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  Chapter 2034 The transformed girl, all sides besieged, sword qi long whip

In the chaos.

Chu Kuangren is urging Azure Lotus to create Life Power to mature the flower of chaos.

And just when this flower is fully mature.

100 million ten thousand zhang Huaguang suddenly rises to the sky, lighting up the vast universe.

Primal Chaos Qi, who was all around, was actually dispelled by it.

In an instant.

The powerhouses in this universe seemed to have sensed it, and they looked towards the direction in the chaos, and their eyes showed light.

"This breath is Chaos Flower?!"

"There is Chaos Flower present!"

"This thing 16 million years ago Once in this world, a Hunyuan powerhouse was directly created that time. Didn't expect appeared again!"

"Go and explore!"

Many powerhouses, dare not neglect.

One after another went to the direction of chaos.

Starry sky.

A young girl was wearing a black clothed costume. She looked at the direction of Chaos Flower, and her eyes showed a gleam of light, "This kind of breath, Supreme Treasure is here, go and explore, maybe there will be something There may be a gain."

She couldn't think of the treasure of Chaos Flower.

But for other treasures, she can fight for it.

She bears a deep hatred, and she wants to improve herself at all costs.


In chaos.

Hundreds of millions of brilliant lights soar into the sky, shining in darkness and chaos.

Chu Kuangren looked at the chaotic flower in front of him, shook the head, "Such a big movement, is it not clear that it won’t let me leave quietly?"

He can clearly feel it .

In the distance, there are many breaths quickly approaching here.

Among them, there are several breaths that are extremely powerful.

One has even reached the level of Hunyuan!   These breaths, separated by the distance of millions and millions li, completely lock the space he is in, and will not let him leave easily at all.

Of course, he can go.

But the next thing to face is the pursuit of these people.

"That's all, it's going to go anyway, let's just make a fuss."

He is not afraid of things.

Moreover, he hasn't fought against a Hunyuan-level existence for a while, but he is a little bit intolerable.


sou!   ten thousand zhang Chaos is broken.

A silhouette is standing in the air, and the whole body circulates celestially.

"It's Yuan Taoist!"

In the chaos.

A black clothed girl was a little surprised when she saw the person.

Yuan Taoist.

The famous powerhouse in the universe.

There was an unbeaten record of beckoned with Hunyuan.

After the Yuan Daoist appeared, several people came one after another, and each of them was a superb existence. Compared with the Yuan Daoist, it was not bad at all.

"These people are all here. It seems that the treasures appearing in this chaos are extremely good." The black clothed girl was a little curious.

She cautiously moved towards Primal Chaos Abyss.


She came to the direction where many powerhouses converged.

I saw these powerhouses encircling Tuantuan with a silhouette, and this person's hand was playing with a strange flower circulating the Chaos Energy machine.

That flower, flowing out of Dao Rhyme that is incomparably surging.

The eyes of everyone are mostly focused on the flower.

His eyes are fiery.

When the black clothed girl saw the silhouette of holding flowers, her eyes suddenly brightened, and a touch of excitement appeared in her eyes, "It's a benefactor!"

Chu Kuangren seemed to be aware of it. What? I glanced in the direction of the black clothed girl, "Oh, that little girl, she grew up very fast."

The other party was the little girl he saved when he first arrived in this universe.

It's just that compared with that time, the other party has changed from Heaven and Earth turning upside down.

In addition to appearance and temperament, the cultivation base is one heaven one earth. The other party’s current cultivation base is already a proper Golden Immortal.

Although Golden Immortal is not worth mentioning in the eyes of Chu Kuangren now.

But it can reach such an astonishing level in just a few years. It can be seen that the girl’s aptitude can even be summed up by the word aptitude.

The other party should have suffered a lot.

The tenacious eyes, the cold temperament...

This is not something that can be done by mere cultivation.


Chu Kuangren gave a chuckle, then looked away.

The powerhouses all around looked at the Chaos Flower in his hand, faintly unable to bear it. Some people have already taken out the magic weapon.

"Hand over the Chaos Flower!"

Yuan Taoist took the lead.

Without saying anything, he moved towards Chu Kuangren with a whisk in his hand.

With a sweep of the dust, three thousand white silks, each containing extremely powerful power, instantly turned into an inescapable net and shrouded it.


Chu Kuangren's sword fingers condensed.

The sword qi swept out, and the inescapable net was instantly torn apart.

The whisk in the hands of Yuan Taoist was even scrapped on the spot.

"How could this happen?"

Yuan Daoren couldn't believe it.

You know, the treasure in his hand is a high grade Innate Supreme Treasure.

Was actually abolished by a sword? !   "This person is not simple, let's shoot together!"

A man wearing Battle Armor loudly said.

He held a long spear in his hand and stabled out, and his domineering spear power rushed towards Chu Kuangren like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses moving towards Chu Kuangren.

The other side.

An old man whispered strange syllables.

At his feet, black mist gushed out, and the black mist condensed, turned into a sinister hydra, roar rushed out.

Wherever he went, Primal Chaos Qi disappeared one after another.

The rest, one after another shot.

A variety of treacherous, sturdy, or profound cultivation methods erupted.

Among them, there are various Taoist powers.

The first thing that hit Chu Kuangren was the majestic gun power.

But he saw his sword move lightly.

The sky is full of guns shattered.

Pointing the tip of the finger on the tip of the gun, the man wearing the Battle Armor flew upside down, vomiting blood, the hand holding the gun was broken, and the blood was flowing.

It was a fiasco with one move.


The Hydra came to Chu Kuangren and opened his mouth with big fangs.

But I saw the other party waving his sleeves.

The overbearing immortal yuan engulfed the power of Dao Ze.

The giant snake blasted it to pieces directly.

Together with the rest of the cultivator, one after another was lifted out.

"Go on!"

Yuan Dao Ren coldly said and took out another treasure.

Although Chu Kuangren is very strong.

But the value of Chaos Flower is too great, it is worth the risk!

All Human Immortal elements are surging, and various divine abilities are brewing.

Not only that.

As more and more people came, more people shot.

Some onlookers were very surprised.

"I'm afraid that most of the peak powerhouses of the universe are coming."

"Oh my God, Sees The Head Of The Divine Dragon But Not The Tail in these powerhouses normally. , Didn't expect it all came now, the temptation of Chaos Flower is really great."

"tsk tsk, there is a good show this time."

Everyone is looking forward to it. The outbreak of a peerless war.

Some people are very curious about Chu Kuangren.

I also want to see how strong he is through this battle.

"Oh, see this."

Chu Kuangren watched more and more people, and did not panic at all.

There is still a calm smile on his face.

I saw his sword fingers condensed.

A kind of Taoism converges and flows between his fingers and spreads out, turning into a colorful sword qi long whip!

The power contained in it makes everyone feel a little scalp numb.

"So many ways, how did he do it?"

"This, is it possible?"

"The limits of Dao Integration Realm Isn't it nine kinds?"

Everyone was puzzled.

But Chu Kuangren did something at this moment.

With a long whip of sword qi in his hand, colorful ripples appeared in the air.


A Hedao powerhouse was pumped by the sword qi long whip, and the soul flew away and scattered on the spot, body dies and Dao disappears, fleshy body turned into blood mist and burst open! !   (End of this chapter)

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