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  Chapter 2036 Hunyuan Nine Tribulations Body, the test of Chu Kuangren, are you willing to let go of obsession?

"Taiyuan Old Ancestor...dead."

The black clothed girl looked at this scene in a daze.

Your own worst enemy, just died like this? !   Chu Kuangren, casually killed!   The rest of the people are also dull.

Cut Hunyuan under Hunyuan!   This is the first time they have seen this kind of thing.

"My dear, too terrifying."

"What the hell is this person? Why is there no information before, as if it came out of thin air."

"Is it the powerhouse of other universes?"

Someone think of something.

There are rumors that among the heavens, there are some detached persons who can travel through the universe and walk in the heavens by virtue of the strength of oneself.

But, how can this be done under a mixed element?

Everyone is puzzled.

At this time, Chu Kuangren took the flower of chaos and left.

"I must also be such a powerhouse!"

Seeing Chu Kuangren's back, the black clothed girl Lan thought to herself.

In the crowd.

Someone stared at Lan with a different color in his eyes.


After Chu Kuangren killed Taiyuan Old Ancestor again, he took the chaos flower and left the chaos. It is still a long way from Xiao Ai completely absorbing the knowledge of the universe. In a few days, he planned to find a place to stay and leave as soon as the time was up.

An unnamed old star.

Chu Kuangren sits cross-legged.

"Congratulations to the host for winning the Super Divine Grade to reward the Hunyuan Nine Tribulations!"


Super Divine Grade rewards.

Chu Kuangren was slightly surprised.

With his current realm, he can't use many rewards anymore. The various treasures he has drawn over the years are piled up like a mountain.

But there are very few that can be used.

This super Divine Grade reward is rarely drawn.

But it is often the most useful for him now.

He looked at Hunyuan Nine Tribulations Body.

This is an avenue-level cultivation technique, and it is dedicated to body refinement.

This cultivation technique needs to consume a lot of resources, tempering fleshy body, the ordinary cultivator must break through the Hunyuan, and must survive the Hunyuan disaster.

The Hunyuan Nine Tribulations Body is to use the Hunyuan Tribulation to achieve the Hunyuan Body.

And to truly Great Accomplishment, you have to go through nine times of mixed calamity.

This cultivation technique is very powerful. Once the nine calamities are over, with the Strength of Fleshly Body, it can easily kill the realm of Hunyuan Nine Profound Realm.

"It's not bad."

Chu Kuangren was quite satisfied.

Just when he was planning to comprehend this Hunyuan Nine Tribulations Body, he suddenly noticed a wave of energy fluctuations in the distance.

The immortal consciousness moves.

But I saw a black clothed girl being besieged and killed.

"It's her."

Chu Kuangren whispered.

That girl is the Lan he saved before.

"Interesting, I have encountered it several times in a row, is this fate?"

Chu Kuangren laughed.

He cut out a sword qi in the air.

Far away.

Lan is playing against a group of cultivators.

Most of these people, the cultivation base is not worse than her, and there are even several Great Firmament-level existences, she is a Golden Immortal, and naturally falls into the disadvantage.

By all means, she has resisted for a long time.

"No, I can't fall down here!"

"Although Taiyuan Old Ancestor is dead, Taiyuan Holy Land is still there. They will destroy my Yao people, if I don’t If you destroy them, this enmity won't be counted as revenge!"

Lan was drenched with blood and looked at everyone in front of him with cold eyes.

Everyone can't help but feel chills.

The first person is coldly snorted, "It is surprising that a Golden Immortal can persist until now. Is it really a Supreme Origin Spirit Physique?"

"But unfortunately, you The doomsday is here!"

Seeing that he teamed up with everyone, he wanted to make the final blow to Lan.

At this point.

Seeing the distance, a sword light cut across the sky.

Wherever you go, the void bursts and the stars are broken!   The cultivators who besieged Lan didn't even have time to react, and were covered by sword qi on the spot, scattered ashes and smoke dispersed in an instant.

"This kind of breath..."

Lan looked at sword qi with joy, "It's a benefactor!"

