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  Chapter 2042 The Seven Treasure Trees block the red hydrangea, and the mosquito man appears, how many treasures do you have?

Inside the imperial palace.

The disaster confronts the demon ancestor Luo Hu.

The breath of the two sides collided, and the terrifying coercion continued to spread like a tide.

Resentment and demonic energy.

Like incompatible as fire and water, the two with swords drawn and bows bent.

The next moment.

The disaster and Luo Hu moved together.

The silhouettes of the two disappeared in place, and then they came to the sky, punching and slamming each other, violently colliding with each other.

There was no extra temptation just after the match.

It is the purest cultivation base competition! It   is the ultimate collision of Tao Ze and Tao Ze! The   demonic energy of resentment is intertwined, making most of the sky black, like a thick dark cloud rolling, full of oppression.

"Oh, the cultivation base is not bad."

Luo Hu said while looking at the disaster.

"hmph, Mozu Luohu, has several points of strength."

Coldly snorted.

Both sides shook back, and then, between Luo Hui's hands, a black long spear was held in his hand, and his magic power skyrocketed.

"I heard that my divine spear was absorbed by Chu Kuangren. I searched for a long time before I found the right immortal gold to make this divine spear!" Luo Hao immediately pointed at the disaster, coldly said: "You, How many shots can you stop me?!"

Baiquan opened his five fingers and grabbed it in the void.

On the ancient star of the disaster not far away, resentment rolled and formed into a heavenly dragon roll, and in it, a handful of treacherous remnants flew out.

The disaster is holding the remnant soldiers, white hair dancing wildly, and you can't live forever!   "In front of me, the demon ancestor, is also waiting for leisure!"


Luo Hu coldly said, a shot moved towards the disaster and shot away.

Bang, bang, bang...

Sparks shoot, and the road is broken.

Dao and Dao, guns and remnants, confront one after another.

Shocking power and palpitations.

The battle between the disaster and the demon ancestor continues.

The other side.

Lan Yu confronts the Six Emperors of Xian Ting, but he is already surrounded by perils.

Moments of crisis.

But seeing in the sky, the star map shining, endless sword qi flew out from the star map, repelling three of the six princes, and a silhouette came.

It is the leaf bamboo among the nine stars of Xuantian.

He holds the Qingping sword in his hand, the sword qi is bitter, and he alone fights against the Sanshangyu.

Although it is still dangerous.

But in a short period of time, there is no life worry.

"Can't drag on any longer."

The Eastern Prince, Golden Crow and the others looked at each other. They knew in their hearts that if they waited for the imperial powerhouse to respond, their actions , It will fail.

"Shoot with all your strength!"

Everyone has no reservations.

The breath once again climbed to the next level.

Twenty thousand years of reconstruction, although the cultivation base of these ancient immortals has not been restored to the Peak level, it has also restored bits and pieces.

Various mysterious fairy tales have emerged one after another.

Lan Yu and the others suddenly fell into a crisis.

Above Nine Heavens.

In a splendid palace, a pair of beautiful eyes suddenly opened.

Seeing what happened to the empire, a touch of irritation passed in the beautiful eyes.

"Chaos my Human Race, I should fight!"


Above Nine Heavens, but seeing the radiance of glory, billions of immortals soared into the sky.

A red hydrangea flew out of the temple.

The red hydrangea wrapped around the sky Spiritual Qi, endless fairy radiance, in the blink of an eye it passed by an unknown number of ten thousand li, and hit the ancestor of Golden Crow.

"Not good!"

The ancestor of Golden Crow immediately held breath cold air.

This red hydrangea is majestic and terrifying.

Wherever it passes, the mountains and rivers are broken, the void collapses, and there is red light flowing in it, which contains an extremely powerful force of cause and effect.

The ancestor of Golden Crow is definitely.

If you are hit by him, the end will definitely not be much better.

"The emperor Wa has taken action!!"

The ancestor of Golden Crow was frightened.

Wa Huang, also known as Nuwa, the mother of Pangu Universe Human Race.

Also the first Human Sovereign.

When she shot, she terrifying extremely powerfully.

