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  Chapter 2028, Great Dao Incarnation reappears, have you seen fate?

Chu Kuangren, god of heaven.

The two confronted each other, and the power of Grand Dao on their bodies was intertwined in a crazy collision.

The terrifying breath flowed out, shaking the entire starry sky.

Focus on two people.

There is nothingness within ten thousand li.

There is no star, no light.

Yes, it's just the endless emptiness and the atmosphere of collision.

"Let's do it."

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly.

And Shentian didn't talk nonsense. He rushed out in an instant and came in front of Chu Kuangren. Chaotic-Origin Force flowed out, turning out a big black clock in an instant.

The bells echoed, extinguishing the heavens and stars.

A powerful force acts on the soul of Chu Kuangren.

I saw azure light flashed on him.

Primal Chaos Azure Lotus protects the whole body.

The attack on the soul has little effect on him.

In addition, his current soul realm is so strong that even the existence of the Hunyuan level like Shentian cannot easily be affected.

Chu Kuangren handed Heavenly Halberd out.

The power of Grand Dao is wrapped around it.

With a loud noise, Shentian and the big bell were knocked out together, but they didn't suffer much damage.

After all, he also has power of Grand Dao body protection now.

"Zhong Heavenly God cut!"

The Chaotic-Origin Force in the gods body integrates the power of Grand Dao, with the sound of the big clock echoing behind him, turning into a surprise Heavenly God Dao Dao Ying.

The shadow of the knife was cut down, and the power was shocked.

Luo Xue and the others who have retreated to millions and millions li will feel their soul trembling after hearing this bell, and they feel like they are about to explode.

That knife shadow, at the first glance, she felt that she was going to be torn apart.

They can't imagine.

What pressure Chu Kuangren is under!

"Creating the world, change the world!"

Chu Kuangren drank indifferently, and there was a glimmer of light in his eyes.

Cut out with a halberd.

A huge Azure Lotus blooms in the sky.

Create the world, this is the ultimate ultimate move of Azure Lotus Power of Destruction and Life Power fusion. The mysterious degree faintly surpasses the law of harmony.

And over the years, Chu Kuangren has gained new insights.

He merged the rest of his own way into this move together.

It is still dominated by destruction and creation.

But due to the addition of other kinds of Dao, the changes are even more endless.

This is the creation of the world, a variant! The   huge Azure Lotus runs across the sky, colliding with the shadow of the knife.

The collision of powerful forces, like a boulder dropped on the lake, exploded in the sky, and the deepest void barrier was torn apart.

A circle of ripples spread, and all souls were wiped out.

And Chu Kuangren, both Shentian and Shentian disappeared in front of everyone.

They have entered the deep in the sky battle.

Deep void.

This place is endlessly transformed.

The two Chu Kuangren entered it, and various powerful divine abilities collided one after another, and the entire void burst wildly.

Deep void, shallow void, world space...

No place is immune.

The silhouettes of the two are intertwined, and under the uncertainty of the void, they appear in every corner of the universe one after another, and countless stars are broken.

The entire universe is like the end of the day under the battle between the two.

Luo Xue and the others even doubt that if this continues, how long will the entire Tianyuan universe be destroyed by them?

This is too terrifying.

"Chu Kuangren, die for me! Divine Sovereign kills all souls!"

With a long roar from the gods, the Chaotic-Origin Force and power of Grand Dao in the body are all mobilized Extreme, forming a torrent of destruction.

In addition, behind the dark big clock came the sound of domineering bells.

This strike formidable power surpassed all his previous attacks.

Raise the battle strength again!

Chu Kuangren does not retreat, and his body roars with dozens of dao types.

Around him, a Primal Chaos Azure Lotus blooms slowly.

"The testimony of the sky, the sound of the Taoist sounds in unison!"

Dozens of Taoist powers are all superimposed on one piece.

Life and death, Yin and Yang, Reincarnation, Five Elements...

The incomparable power of terror suddenly broke out in the extreme.

An enchanting celestial splendor burst out.

Extremely trick to hit again.

Heaven and Earth vibrated together.

Xianhui intertwined and collided with the torrent of annihilation, reflecting a thousand brilliance, and the entire universe was lit by this brilliance.

Luo Xue and the others were obsessed.

It seems that from the brilliance of this, we have seen the truth and the words of Tao.

The brilliance gradually dissipated.

In the universe, two figures stand in the chaotic Spiritual Qi turbulence, their bodies blooming with grandeur, imposing manner majestic.

It's just that the big black clock behind Shentian has exploded.

It is covered with one after another cracks, which will burst at any time.

It can be seen that Chu Kuangren had the upper hand in the previous round of impact.

"Chu Kuangren, didn't expect you to stick to this point."

Shentian said indifferently.

"Oh, it's surprising that you can hold on to this in front of me."

Chu Kuangren said with Heavenly Halberd.

His eyes narrowed slightly.

He felt that Shentian's breath seemed to have become stronger.

Something seems to be brewing.

bang!   Suddenly, the breath of Shentian erupted to the extreme.

Behind him, a silhouette of a gilt Battle Armor emerged, and a horrible atmosphere flowed out of it, shaking all directions.

Exactly...Great Dao Incarnation!   Luo Xue and the others eyes shrank in the distance.

But thinking about it carefully, I also feel that as it should be by rights.

Shentian can even deprive the Seal of the Nine Kings, what is summon Great Dao Incarnation?

It's just that, the power of Great Dao Incarnation, how many times stronger than they don't know, is not at the same level at all.

"Chu Kuangren, next, it's time to win!"

Shentian coldly said.

Summon came out of the Great Dao Incarnation. The power of Grand Dao that can be activated is more majestic than before, and it suppresses Chu Kuangren faintly.

I saw Great Dao Incarnation hit a palm, causing a turbulent flow of void.

Chu Kuangren flew out under the impact, smashing the stars, and the Azure Lotus on his body was shocked.

It seems to be crashing.

Luo Xue, Dragon Crystal and the others couldn't help worrying about him.

"Chu Kuangren, how can you stand this Great Dao Incarnation?"

God urges Great Dao Incarnation again.

Once again, blast Chu Kuangren out.

With each shot, his inner fear of Chu Kuangren weakened by one point, and Dao Heart became clearer.

Chu Kuangren successively killed every demon, Emperor Feng, invisible, made him feel fear, and made such crazy acts of destroying the world.

Now, he wants to understand.

If he has always been afraid of Chu Kuangren, he is afraid that he will be trapped in the current realm throughout his life and will not be able to make further progress.

Chu Kuangren, faintly became his devil!

Now, he wants to break this demonic barrier with his own hands! !

"Chu Kuangren, after you die, I will let the Pangu universe fall into my control and slowly kill all those related to you!"

God The sky urged Great Dao Incarnation, shouted coldly.

"Kill me? Do you really think you are qualified?"

Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

I saw him looking towards Shentian, with a cold expression in his eyes.

The next moment.

An extremely mysterious aura flowed from him.

He swung long halberd and blocked the Great Dao Incarnation blow.

Then, put away the weapons.

Luo Xue and the others are incomprehensible.

"Have you seen... destiny?"

Chu Kuangren said, the mysterious aura on his body turned into a magical.

a streak of divine light lased out.

That is, destiny divine light!   Shentian complexion changed, urging Great Dao Incarnation to first gear.

Although his body did not suffer any harm, he felt that something of himself was severely affected.

It is his destiny!   (End of this chapter)

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