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  Chapter 2040 Yang Mei and Luo Hu, hollow willow branches, chaos is approaching   Immortal World, overseas On an immortal island.

The name of this island is Ying State.

Together with Penglai, the abbot, they also call the three immortal islands overseas.

However, this island is hard to find, it is better than Penglai.

And now.

This is on the Ying State immortal island.

A silhouette came. This person was dressed in a black clothed Battle Armor. He was very energetic, and between his eyebrows, he was carrying a cold killing intent.

Accompanied by this person's arrival.

The entire immortal island is shaking frantically.

In the depths of the island, a huge hollow poplar tree suddenly shook, and thousands of Xianhui scattered from the branches to all directions, stabilizing the entire immortal island.

"Luohu, are you going to demolish my island?"

A face appeared on the trunk of the poplar tree.

And Luo Hui hearing this, sneered, "Yang Mei, you and Hongjun joined forces to kill me at the beginning, and I demolished your island, what can you do?"

To pass on your demonic path and to harm the world, I was invited by Hongjun to go and kill you. Are you here now to seek revenge?"

Yang Mei looked at Luohu indifferently and said.

The huge Yang Willow Tree flashed on the brilliance, turning into a white eyebrow with white beard and white hair, dressed in gorgeous brocade robe, looks extremely extraordinary.

Yang Mei is an anomaly in the Pangu universe.

It is said that he was born in this world one step earlier than Hongjun. The body is a hollow Yang Willow Tree in the chaos before Heaven and Earth.

The best method is Dao of Space.

"Vengeance? I don't have time to entangle with you now. I have only one goal now, to conquer the sky empire!" There was a strong ambition in Luo Hui's eyes.

His lifelong wish is to turn this world into a demonic path world!

Let this world repair his demonic path!   The sky empire is the biggest obstacle to his goal now.

"Then you go to the sky empire, what do you come to find me for?"

"I need your help."

"between Heaven and Earth will There is a big change coming, I want to accumulate strength to deal with all the variables, I have no time to pay attention to you, Luo Hu, I advise you, instead of clinging to unrealistic delusions, think about how to deal with future variables."

Yang Mei said indifferently.

"To conquer the sky is to accumulate enough strength to deal with future variables." Luo Huindifferently said, then he gently raised his hand.

Suddenly a silhouette appeared behind him.

There is an immortal dressed in a white robe and full of the power of the sun.

There are male and female faces, four-handed Demon Buddha, and six bodies with different breaths, but equally powerful, shrouded in fairy radiance.

There is also the terrifying Great Demon filled with the monstrous Monster Qi.

"Eastern Prince, ancestor of Golden Crow, Bo Xun, Six Emperors of Xian Ting..."

Yang Mei's face gradually became heavier.

"Luo Hu, in order to deal with the sky empire, it seems that you have prepared a lot, do you know the consequences of doing this?" Yang Mei coldly said.

"I know it in my heart."

"It seems that if I didn't promise you today, you would not let it go." Yang Mei looked at the many ancient powerhouses indifferently said.

Although he is not afraid of these people.

However, if you really fight, you will consume most of the strength you have accumulated since reincarnation, and this fight will not bring you any benefit.

"Yang Mei, I only want you to have a hollow willow branch."

Luo Hu said.

After thinking for a while, Yang Mei reluctantly threw out a section of willow branches.

"Take it."

"Knowledge, don't worry, you and Hongjun besieged my enemies back then, for the sake of this willow branch, I can forgive you in the future. Life."

Luo Hu indifferently said.

Yang Mei was hearing this, blowing his beard and staring with anger, "I'm afraid you won't make it?"


Luohu's silhouette flashed, leading everyone disappeared.

After they left.

Yang Mei showed a thoughtful color, shook his head and sighed, "It seems that this Immortal World is going to be in chaos again. I don't know how long I can live on Ying State Island."


Luo Hu left with everyone.

He looked at the hollow willow branches in his hand and smiled with satisfaction, "With this thing, we have won half of this war."

"This thing is so powerful. "

The Eastern Prince asked curiously.

He is also one of the immortal beings reincarnated and rebuilt.

In the ancient times, it was also one of the very best powerhouse. The Queen Mother of the West was known as the head of the female fairy, and he was the head of the male fairy.

A cultivation base, has already reached the level of multi-combination.

But even he has never heard of Yang Mei's name.

"You don’t know that this person is amazing and normal. In terms of qualifications, in the Pangu universe, only Hongjun can be compared with him. But unlike Hongjun, this person has since the development of Chaos. He seldom walks in the world. If it were not for Hongjun to invite him to siege me, I would not know the existence of this person."

Luo Hui played with the hollow willow branches in his hands, feeling the surging in it. Space energy, the color of remembrance appeared in his eyes.

Back then, the other party made him suffer a lot.

Although he just put down some ruthless words.

But he also knows that in the current universe, there is no one who can really kill Yang Mei, even if he wants to severely inflict the opponent.

"The forces of the sky empire are scattered everywhere. If this thing is as powerful as you said, it can send us all to the sky empire Imperial Capital, then capture the thieves and the king. In this battle, we will Half of the win."

The Haotian Supreme of the Six Immortal Courts spoke up.

If these ancient immortals exist, who hates the sky empire the most.

That is undoubtedly Xian Ting Liu Yu.

After all, it is precisely because of Chu Kuangren that Xian Ting has fallen here.

"There are still variables, don’t forget, apart from Chu Kuangren, the Empire also has one no regrets. The other party is the Primordial Chaos Realm."

"This person has his own Others deal with it."

Luo Hu said confidently, he never fights uncertain battles.


The sky empire.

The imperial palace.

Gu Linglong is sitting on the throne, dealing with some affairs.

Ruyan Elder stood by to help.


Suddenly, Gu Linglong put down the memorial in her hand and sighed, "Twenty thousand years have passed, where did that dead ghost go?"


"Wang is really true, there is no news at all."

Ruyan couldn't help but complain.

"Heh, maybe it was delayed by something, and actually 20,000 years is not too long." Gu Linglong said.


With their current cultivation realm, let alone 20,000 years, even if they live two absolutely years, it is not difficult.

However, Gu Linglong is too young.

He is also more than 20,000 years old.

Twenty thousand years, it is equivalent to most of her current life.

Perhaps, when she lives a little longer, she will gradually become indifferent to the ebbing of time. At that time, it would be equivalent to a flash of time in twenty thousand years.

"My queen, you are still talking for the king at this time, I tell you, after he comes back, I will definitely talk to him..."

Yan Elder babbled endlessly.

"Alright, let's talk about business, how are those forces?"

Gu Linglong said.

Talking about business affairs, Ruyan Elder also looked down, "Not long ago, there was intelligence saying that they are gathering forces, and war may come soon."

"What about the defensive deployment." "

"All are ready, the gods and devil lineage, Five Elements god shadow army, plus some of the manpower that the king had collected in the void battlefield before, will never allow these people to invade an inch of our empire! "Ru Yanchang Old Zheng reiterated.

"That's good..."

(End of this chapter)

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