? Why is the Dark Lord believing that he can merge these avenues?   "Speak your request."

"I hope the Lord of Destiny can enter the Primordial Chaos Great World to find something to heal for me." said the Dark Lord.

Primordial Chaos Great World, another unfamiliar name.

And the Dark Lord seems to have seen Chu Kuangren's situation, lightly said with a smile: "The origins of the heavens, the great monsoons begin, the Primordial Chaos Great World is the source of the universe of the heavens, which contains infinite Good fortune, things that can heal, uh, injuries can only be found in Primordial Chaos Great World."

The origin of the heavens, the beginning of the Great Meng...

Chu Kuangren was a little surprised.

There is a common source in the universe? !   It's really incredible.

"Primordial Chaos Great World, a cycle of billions of epochs, I have calculated that it is not far from the day when Primordial Chaos Great World restarts. I hope the Lord of Destiny can enter it and find a cure for me Things."

Chu Kuangren was thinking.

Then he asked: "How do I enter the Primordial Chaos Great World?"

"Every universe has a door..."

Chu Kuangren's eyes light flashed.

He got it.

The original door connected to Primordial Chaos Great World.

"A drop of blood essence is not enough."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Hearing this, the Dark Lord's eyes narrowed slightly. He did not expect that Chu Kuangren would dare to bargain with him.

It is true that he is indeed afraid of Chu Kuangren's identity as the Lord of Destiny.

But he can also see that the opponent's current cultivation base is too low.

Not qualified at all to become the real master of destiny.

Chu Kuangren gaze as if a torch, looking at the Dark Demon, and the other party is also looking at him, no mood swings can be seen in his dark eyes.

But he did not turn his face immediately.

Instead, I thought for a while.

Then he took out a dark token, he said indifferently: "This thing is the order of the Dark Sovereign King. If you hold this thing, if you meet someone from the Dark Clan in the future, you can rely on this order to let They listen to your dispatch."

Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up and took the token.

He knows.

He was right.

The reason why the Dark Lord asks him for help instead of entering the Primordial Chaos Great World himself is obviously afraid.

It is very likely that it is the Light God who injured him.

The opponent may also go to Primordial Chaos Great World, and the Dark Lord is seriously injured. Once he appears in Primordial Chaos Great World, there is a high probability that he will be found and killed by the opponent, so this is why he is invited help.

"You have a deal, fate, it's time."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"The Lord of Destiny, bold and careful, is admirable."

said the Dark Lord.

Obviously, he also saw Chu Kuangren's temptation just now.

In fact, as Chu Kuangren had expected, he did not dare to go to Primordial Chaos Great World easily, for fear of being discovered by Lord Light God.

Chu Kuangren is the master of destiny. Although his current cultivation base is not high, his growth potential is unimaginable. It is definitely someone he has encountered and is most likely to help him find something to heal. .

"Tell me what you need."

Then, the Dark Lord said something helpful to his injury, Chu Kuangren secretly remembered it in his heart .

Before leaving.

The Dark Lord stopped him and said, "Lord of Destiny, I have something to remind you. Before you have achieved Hunyuan, you can merge as many as you can, and it’s best to do it. Reached three thousand."

Chu Kuangren's eyes condensed.

Integrating three thousand ways? What's the   joke? The   limit of Hedao is nine kinds of Tao.

Now that he can integrate a dozen of them is beyond everyone's imagination, three thousand, even he himself has not thought about it.

"Three Thousand Great Dao, the more you merge when you are in harmony, the stronger the battle strength after the achievement of Hunyuan, the greater the potential. If you merge the three thousand Dao, you may be destined to attack... …Supreme Sovereign!"

Supreme Sovereign......

Good fellow, what does this mean?   realm? cultivation base? title?

Chu Kuangren felt that a brand new door was slowly opening to him, and there was a faint feeling of passion.

Chu Kuangren ignored the Dark Lord and turned to leave.

The Dark Lord looked at Chu Kuangren's leaving back with a playful smile, "Three Thousand Great Dao, how much can you fuse?"

Fuse three thousand Dao.

This is actually just a casual mention by him, the universe, has never heard of anyone who has truly integrated three thousand ways.


Chu Kuangren felt that he had gained a lot after leaving the dark forbidden land.

It's the right time to explore the dark forbidden land again this time.

"Next, there is only one thing left."

Chu Kuangren murmured.

Look into the distance.

It is the direction of Tianyuan Universe.

He did not immediately go to the Tianyuan Universe, but returned to the imperial palace to refining the blood essence of the Dark Lord.

Thirty-six ways have been merged again.

In Tianyuan Universe.

Luo Xue, Tian Xing Cai and the others are back here.

Decades have passed since the battle of the void battlefield at this time.

But that battle is still fresh in everyone's memory.

lingering like a nightmare.

Originally, they thought that if they returned to the Tianyuan universe and found the gods, they would still have a chance to make a comeback.

But didn't expect, they are facing deeper despair!

Shentian is crazy.

He is completely crazy.

After knowing that Emperor Feng was also dead in the hands of Chu Kuangren, the god heaven knows that if he does not take any measures, he is afraid that it will be difficult to contend with the opponent. In order to restore the Peak state, he hastened the pace of extinction.


In the eyes of everyone, everything God does is destroying the world.

In order to completely restore his own power, he did not hesitate to swallow the vitality of the universe, and plunge the entire universe into despair.

What Chu Kuangren said on the battlefield is true.

They opened up territory on the battlefield of the void, fighting hard on the front line, while the gods and the beacon emperor swallowed their clansman in the rear, friend, is there anything more ridiculous in this world than this? ?

This makes them feel desperate.

More desperate than defeat!   Tianyuan Universe.

Above a huge ancient star.

Luo Xue, Tian Xing Cai, Di Feitian and the others gathered together.

They are discussing how to deal with the gods.

Today's Shentian, behaves almost madly. If they don't stop each other, the entire universe will be ruined.

But Shentian is Hunyuan, with them, how can you deal with it?

"Everyone, anyway, we must stand up. If even Divine Kings like us are cowering, then there is no hope for this universe."

Luo Xue Looking at a crowd of Divine Kings, they said with firm eyes.

Everyone look at each other in blank dismay.

Then someone gritted his teeth and responded with a loud voice, "Luo Xue said rightly, God is not dead, it is us who die. Instead of hiding, drag out an ignoble existence, it is better for the future. Give it a go!"

(End of this chapter)

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