She looked around, but didn't look. When I reached the silhouette of Chu Kuangren and looked along the direction of sword qi, I saw a familiar white clothed back in the distance.

Dressed in white clothed and turned his back to her.

As the breath flows, the dust is misty.

Lan knows that that is his benefactor to save himself.

Her silhouette flashed, moving towards Chu Kuangren.

Chu Kuangren also sensed the approach of the opponent, his sword condensed, and set all around restrictions to block the approach of the opponent.

After Lan arrived, he saw the prohibition set by Chu Kuangren, showing a thoughtful look, "The benefactor just rescued me, and now he has set a prohibition to prevent me from approaching. Why is this? Is he? Don’t want to see me?"

"No, if the benefactor doesn’t want to see me, he doesn’t need to save me just now, let alone set a ban. He is testing me!"

In Lan's eyes Showing a firm color, stepping into the prohibition.

In a blink of an eye.

I saw the Heaven and Earth transformation.

She fell into an illusion. In front of her was a Blade Mountain made up of countless sharp blades. On the top of Blade Mountain, Chu Kuangren sat cross-legged.

Lan did not hesitate, and moved towards Blade Mountain.

The sharp blade cuts into the flesh, and the intense pain makes her frowned.

But none of these hindered her.

She is restricted in her cultivation base, just like a mortal, climbing towards the top of Blade Mountain, falling down and then standing up, the blade doesn't change after she adds herself to her body.

In a short while.

The girl is already drenched with blood.

But when she came to the top of the mountain.

The silhouette of Chu Kuangren was not seen in front of him, and Heaven and Earth changed again.

Blade Mountain disappeared.

Instead, there is a burning fire sea.

Chu Kuangren, standing on the other side of the fire sea, looked at her calmly.

"Mountains of daggers and seas of flames, what are they compared to the pain of genocide?"

Lan without the slightest hesitation, stepped into it.

The fire sea burns, and it burns her skin to scorch, horrible to see.

Chu Kuangren looked at Lan, who was devastated by the illusion, with a hint of interest in his eyes, "Let me see where you can go."


"Master, this universe knowledge has been completely absorbed."

Xiao Ai prompted.

Chu Kuangren nodded, "Wait a minute, I found an interesting little fellow, I might as well wait a few more days."

In the illusion.

Lan was determined to move forward in the snowstorm.

The top of the mountain in the distance.

It is still the white clothed dress.

These days, she is chasing Chu Kuangren.

But every time I approach, it is replaced by a brand new illusion. Although it is an illusion, it is extremely real, and it is impossible to distinguish between the real and the illusion.

She has experienced dozens of illusions.

In addition to mountains of daggers and seas of flames, Asura purgatory.

There are also wealth, wine, wealth, and so on.

But no matter how many illusions she explored, Chu Kuangren is still out of reach.

"I won't give up, benefactor, I will definitely see you."

Lan whispered.

At this point.

All the illusions in front of her have disappeared.

Instead, it was a cloud and mist, and in the mist, Chu Kuangren’s voice came from afar, "Why do you want to see me?"

"I don’t know, but benefactor After saving me twice, I feel that I should thank you personally, and the benefactor set up an illusion to test me. I don't want the benefactor to look down on me, thinking that I am a person who gives up easily." Lan said.

"You are not in the year of peach and plum, but Dao Heart is tenacious, rare in the world. You and I have met several times, which is also a fate. Would you like to be my dísciple?"

"Lan is willing !"

Lan looked happy, and immediately knelt on the ground.

"Don’t be happy first, I think you are obsessed with hatred, and you want to be my dísciple. You need to keep Dao Heart clear and not stained with dust. As long as you can let go of your obsessions, You can see me and worship me as a teacher."

Chu Kuangren's voice came slowly.

And Lan's loving body was shocked.

Let go of obsession?

What is her obsession? It   is hatred.

It is the hatred of the Yao nationality being destroyed!

Now, Chu Kuangren wants her to let go!

"Tell me, would you like to let go of obsessions?"

(End of this chapter)

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