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  The layout of Chapter 2027 is deep, the power of Grand Dao of   Tianyuan Universe In Tianyuan Universe.

Heavenly Might is back!

Chu Kuangren showed up strongly and prevented the gods from destroying the world.

Luo Xue, Dragon Crystal and the others were shocked to see this scene.

"He actually showed up!"

"Why is he here?"

Everyone was puzzled.

For Chu Kuangren, wouldn’t it be better for them to die?   If he doesn't allow it, no one can kill?

Hearing what he said, Luo Xue and the others felt a little mixed.

Do the other party think they are their own?   What is this?   Giving them despair, now giving them hope?

"Heavenly Sword, what do you want us to do..."

Luo Xue looked at Chu Kuangren and muttered.

After seeing Chu Kuangren's appearance, Shentian shot out cold killing intent in his eyes, "I haven't gone to you yet, but you have come to the door by yourself."

"Every demon, Emperor Feng, are waiting for you to accompany them."

Chu Kuangren stood with his hands, indifferently said.

Hearing this, the killing intent on Shentian became even more cold, "Heavenly Sword, don't you think you are too confident? How did you kill Fenghuang, do you think I don’t know? Is it relying on a Formation?"

"Now, here is the Tianyuan Universe, there is no such big formation in the void battlefield, what do you use to kill me?!"

Shentian He is indeed afraid of Chu Kuangren, but he also knows the details of the other party.

There is no Zeguo war map.

Chu Kuangren is just under Hunyuan.

He has a big win!

Thinking of this, Shentian made a move.

He does not allow Chu Kuangren to grow up.

A palm blasted out, and the bloody Chaotic-Origin Force poured out.

Blocked the Heaven and Earth around Chu Kuangren in an instant.

"Heh, Chaotic-Origin Force, which is blood dyed red, is really interesting."

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly.

Between raising his hands, the Kunwu sword is already in his hand, and he raises his hand to cut, the Heaven Beyond the Heaven sword of the witness of the sky is displayed, forming a magnificent sword shadow!   This sword is dominated by the way of self-improvement and invincibility.

The rest of the Tao is distributed in the sword body, sword edge, and hilt everywhere.

There are as many forty-fifty breaths of different Tao!

This scene stunned everyone.

Forty-fifty kind of Tao?

Is this still a human?

Everyone held breath cold air and couldn't believe it.

In most people’s cognition, Dao Integration Realm has only nine kinds of Dao that can be integrated at most. Chu Kuangren is a forty-fifty kind...

This has been surpassed It’s everyone’s cognition.

bang! The   sword shadow collides with the bloody Chaotic-Origin Force.

The power that burst out at that moment completely shattered a side World.

Stars with a radius of millions li, turned into fragments!

One by one Divine King flew out frantically.

Luo Xue and the others complexion slightly changed.

"quickly retreat!"

Everyone dare not neglect.

After they withdrew thousands of ten thousand li, only the place where they were originally located has turned into a collapsing space black hole.

In the black hole, two figures stand in the air.

One of them was covered in blood, exuding a world-destroying atmosphere.

The other person, white clothed like snow, the fairy capital gave out the dust.

Like a peerless Immortal King who saves the common people.

This makes everyone feel ironic.

Extreme irony.

The strongest existence in the Tianyuan Universe wants to destroy them, but the greatest enemy of the Tianyuan Universe has now become their savior.

Is there anything more ironic in this world?

"So what did we fight with Pangu Universe for so many years? Isn't this all a joke?"

Someone thought sadly.

The battle between Chu Kuangren and Shentian continues.

The strength of both parties is extremely powerful.

One is Hunyuan, while the other is just Hedao, but the battle strength completely surpasses the anomaly of Hedao.

The battle of these two people shocked the world and shattered the world.

"Shentian Blood Moon Slash!"

Shentian loudly shouts.

I saw his Hunyuan Dao soaring into the sky, forming a blood-colored moon in midair, and moving towards Chu Kuangren soaring away!   bang!!

Wherever the blood moon went, the void collapsed and shattered one after another.

"Good come!"

Chu Kuangren's eyes narrowed.

At this time, the battle strength is above the Emperor Fenghuang.

Chu Kuangren does not have the support of Ze Guo's battle map, but he still hasn't retreated, and the power of Azure Lotus burst to the extreme when he raised his hand.

Azure Lotus creates Life Power, Azure Lotus Power of Destruction.

The two forces intertwined and flowed out of him.

Kunwu in his hand, I don't know when he was replaced by Heavenly Halberd.

A halberd blasted out.

azure floods.

Endless creation, endless destruction, endless life.

It is the creation of the world! !

Under the impact of extreme moves, Heaven and Earth in the Quartet fell into ruin.

Chu Kuangren, Shentian and Shentian also retreated.

At this point.

Chu Kuangren suddenly burst into an even more powerful force.

That is, power of Grand Dao!   Into the Dao method is used.

Chu Kuangren battle strength skyrocketed again, and every move contained infinite power, which made Shentian feel more pressure.

"Sure enough, Chu Kuangren, you really have mastered the power of Grand Dao!"

Shentian expression congeals said.

Chu Kuangren fought with Fenghuang, he learned a lot.

He also knows the other party's ability to use the power of Grand Dao, but he has never been able to believe it.

Now it seems that it is true.

It is unimaginable to master the power of Grand Dao with a cultivation base.

"God, today is your end!"

Chu Kuangren stood in the air.

There are endless fairy lights all around, mysterious.

A Primal Chaos Azure Lotus faintly discernible is surrounded by the Dao Qi machine.

Avenue, Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.

With these two cards coming together, Chu Kuangren is confident to suppress the ordinary Primordial Chaos Realm world. Defeating is killing Death God, and it is nothing difficult.

"Chu Kuangren, you are indeed the most shocking and stunning person I have ever seen. You really deserve it, but it's a pity..."

God Tian suddenly raised his head and looked towards Chu Kuangren with cold eyes. Then, he raised his hand and moved towards Luo Xue in the distance, Dragon Crystal and the others grabbed it.

The next moment.

Luo Xue and the others have a Dao Rune mark flying out of their bodies.

That is the mark of the Nine Kings!

Shentian’s right hand was lifted again. After Luo Yunxiu, Sleepless, Xuan Yuanfeng and the others died, the disappeared Nine Kings Marks appeared at the same time.

The imprint of the Nine Paths and Nine Kings, reappears.

And in an instant, into the body of Shentian.

His breath is constantly improving.

Moreover, a powerful power of Grand Dao emerged spontaneously.

Compared to Chu Kuangren's, it's not bad at all!   "You look down on me too much!"

Shentian looked at Chu Kuangren with cold eyes, "In the old days, I set the game of the nine kings, but it was not only for the sake of achieving the nine kings, but also It is to gain the power to dominate the Tianyuan Universe Dao!!!"

"Although I had to withdraw this power in advance because of your appearance, I can still use a lot of power in this Tianyuan Universe. of Grand Dao, Chu Kuangren, your advantage is no longer an advantage!"

God stands in hand.

The aura of the great avenue flowed around him, and moved towards Chu Kuangren crushed away.

The two avenues of breath collide crazily.

The entire universe was shaken.

Luo Xue and the others were extremely shocked.

Unexpectedly, Shentian has actually laid out so far.

The so-called nine kings, from beginning to end, are all chess pieces set by the gods to master the power of Grand Dao of the Tianyuan universe.

"Can Chu Kuangren win?"

Everyone looked at Chu Kuangren with complex eyes.

The opponent was their enemy.

But at this moment, it is also their Savior.

(End of this chapter)

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