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  Chapter 2037 Powerhouse is mostly obsessive. Collect the disciples and leave after receiving the discipline   "You are willing to let go of obsession."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Hearing what he said, Lan fell into silence.

The faces of Yao people came to her mind one after another.

She stood up slowly, and said in a loud voice: "No!"

"Why not?"

"If you don't want it, you don't want it. Why don’t you let go of your obsessions, I don’t. If even I forget them, then the Yao people will really disappear."

"If you don’t let go of the obsessions in your heart, your fate will end here. , And this obsession will swallow you one day."

"The kindness of the benefactor, Lan will repay me if I have a chance in the future, but he wants me to let go of my obsession and live for myself. I can't do it! As for what this obsession will make me like in the future, I have no regrets or regrets."

Lan said slowly.

"Because of a group of dead people, do you know what opportunities you have missed? If you worship me as a teacher, you will achieve success in the future, at least Hunyuan, will be detached in the future, and travel to the heavens and universes. It's not impossible."

"I understand, but this obsession, I'll let it go."


Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly. .

His laughter is getting louder and louder, resounding across the starry sky.

The entire universe seemed to be shaken.

When many powerhouses noticed this fluctuation, they couldn't help but feel palpitations.

"This guy, what is going crazy?"

"This mysterious powerhouse, have you encountered any happy events?"

Although everyone is curious, they are not Dare to snoop easily.

For fear of annoying this guy.

But there are still brave guys, cautiously motivated by immortal consciousness, to come to the realm where Chu Kuangren is, wanting to find out.


At this point.

But he heard a soft snort.

Chu Kuangren expression congeals, immortal consciousness gushes out, his soul realm has already reached Chaos Boundary, immortal consciousness is also very tyrannical.

In just an instant, the prying fairy knowledge was defeated.

Vaguely, I heard a soft hum.

The person who snooped seemed to have been injured.

Other Human Immortal knowledge exchanges.

"In that direction, they are from Taiyuan Holy Land."

"It's another Hunyuan from Taiyuan Holy Land. Tsk, they really don’t give up. I cut one, but I dared to make a move."


"Taiyuan Holy Land ……"

Chu Kuangren glanced across his eyes. Cold color.

But then it seemed to think of something. He didn't make a move. Instead, he looked towards Lan and smiled with satisfaction: "Very well, you have passed my test."

Lan still has some doubts.

Is this passed? Do   n’t you say that if you don’t let go of your obsession, your fate is over?

"Everyone says that obsession is harmful, but in my heart, if there is no obsession, how can we continue this long cultivation path?"

"I think To be rich in the world is obsession, wanting to become strong is obsession, wanting to live long is also obsessive, even wanting to have no desires, it is also a kind of obsession, who can set foot on Peak in this world, who has no obsession in his heart What?"

Chu Kuangren slowly said.

His real purpose is not to let Lan let go of obsession.

It is a test of how strong the obsession of the other person is.

The other party did not let him down.

Deep obsession, value emotion, value friendship.

Do not give up the obsession that persists to this day because of his bewitching.

This is the true adherence to the heart.

"Benefactor, what do you mean..."

Lan's face was happy.

I saw the clouds and mist in front of her disappear completely.

A white clothed silhouette slowly walks out of the celestial splendor, with a graceful posture and charming style, just like a peerless Divine Immortal stepped out of a painting.

"You can be my disciple."

Chu Kuangren looked at Lan indifferently said.

"Meet the Master!"

Lan knelt on the ground without saying a word, kowtow solemnly.

"Get up."

With a wave of Chu Kuangren's sleeve, Lan stood up involuntarily. Not only that, a life power created by Azure Lotus was injected into her body.

She was injured and recovered quickly.

That illusion.

It's so real.

Even to some extent, it has reflected on Fleshy body.

"I remember there is another person beside you, where is he now?"

Chu Kuangren asked.

He remembered that there was a man named Qingzun beside Lan.

The strength is not bad, close to Hunyuan.

"Uncle, he fell asleep."

Lan said sadly.

It turns out that after being rescued by Chu Kuangren last time, Lan and Qingzun were chased by people from Taiyuan Holy Land. In order to protect Lan, Qingzun used a certain secret technique. The chaser killed, but he was seriously injured and fell asleep.

"so that's how it is ……"

Chu Kuangren slightly nodded.


He looked towards Lan, the sword's fingers condensed, and a bit of aura flowed between his fingers.

Xiang Lan, the point of inspiration.

Suddenly, countless information flooded into her mind.

This includes various cultivation methods, and even the Dao-level cultivation technique that Chu Kuangren just obtained, Hun Yuan Jiu Jie Shen is among them.

After passing the cultivation method, Chu Kuangren took out another Universe Ring.

In the ring, there are a lot of cultivation resources.

He has accumulated lottery over the years.

This is only part of it.

"Lan, there are other important things for the teacher, so I won't stay in this universe for a long time. As for your enemy, Taiyuan Holy Land, just take it as a little test left by your teacher. Can you Which step you take depends on your own destiny."

After Chu Kuangren gave the Universe Ring to Lan, he said slowly.

The next moment.

His silhouette flashed and disappeared.

Lan was still digesting a large amount of information in his mind, and blinked when he looked at the Universe Ring in his hand, this, what is this? ?

I just worshipped an awesome Master.

But in a blink of an eye, Master left himself and left?   A few days later.

Lan has digested various cultivation methods.

There are many mysterious cultivation methods in it, which made her very surprised.

Especially Hunyuan Nine Tribulations Body, even more amazed her.

She swears that even the most brilliant cultivation method of the Yao people can't match it.

"Such a cultivation technique, Master can teach me casually, what realm is Master?"

Lan was amazed.

Then, she opened the Universe Ring left by Chu Kuangren.

Suddenly, Baoguang shined.

Countless treasures fill the entire Universe Ring.

Xianjing, Immortal Medicine, Combination Device, Source Supreme Treasure......

Among them, there are many things, even if she can use Dao Integration Realm, she couldn’t help but Swallowed saliva.

Oh my god, these treasures can't be taken out by the Yao people of Peak in the past.


In the entire universe, it is estimated that no force can come up with so many treasures.

The treasure in this Universe Ring, just take a few pieces out, are enough to set off a foul wind and bloody rain in this universe.

Chu Kuangren clearly gave her a treasure trove!

Her admiration and gratitude for Chu Kuangren has been upgraded to a new level.

"To meet the Master is definitely the greatest opportunity in my life!"

"With the cultivation method given by the Master and these resources, I am confident that I will be in the millennium Within, I will be promoted to Hedao!"

"Taiyuan Holy Land, you guys wait for me!"

There was a firmness in Lan's eyes.

She knows that with Chu Kuangren’s ability, wanting to destroy a Taiyuan Holy Land is just with no difficulty. The reason why he didn’t do this is to sharpen herself and let her gain more Good growth.

She must not let the Master down.

Moreover, she really wants to avenge the Yao nationality by herself!

Lan turned and left.

A generation of female superiors began her journey.

(End of this chapter)

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