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  Chapter 2035 Taiyuan Old Ancestor shot, Hunyuan Jiuxuan, and killed Taiyuan Old Ancestor   Chaos In the middle, Chu Kuangren wielded a colorful sword qi long whip.

Wherever the whip went, the void shattered.

The besieging powerhouses exploded on the spot and turned into blood mist, just like blossoming flowers in the sky.

When everyone saw this scene, they only felt that their hearts were broken.


This is a massacre!

One person is slaughtering a group of Hedao powerhouses! The   colorful sword qi long whip is waving very beautifully. It is formed by the agglomeration of hundreds of Taoisms in Chu Kuangren's body. The formidable power is extremely powerful.

Every time they threw away, not to mention ordinary hedao, even a half-step Hunyuan is unbearable, and no one on the scene can keep a whip.

And just when Chu Kuangren was almost killed.

Chaos Qi Flow suddenly moved wildly.

I saw in the void, a bold silhouette came into the air.

The golden celestial splendor shines everywhere.

The visitor wore a golden robe, a crown on his head, and was wrapped around the Primordial Energy formed by the fusion of Taoism. The world was turbulent with every gesture.

"The Old Ancestor of Taiyuan Holy Land!!!"

"Rumors, Taiyuan Holy Land Old Ancestor has long been the existence of Primordial Chaos Realm. It hasn't been in the world for many years. Expect unexpectedly came out this time."

"It's him..."

In the crowd, the black clothed girl Lan looked at Taiyuan Old Ancestor, her eyes bursting with coldness. The other party was the culprit responsible for the destruction of the Yao nationality! The   year.

The other party came to the Yao nationality as a guest and found that she was carrying the Supreme Origin Spirit Physique.

Soon, Taiyuan Holy Land secretly sent people to annihilate the Yao people, and all of this has nothing to do with this Taiyuan Old Ancestor.

The black clothed girl dreams of killing each other and destroying Taiyuan Holy Land.

Unfortunately, she is still too weak now.

Golden Immortal realm ……

Taiyuan Old Ancestor I don't know how many can be destroyed by a sneeze.

"Mysterious powerhouse, why are you an enemy of Taiyuan Holy Land?"

Taiyuan Old Ancestor looked at Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

"You were the enemy of me first and came to courting death."

"Impudent!" Taiyuan Old Ancestor coldly snorted, the Primordial Qi on his body is circulating, "I Taiyuan Holy Land is in charge of the righteous way. Being an enemy of me is an enemy of the right way. Are you obediently surrender!!"

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly, "Let me hold my hand, you still Not qualified."

"hmph, under Hunyuan, dare to brag!"

Taiyuan Old Ancestor suddenly shot.

Chaotic-Origin Force turned into a sky and giant palm fell from the sky!

Chu Kuangren didn't retreat, he threw away the sword qi long whip in his hand, the long whip collided with the giant palm, and countless Dao breaths burst wildly.

The chaos in front of us was swept and shattered by the terrifying aura! The   turbulent energy dissipated.

Chu Kuangren stood in the air, looking at Hun Yuan with a calm expression.

On the other hand, Taiyuan Old Ancestor's complexion is a little dignified.

Under Hunyuan, he blocked Hunyuan's blow unscathed? !

"You have a lot of Dao in your body. I want to be an anomaly who broke the limit of the Great Dao of the Universe. No wonder you have the confidence to face me."

Taiyuan Old Ancestor indifferently said.

Then he raised his palm to the sky, and in his palm, Chaotic-Origin Force was condensing crazily, a dark ball of light, constantly expanding.

A destruction aura escapes.

Everyone felt the same pressure, complexity changed, and backed crazy.

And Chu Kuangren noticed the other's breath, his expression moved slightly.

"Erxuan realm......"

He traveled through the heavens and broadened his horizons.

It's not only Xiao Ai's promotion, he also learned a lot of things.

One of them is Hunyuan Jiuxuan realm.

Hunyuan is divided into nine mysteries.

The previous Tianyuan Universe Shentian and the others, but in a profound realm.

The Old Ancestor in Taiyuan is stronger and belongs to Erxuan.

