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  Chapter 2032 Taiyuan Holy Land, do as one pleases, tens of billions of fairy crystals are by my side   "I Decided to kill you all here."

Chu Kuangren looked at everyone, and said the most scary words in the gentlest tone, everyone couldn't help but eyes shrank, and there was a chill in their hearts.

"Who the hell are you, come and announce your name, I am Taiyuan Holy Land, you dare to provoke me, don't you know I have a Hunyuan sitting in Holy Land?!"

white haired old man loudly said.

Hearing what he said, Chu Kuangren didn't care.


It's not that he hasn't killed him.

"Damn it, go to death!"

Seeing Chu Kuangren indifferent, the others suddenly became angry.

A variety of powerful tricks broke out.

The divine ability of the fairy law converges into a torrent of grandiose energy.

Envelop Chu Kuangren and the little girl beside him together.

The little girl looks pale in fright.

Chu Kuangren gently raised his hand, and the power of the invisible Tao spread out, but for a moment, the violent torrent of energy disappeared on the spot.

The way goes, those cultivators who attacked, without any accident, were all blasted out, vomiting blood, and instantly defeated!   "Run away!!"

Seeing that it was not Chu Kuangren's opponent, everyone fled to all around instantly.

But see now.

Chu Kuangren's sword finger condensed, "The witness of the sky, the prison of the sky!"

All around the void, suddenly a prison!   Only an instant, everyone was set in midair.

Chu Kuangren raised his hand again.

Azure Lotus Power of Destruction was transferred out.

When all around the void is about to be crushed, a huge Azure Lotus is created out of thin air.

weng! The   void shook, and masses of blood mist burst open.

The broken roads are scattered in the starry sky with lock pieces, exuding a faint celestial splendor, which seems to be telling the existence of the former master.

"It's all dead..."

The little girl looked at the scene in front of her, feeling like she was dreaming.

These enemies who destroyed her whole family, just like that, are all dead...

"Lan, come here soon."

Qingzun came to little In front of girl, protect her behind.

And Chu Kuangren looked at it and didn't care.

Qingzun cupped his hands and said: "Many thanks, this Fellow Daoist helped, and I also asked Fellow Daoist to leave his name. In the future, my Yao people will definitely repay me."


Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly, and ignored the other party.

The next moment.

His silhouette disappeared in place.

And how he disappeared, Qing Zun didn't even notice it, just as they didn't know how the other party came.

Qingzun's eyebrows frowned slightly, "In the universe, there is such a peerless powerhouse. What is his origin?"

Chu Kuangren is too mysterious and too powerful.

People have to care.

"That's all, people from Taiyuan Holy Land, don't know when they will come over, let's leave first." Qingzun thought to himself.

He took the little girl Lan and left quickly.

Soon after they left.

One after another silhouette suddenly came to the scene.

Seeing the fragments of Dao Ze floating in the air, the expressions of these people changed drastically, and the first one was surprised and said: "They are all dead? Why does Qing Zun have such strength?!"

"Impossible, Qingzun has not yet reached the Hunyuan, his impossible strength can kill Sixth Elder them, this may change."

A white clothed man frowns.

Then, I saw him squeeze the mysterious secret art, all around the power of Taoism gathered, fuse together, forming a group of golden clouds.

"Looking back in time, the spirit mirror is on!"

I saw the clouds disappear.

A mirror came out, reflecting past events.

In the mirror, a mysterious white clothed youth attracted everyone's attention. This person with no difficulty killed everyone they sent.

The strength is so strong that it is heart palpitating.

"Who is this person?"

said the head of the mood grave.

The white clothed youth is also full of solemn expression, "This person's strength, deep and unmeasurable, I am afraid that only Hunyuan can control the opponent."

"Not bad."

"Launch all the networks and search for the whereabouts of this person with all my strength. In addition, there are also Yao people's remnants, especially the Supreme Origin Spirit Physique. If the other party grows up, it will be my Taiyuan Holy Land in the future. The enemy."


At this time, Chu Kuangren didn’t know that Taiyuan Holy Land had already taken action against him. At this time, he was relaxing. Appreciating the scenery from all over.

After some travel.

He also has some understanding of the current situation in the universe. Among them, the one force he has heard most is Taiyuan Holy Land.

This is one of the most powerful forces in this universe.

There is Hunyuan in charge.

And there is more than one.

And this Holy Land, Xiang Ziwei is righteous, the prestige in this universe is very high, and there are countless admirers.

Chu Kuangren knew it, and couldn't help shook his head and smiled.

"The right way? It's funny."

In this world, there are many people with integrity.

People who advertise themselves as being righteous, most of the time they are just hypocrites.

This Taiyuan Holy Land, if it were really the so-called right way, would not have sent troops to destroy the Yao people and robbed a little girl because of its coveting Supreme Origin Spirit Physique.

"Have you heard? The Sixth Elder of Taiyuan Holy Land is dead."

"What's the matter? That's the half-step Hunyuan Peak powerhouse, this world , There are a few people who can kill him."

"I heard that he was killed by an unknown powerhouse. Now Taiyuan Holy Land has launched a network to track down this person."

On a star.

A cultivator is chatting in a restaurant.

Chu Kuangren happened to be sitting next to him, drinking.

He listened to the people's words without changing his expression.

"I still have a portrait of that person here. I heard that Taiyuan Holy Land is offering a reward for this person. As long as there are clues, one billion fairy crystals can be obtained. If you can follow his life, you will be rewarded. , There are tens of billions of fairy crystals alone."

While talking, a cultivator took out a jade slip.

I saw the brilliance of jade slip, and a white clothed youth silhouette emerged.

"Hey, how does this person look a bit familiar?"

It is quite unexpected to have a cultivator.

Immediately afterwards, everyone looked towards Chu Kuangren sitting in the corner drinking.

In an instant, everyone held breath cold air.

Good fellow.

Ten billion immortal crystals are by their side!

This is simply unimaginable.

Everyone swallowed their saliva and looked at Chu Kuangren, their eyes gradually showing greed, while the other party was sitting there drinking with a calm expression.

As if what happened around him has nothing to do with him.

And everyone did not make a move.

Most people are self-aware, knowing that the existence of Holy Land Sixth Elder that can kill Taiyuan is definitely not something they can easily contend with.

However, someone quietly left the restaurant.

In a short while.

In the entire restaurant, except for Chu Kuangren, there is no half a silhouette.

"Oh, it's clean."

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly.

He naturally knows what those people are doing.

It's nothing more than whistleblowing.

He was also quite surprised by the exposure of his whereabouts. He should have killed all those people. Why would he be discovered?   Could it be that the two Qingzun requite kindness with enmity betrayed him?

Chu Kuangren thought for a while, but didn't care.

With his current strength, in many universes, he can run wild, even if Hun Yuan is face to face, he has the confidence to easily contend.

With this strength, he naturally do as one pleases a lot.

bang!   At this time, in the sky, the breath of terror fell from the sky.

The entire restaurant was locked down by a mighty coercion.

(End of this chapter)

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