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  Chapter 2038 In the void of the universe, refining the chaos flower, the cultivator of the void race

In the void .

There is no time, no concept of space.

This is between the void of the universe.

It is the gap between the heavens and the universe, and the void that does not belong to any universe. There is no bounds here, there is no light, no darkness.

At this point.

In the void of the universe, a space crack opens.

A silhouette came out.

It’s Chu Kuangren.

"Master, why do you suddenly want to accept disciples?"

Xiao Ai curiously asked.

"Oh, on a whim."

Chu Kuangren laughed.

A lot of things, just do it if you want to.

"Speaking of which, I don't know how far this little discipline can grow after I leave. Why don't you let me demonstrate it?"

Chu Kuangren was a little curious.

He uses the Great Destiny Spell and wants to observe the haze.

But found out.

Lan's destiny trajectory, is it impossible for himself to deduct? !

This makes him look weird.

At his current level, even Hun Yuan can deduce some clues, but Lan, a little Golden Immortal, can't deduce it by himself?   Interesting.

What happened after he left?   "Heh, whether we can see you again or not depends on the fate of you and me."

Although he and Lan have master and disciple status.

But whether the heavens and universe can see each other again is still unknown.

Chu Kuangren looked at the chaotic universe in front of him, his sword fingers condensed, and an azure lotus bloomed, covering him completely.

"Well, before heading to the next universe, let's refining the Chaos Flower." Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

Cultivation does not count the years.

Chu Kuangren wandered in the void of the universe for several years.

The flower of chaos is gradually refining by him.

And he once again blended several Taoisms.

in the sky.

A silver white warship is cruising in the void.

Above this, there are several humanoid creatures wearing silver robes. Behind them, there are a pair of silver white wings.

In the void of the universe, except for the existence of some Peaks, even the Hunyuan powerhouse is difficult to survive here.

accidentally, and even get lost here forever.

And these humanoid creatures can move freely in this void, but the cultivation base is not very powerful, it is really unimaginable.

"Kong Feixue, do you think we can really find the son of Kora?"

said a handsome man.

The one called Kong Feixue was also a beautiful girl with long silver hair and a beautiful face. She stood on the deck with deep eyes.

She looked into the vast and boundless universe and said: "This is the Lord's order. I only need to follow it."

"I know you I would say that, but the universe is boundless in the void. We may not know how many years we have to stay here. I'm afraid that we will die here. It is not impossible."

Jun The man Yi said with emotion.

The others were hearing this and were silent for a while, watching all around the terrifying void of the universe, they felt a chill inexplicably.

"In the void of the universe, there is extremely terrifying, and there are many earth-shattering secrets. Even my clan can hardly exhaust all of them."

"Yes, I heard that except Outside of us, there are already several exploratory teams that have encountered danger in the void of the universe. Body dies and Dao disappears."

"I hope we won't encounter it."

Everyone discusses spiritedly.

But now.

A man seemed to see something, cried out in surprise, pointing to the distance and saying: "Look, what is that?!"

Everyone looked in the direction he was pointing go with.

I only saw a Azure Lotus swaying in the void.

Flourishes of celestial splendor, flowing out of them, mysterious.

Everyone can't help being surprised.

"This is... a lotus flower?"

"How could it be possible that this thing is a lotus flower in the void of the universe? Look, there is someone on it..."

Several people drove the silver-white warship, a little closer to Azure Lotus.


They can see the silhouette on Azure Lotus clearly.

It was a young man dressed in white clothed, black hair and waist-length. He sat cross-legged, his eyes closed, his skin was jade, revealing an extraordinary temperament.

Everyone was amazed and surprised when they saw it.

"This man is so extraordinary."

"How could he be in this void?"

"You said, he would not Will it be the son of the sky we are looking for?"

A cultivator of the sky race shines.

Kong Feixue also looked forward to it. She took out a silver white orb.

On the orb, mysterious Huaguang flows out.

Several people stared at the orb.

After a while, they looked back in disappointment.

"The Space Orb did not respond, it is not the Son of the Sky we were looking for."

"I'm happy for nothing."

Everyone sighed with disappointment.

At this point.

In the sky far away, there was a terrible space fluctuation, and I saw a large amount of space power layered on top of each other, rushing towards everyone.

Wherever he went, the void roared.

Everyone was so scared that their faces paled, and there was panic in their eyes.

"This is a big wave in the void!"

"Oh my God, why are we so unlucky."

A large amount of space power surges like a wave. Come.

Kong Feixue's face is solemn, "Activate the space wall barrier!"

Everyone listened to her order, and a white mask spread from the battleship and sat on the Azure Lotus together. Chu Kuangren was enveloped.

"Kong Feixue, why save him."

"Yes, he is not relative to us."

Kong Feixue indifferently said: "No effort at all. Besides, it's rare to meet in the void of this universe. It's also a fate."

Everyone hearing this didn't say much.

The big wave of the void has slapped.

Boom! !

A fierce Power of Space impacted on the silver white light cover.

The entire warship was shaking violently.

"Really strong Void Big Wave."

"It's almost close to the level of the Big Wave."

"I hope the space wall barrier can stand up to it."


The few people on the battleship were worried.

The waves are wave after wave.

It seems to be endless.

The power of the space wall barrier is constantly being consumed.

ka-cha ……

At this time, only one sound was heard.

The space wall barrier actually cracked!   This scene scared everyone.

"Not good, I can't support it anymore."

"It's over..."

Everyone has a look of despair on their faces.

Someone fluttered the light wings behind them in horror, turning them into streamers and flew towards the outside of the warship, but in the next instant, they were beaten to ashes by a wave of spray.

"Don't go out!"

Kong Feixue screamed, "This all around is completely submerged by the big waves of the void. Once the space wall barrier is out, it is courting death!" "

If you can stay in the warship, the space wall barrier is broken, which is also a dead word.

Right now.

There is an azure rays of light echoing in the space wall barrier.


When the petals of Azure Lotus move, countless Dao powers gush out.

It turned out to be a huge wave of Heavenly Dao!   The waves of the void, the waves of the Tao, the two forces collide with each other, and the formidable power that escapes is even enough to kill a Hunyuan powerhouse.

Everyone was dumbfounded.


The waves of the void subsided.

The waves of the rule also dissipated.

On Azure Lotus.

Chu Kuangren dressed in white clothed slowly opened his eyes.

He looked at Kong Feixue and the others in the battleship with curiosity in his eyes, while Kong Feixue and the others looked at him with awe in his eyes.

"Thanks Senior for helping hands."

Kong Feixue cupped his hands and said towards Chu Kuangren.


Chu Kuangren was taken aback for a moment, he was rarely called that.

But he doesn’t care either, indifferently said: "Who are you?"

(End of this chapter)

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