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  Chapter 2039 Xiao Ai falls asleep, changes in the Pangu universe   "Reporting back to senior, we are People of the Kong Clan."

Kong Feixue said.

"Empty clan..."

Chu Kuangren murmured, let Xiao Ai analyze these people.

I found that in these people, all of them were carrying mysterious Power of Space.

It seems that it is a race that is naturally good at using space power, and the warship under their feet is also a rare space treasure.

No wonder you can shuttle between the void of the universe.

But even such a peculiar race is still very dangerous in the void of the universe. What are these people doing here without problems?   Chu Kuangren is a little curious.

However, he did not ask much.

Just now, the help was also based on the other side's protection.

Now that the crisis is over, he has no plans for in-depth communication.

After a few greetings.

Chu Kuangren took out the Time-Space Treasure Mirror, Space-Time Power ran, and injected it into the Treasure Mirror. In an instant, the Treasure Mirror took him moved towards the distance.

He began to travel to the next universe.

Kong Feixue and the others couldn't help being surprised when they saw this.

"The treasure in the hands of senior is extremely good. It contains a very powerful space power. In addition, there is a more mysterious power. Is it the rumored Power of Time?!" Kong Feixue thought to herself.

In the universe of the heavens, in addition to the race that controls the Power of Space like the Kong Clan, there are also the clan that controls the Power of Time.

However, the number of time families is extremely small.

Counting the heavens and universes, I can’t find many.

After all, time is too mysterious.

In Three Thousand Great Daos, it is one of the top avenues.

"Continue to search for the Son of Void."


Chu Kuangren uses the treasure of time and space to break through the void of the universe and come to another In a universe, Xiao Ai immediately connected to the avenue of this universe.

The years have passed, and three years have passed.

Xiao Ai has completely absorbed the knowledge of this universe.

Then, Chu Kuangren heads to the next universe.

So it goes round and round.

I don’t know how many years have passed.

He has been to more and more universes, and his experience is getting richer and richer. Under a fate meeting, he also witnessed a confrontation above the Hunyuan.

It is also known that the realm above the Hunyuan is called the Dadao.

As the name implies.

It is to have the power of a great way.

But unlike the avenue, it is limited by the various orders of the universe.

Once you reach the Grand Dao Realm, you have the qualifications to sit on an equal footing with the Cosmos Avenue, and you are officially free from the control of the Cosmos Avenue.

This kind of realm is qualified to be called a detached person.

Strictly speaking, once Chu Kuangren fully transfers the power of Grand Dao in the portable universe to the outside world, he can also have Dao-level battle strength.

It's a pity.

This is unrealistic.

After all, the power of Grand Dao is indispensable for the operation of the portable universe.

So he can't mobilize all the power of Grand Dao, otherwise, the portable universe will completely collapse.

Chu Kuangren is not in a hurry. Compared to those who have lived for tens of millions, hundreds of millions, or even tens of billions of years, he is still very young.

He is confident that he can reach that realm in the future.

Even beyond.

Time goes by.

Xiao Ai's evolutionary path is gradually being completed.

This day.

Xiao Ai has absorbed the knowledge of the Nth universe.

"Master, I am about to fall into a deep sleep, integrating all knowledge. During the next period of time, I can no longer accompany you..."

said Xiao Ai, her voice getting lower and lower.

In the end, there was a complete silence.

"Little Ai, Little Ai?"

Chu Kuangren called twice.

But I didn't get a response, it seemed that I was really asleep.

"Forget it, you can have a good night's sleep."

Chu Kuangren muttered.

He is a little looking forward to the little love that has evolved completely.

"It's time to go back."

Xiao Ai fell into a deep sleep.

Chu Kuangren did not have the idea of ​​continuing to travel through the universe. He took out the time and space treasures and entered the void of the universe again.

Next, use the Time and Space Mirror to find the aura fluctuations in the Pangu universe.

There is a characteristic of Time and Space Baojian.

That is to mark the breath of the universe that has been visited, so that the user will not get lost in the void of the universe. This is also Chu Kuangren's daring to travel through the universes, not afraid of not being able to return to the Pangu universe. rely.


Chu Kuangren quickly found the direction of the Pangu universe.


Pangu universe.

It has been 20,000 years since Immortal King Chu Kuangren disappeared.

And his disappearance also plunged the Pangu universe into turmoil.

Especially the revival of some ancient existences.

Without Chu Kuangren's suppression, these people became active.

There is immortal entering the Eastern Sea, opening the fairy mountain Penglai, reappearing the glory of the past ten thousand celestial dynasties, with the head of the female fairy, entering Kunlun, regaining the control of Yaochi, and the Eastern Prince holding Ancient Mulberry in Eastern Sea establishes a country and is the head of the male immortal...

Youwa emperor enters the sky, restarts the Wa Imperial Palace, and shelters the Human Race.

With the return of the Six Imperial Court of Xian Ting, rebuild Xian Ting, conserve strength and store up energy.

Luo Hu, the ancestor of the demonic path, established the Demon Country in Immortal World Land of Extreme North. The demonic path is home to his heart, and he is sturdy and glare like a tiger watching his prey on the Immortal World Divine Province.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor entered the Netherworld Blood Sea world, regained 480 million blood gods, suppressed Asura Race, and once again took control of the blood sea world.

A cloudy day entered the Yin Sector. In order to regain control of the Yin Sector, he launched a shocking battle with Resurrection Lily. That battle even shook Yang Sector Heaven and Earth.

There is a wave of Demon Buddha, entering the world of desire...

One by one, the names belonging to the ancient rumors appeared one after another in just 20,000 years. The entire Pangu universe seems to be heavy Back to Immortal Ancient Era!   In addition to these ancient legends.

The new generation of Heaven's Chosen evildoers are also endless.

Buddhism, the son of Buddhism, the firmament of spreading the law, the emperor of Monster Race, the ten-day sky, the restricted area is less respected, the suppression of a generation, although compared with those ancient rumors, these evildoers are a lot worse, but they are wonderful Unparalleled, the future can be expected.

However, whether it is an ancient legend or a New Generation evildoer, there is a power, and they can't get around it.

That is the sky empire!   This is a force within the realm that no one can ignore nowadays.

Whether it is the reconstructed fairy garden, the world of desire with Bo Xun, or glare like a tiger watching his prey's Rahu Demon Country, Netherworld Blood Sea......

Both the new and old generations are very afraid of this empire.

This empire has too many powers.

In addition to the hundreds of millions of elite troops, there are also powerhouses such as Xuantian Nine Stars, God and Demon Lineage, etc., even Immortal Ancient Legends must give way to them.

It is precisely because of the suppression of the empire that there is no chaos in this Immortal World.

In addition to the powerful battle strength of the empire.

The most intimidating thing is the founder of the empire, who traverses the current Immortal World classics, whether it is unofficial history or official history, but in modern times, it must be mentioned in a few words, no matter what, I can’t avoid it. The man who opened...

Immortal King, Chu Kuangren!

Although this person has disappeared for 20,000 years, his influence is far-reaching.

Until today, people often mention it.

It is precisely because of this person, even if it is just a name.

Many forces in Immortal World dare not act rashly!

(End of this chapter)

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