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  Chapter 2033 One Sword Destroys the World Sword Repair, World Demon Martial Art , Chaos Flower

The majestic breath fell from the sky.

A thick dark cloud enveloped the entire restaurant.

It is the stars where the restaurant is located, all of which are severely affected.

Countless cultivators watched this scene with a horror.

Some cultivators who reported the news were extremely unexpected.

"The people of Taiyuan Holy Land, are they here so fast?"

In the dark clouds.

An arrogant silhouette slowly descended.

The overbearing coercion spreads like a tide.

This is a white-haired man with a jet-black long knife on his back. His eyes are like falcons. Whenever he looks at him, he feels shuddering.

"It's him, Asura, the dying sword!"

Someone recognized the person and was very surprised.

Luo Meng is one of the powerhouses of cream of the crop in this universe. His cultivation base has already reached the multiple Dao Integration Realm. There are rumors that he is not far from Hunyuan.

More importantly, this person's battle strength is extremely tyrannical.

In the same environment, few people can match it.

Because he specializes in Dao of Slaughter and integrates this method into Blade Technique, wherever he goes, it is often foul wind and bloody rain, so he is called the title of "Dao of Slaughter".

"Damn, he actually came."

"It should be for the reward of Taiyuan Holy Land, tens of billions of fairy crystals plus the promises of Taiyuan Holy Land This kind of benefit, even Luo Sang must be moved."

"Quick rewind."

Everyone has heard of Luo Sang's name of extinction.

Knowing that the other party is here, it is likely to set off a killing.

They dare not approach at all.

Luo Sang looked at the restaurant, the long knife was not out of the sheath behind his back, he just made the knife with his palm, moved towards the restaurant, and boundless Spiritual Qi came together.

A huge black knife shadow, created out of thin air!

The boundless Qi of Slaughter, contains it.

bang!   With a roar.

The entire restaurant and the entire star were chopped in half.

In ruins.

A white clothed silhouette walked out slowly, holding a jug and a wine glass in both hands.

Drinking while each minding their own business.

For the arrival of Shishi Dao Xiu, I did not take it too seriously.

"hmph, in front of me, dare to be so comfortable?!"

Luo Snorted coldly snorted.

A cold killing intent burst into his eyes.

The dark long knife behind it suddenly came out of its sheath. Between Heaven and Earth, it was suddenly enveloped by a dark blade light, and the boundless Qi of Slaughter spread out.

Cut down with one knife, all directions are shattered.

"Destroy the world, break the emptiness!!"

Luo Sang saw that Chu Kuangren's strength was extraordinary.

Therefore, the strongest move is the one shot.

I saw blade light flashed, Luo Sang disappeared with the knife, as if crossing the distance of time and space, and came directly in front of Chu Kuangren.

Knife, shatter void.


There was a cold color in Luo Sang's eyes.

His attack was very powerful.

In this world, no one can take it unscathed.

Before he shot, Chu Kuangren did not take any defensive measures. In his opinion, facing this blade, the opponent was not dead and seriously injured.

Boom! !

Just listen to a loud noise.

Two white-skinned jade fingers are lying in front of the jet-black long knife and the neck. The knife, being clamped by the fingers, is actually hard to get in.

The powerful Dao of Slaughter contained above also collapsed in an instant.

As if it never existed.

"How is it possible?!"

Luo Sang eyes shrank, revealing an extreme look of shock.

"You have disturbed my drinking Yaxing."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Flicked his fingers on the long knife.


The knife shook frantically, and the huge power rushed towards Luo Sang in an instant, causing him to fly upside down.

The next moment.

Chu Kuangren sharpened his sword.

sword qi condenses at the fingertips, making a sudden stroke in the air.

The sword qi gushes out.

All kinds of sacred paths converge.

Everyone can't actually see how many Taoisms are contained in it.

But what is certain is that there are far more than nine!


Luo Sang was aware of the formidable power of the sword qi of Chu Kuangren and roared loudly.

He swung his knife one block.


I saw the long knife broke directly into two pieces.

sword qi crosses Luosang.

Split it in half instantly, turning it into blood mist and exploding.

Fragments of various Taoisms escaped.

This famous exterminating sword repairer has fallen!

Everyone's eyes widened, watching this scene, they couldn't believe it.

"I, I read it right, Luo Sang died?! Just like that, he was killed with a single sword. Who the hell is this man?!"

" My goodness, this is crazy."

"This kind of strength, what is his origin?"

"I have never heard of such a person."

Everyone was puzzled and shocked.

But Chu Kuangren grabbed it casually in the sky, and a piece of Dao Ze fragment was caught in his hand, and there was a strange color in his eyes.

Luo Sang is not interested in him.

But after the opponent's death, Dao is fragmented but Interesting.

He was keenly aware that there was an inexplicable ray of will on it.

"Xiao Ai, can you analyze it?"

Chu Kuangren asked.

"Under parsing... Sorry, I can't analyze it."

Xiao Ai's tone was a little frustrated.

She has improved a lot from before.

But now I still can’t parse trifling.   "It's okay, you are still evolving, and the will on this fragment is very weird, I am afraid it is a detached existence."

Chu Kuangren tried to use the Great Destiny technique to deduct it.

But there is not much gain.

It can be seen that this inexplicable will, I am afraid that it is the existence of the level of the dark demon, maybe even above the other party.

But, why is such an existence related to Luosong? The   fragments of Tao in Chu Kuangren's hands gradually dissipated.

The inexplicable will above also disappeared.

Chu Kuangren couldn't keep it.

He was a little curious to bring the Universe Ring left by Luo Sang, and wanted to see if there were any clues left on him.

After cleaning the battlefield, he left.

And his battle quickly spread.

Kill Shi Daoxiu with a single sword.

This kind of strength is extremely amazing.

Because no one knows his name, he only knows that he appeared in white clothed several times, so he was called white clothed Sword Immortal by everyone.


"World Devil Martial Arts?!"

Chu Kuangren is playing with a jade slip in his hands.

This is the relic left by Luo Sang.

It should be the opponent's cultivation cultivation technique, this cultivation technique, very mysterious and profound, I'm afraid it is far above the Hunyuan level cultivation technique.

It is even possible to mention on equal terms with the Dao-level cultivation technique.

Chu Kuangren suspects that the inexplicable will is related to this cultivation technique.

However, he did not rashly cultivation.

Leave it, wait and study it later.

He continues to walk the universe.

as time goes by, several years have passed, and it is only a few months before Xiao Ai has completely absorbed all the knowledge of this universe.

This day.

Chu Kuangren came to a chaos.

You must know that all universes are opened up from chaos.

After the opening of the universe, the chaos disappeared.

Chaos that can survive is very rare.

There is a chaos in the universe where he came on this trip, which surprised him very much, and entered into it for some exploration.

It really made him find a lot of good things.

Among them, as precious is a flower-like Immortal Medicine.

According to Xiao Ai's analysis, this is the flower of chaos.

Ranked 1st Heaven and Earth Treasure in this universe, once refining, it can help people quickly understand Dao fusion, and even impact Hunyuan.

More precious than Supreme Origin Spirit Physique.

However, this flower is not yet fully mature.

Chu Kuangren intends to use Azure Lotus to create Life Power to mature this thing.

This is not the first time he has done this.

Last time, he used this method to ripen the titan divine fruit.

However, this chaotic flower is more precious than the Titan divine fruit. It will naturally take more time to fully ripen this thing.

But what Chu Kuangren lacks most now is time.

(End of this chapter)

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