And just when the ancestor of Golden Crow was about to be hit, there was a bright light flowing in the void suddenly, and a huge treasure tree was born out of thin air.

The treasure tree shook, the red hydrangea hit it, and it was unable to cause damage to it, but it lost all its power and fell from in midair.

Then, the treasure tree was hidden in the void.

"Hey...Seven Treasure Trees!"

In the sky, there was a voice of surprise from the emperor Wa, and then she looked towards Immortal World, the westernmost land, coldly snorted , "How dare you make a move?!"

"The emperor Wa calmed down."

In the extreme west, a voice came out leisurely.

On the battlefield of the imperial palace.

The ancestor of Golden Crow relaxed, "It is the Seven Treasure Tree, didn't expect Luo Huo to invite these two people to take action. No wonder he is confident."

In addition to Hongjun, there are seven Primordial Chaos Realm between Heaven and Earth.

Two of them are from the West.

He is also the founder of Western Buddhism.

This Seven Treasure Tree is the Supreme Treasure of one of them.

It claims to have nothing but no brush.

No matter how strong the magic weapon encounters this thing, it will lose its power, which is very magical.

The battle will continue.

No regrets, the emperor Wa, are all restrained.

Although the imperial soldiers and horses are rushing back, they will not come back for a while.

The imperial palace is precarious.

At this point.

Luo Hu, who was fighting against the disaster, let out a low growl, "Don't take action yet?"

tone barely fell.

I saw a buzzing sound between Heaven and Earth.

Far away.

The dark clouds hiding the sky and covering the earth are coming.

Take a closer look.

That is not a black cloud at all, but a huge black mosquito!

A swarm of mosquitoes crossed the border, and Heaven and Earth roared.

The curious magic sound is even more chilling.

Among the mosquitoes, there is a Taoist man in a black robe, his eyes glowing with blood light, looking at the many powerhouses underneath, showing a greedy color.

"Oh, it's a mosquito man!"

Xianting Liuyu and the others were a little surprised.

Luo Huo still has such helpers!

The mosquito person, the existence of a fierce reputation in the ancient times, the cultivation base is very powerful, and the most daunting thing is his blood-eating divine ability.

Even if it is a half-step Hunyuan, be careful.

After the mosquito man appeared, he manipulated countless black mosquitoes, "Please follow the decree of the devil ancestor, children, go and enjoy your delicious meal."

The mosquito man raised his hand, Thousands of huge black mosquitoes swept towards the battlefield.

Wherever they went, the empire cultivator was drained of blood.

On the battlefield.

Gu Linglong shot.

Her cultivation base is not very good, but she has a lot of treasures on her body. The bead hairpin on her head is filled with colorful lights, and her skirt is surrounded by a natural phenomenon of flameboyant. , The sword in his hand reveals an extremely harsh sword intent, any sword qi can kill the Peak Great Firmament...

There are also bracelets, earrings and so on.

Any one, the worst is high grade Innate Source Supreme Treasure.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

"This is just armed to the teeth."

"Even Hunyuan, there may not be so many treasures."

"She is here Where did you find it?"

"How many treasures are still hidden in the empire?"

Everyone looked at Gu Linglong, who relied on countless Supreme Treasures and exerted his monstrous battle strength. Can not help swallowing saliva, his eyes fiery.

These treasures, just take one and send it out.

"Good treasure, I'm welcome to smile!"

The mosquito man laughed haha, moved towards Gu Linglong and flew away.

He raised his hand and shot out a blood light.

On the top of Gu Linglong's head, a big golden clock appeared with countless mysterious Dao Marks engraved on it. Billions of immortals flowed around, blocking the blood light.

"East Emperor Bell?!"

Someone recognized this giant bell.

But this is not over yet.

Gu Linglong took out another big seal moved towards the mosquito man and smashed it.

"Kongtong Seal!"

The mosquito man was hit and flew, stunned, "I rely on, how many treasures are there on you?"

Gu Linglong There was a silence for a while, "a lot."

Heaven knows how much body protection treasure Chu Kuangren gave her.

(End of this chapter)

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