It’s just that, in the past, the gods and the heavens merged with the power of Grand Dao, and the strength was once capable of reaching the Three Profound Realm, and Chu Kuangren could still defeat it.

And now he is more powerful than in the past.

He is still not looking at a two-xuan mixed element.

He doesn't even plan to use the power of Grand Dao.

Seeing him gently raise his hand, the power of Azure Lotus flowed out and turned into a beautiful Azure Lotus. The gods rose to the sky and extinguished the stars.

"Creation of Gods in the world, variants!"

Azure Lotus leaps into the sky, destruction and creation Qi of Life are intertwined and flowed, more superimposed on the various ways of power, it seems to be shattered The heavens are terrifying to the extreme.

And Taiyuan Old Ancestor also issued shouted in a low voice.

The ball in his hand that has swelled like a black big sun hits it.

Chaotic-Origin Force, wrapped in Chaos Qi Flow and rolled out.

Accompanied by a loud roar.

The impact of the two forces turned into circle ripples, sweeping most of the universe.

Some cultivators that were a little closer to the battlefield were all lifted out. Some people who did not have enough cultivation base, even body dies and Dao disappears on the spot.

Boom!   At this time, a silhouette flew upside down.

It is Taiyuan Old Ancestor!

In the extreme impact, he was actually blown out.

"How could this be?!"

"I dignified a Hunyuan, but I fell into a disadvantage?!"

Taiyuan Old Ancestor looked at Chu Kuangren was a little shocked.


Chu Kuangren moved again.

The sword fingers condensed, and a colorful sword qi floated out.

A breath that seems to override the heavens, surrounded by sword qi.

It is the Heaven Beyond the Heaven sword!

Boom! The   void burst.

Taiyuan Old Ancestor was easily knocked into the air by sword qi.

"Damn it!"

Fight against the existence under a Hunyuan, but was suppressed.

This makes Taiyuan Old Ancestor both shocked and angry.

The Chaotic-Origin Force in his body flows to the extreme, and a huge mask spreads out with him as the center, turning into an enchantment!   Chu Kuangren, who was in the enchantment, felt a great pressure.

"Hunyuan Gravity Field!"

Taiyuan Old Ancestor said with a sneer.


The love in Chu Kuangren's body is analyzing the barrier.

About the function and structure of enchantment, all came to his mind.

"so that's how it is ......"

Chu Kuangren's eyes showed a touch of sorrow.

This enchantment is mainly constructed by the Dao of Space and Dao of Strength. It can suppress the people in the enchantment. The cultivation base is not as good as that of Taiyuan Old Ancestor. , Once you enter this enchantment, you can only let him slaughter.

"Unfortunately, in terms of space ability, are you my opponent?"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

He cut out with a single sword, and Dao of Space-Time flowed through it.

In an instant.

The enchantment was cut into a huge gap.

With this gap as the center, one after another crack spreads out, covering the entire enchantment in the blink of an eye, and with a bang, the enchantment is broken.

Taiyuan Old Ancestor complexion changed, once again urging extreme moves.

"Too Primordial Spirit Thunder!"

A thick purple thunder agglomerated and turned into a lance, with a large amount of Chaotic-Origin Force flowing on it, and it shot out in an instant.

"break! ”

Chu Kuangren a finger pointed.

Hundreds of different roads converge, directly breaking the thunder.


His expression congeals, the great destiny spell.

a streak of divine light lased out.

Taiyuan Old Ancestor was forcibly hit, his fate was greatly affected, his complexion became disastrous, and blood vomited wildly.

But this is not over yet.

Chu Kuangren came over to Taiyuan Old Ancestor and had a single meal.

Azure Lotus blossoms under one step.

"A Azure Lotus, suppress the ages!"

Azure Lotus was suppressed.

All kinds of Taoism intersect among them.

Taiyuan Old Ancestor was directly crushed to pieces!   The Tao of Hunyuan in the body gradually fell apart...

Until, completely broken!   Azure Lotus disperses.

The silhouette of Taiyuan Old Ancestor has also disappeared.

Only the broken road, the fragments escaped in the air.

Taiyuan Old Ancestor, fall!   (End of this chapter)

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