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  Chapter 2043 of the imperial palace, Chu Kuangren’s backhand, slapped to death with a palm

During the war, the flames of war are in full swing.

The powerhouse of the new era will not give way to the existence of Immortal Ancient Era.

All kinds of divine skills are extremely powerful.

Among them, Gu Linglong's cultivation base is not high, but with many treasures, she demonstrates extremely powerful battle strength, which is extremely shocking.

"Clear Sky Tower, come out!"

Gu Linglong urged a tall tower.

That is the Clear Sky Tower in Ten Great Divine Artifacts, directly moved towards the mosquito man to suppress it, the overbearing divine might makes the mosquito man a little dignified.

The power of Dao in his body is urged and turned into a blood light to shoot out.

There was a bang.

Clear Sky Tower and the mosquito man retreat separately.

But this is not over yet.

I saw treasures flying out of Gu Linglong's body.

Each piece is Peak’s Supreme Treasure.

It is the Heaven and Earth Divine Item.

Chu Kuangren gave these ten Divine Items to Gu Linglong.

Twenty thousand years of cultivation, Gu Linglong has been able to use her own strength to spur these ten Divine Items at the same time.

In an instant, the light of Divine Item shines on the battlefield, and the mighty grandiose of Heaven and Earth Divine Item ten squares swept out and enveloped the earth.

The mosquito person was trapped in it, and it was difficult to get out for a while.

"This guy actually has this kind of hole cards."

The Mosquito Man complexion slightly changed.

It's that he is an ominous beast with a fierce reputation, but now facing this world Divine Item ten square formation, he still feels some threats.

"Blood Devouring Dafa!"

The mosquito man lightly shouted and began to urge his strongest divine ability.

I saw some cultivators near him, their bodies exploded, and countless blood mist moved towards him like rivers and seas.

Among them, there are imperial soldiers and demonic path cultivator.

The mosquito person is actually the enemy or the enemy.

No wonder it will be called the most vicious ominous beast in the ancient times.

As a large amount of blood energy is absorbed by the mosquito man, his breath is constantly rising, and bursts of blood light continue to spread out with him as the center.

The power of blood light and Divine Item are impacting each other.

At this point.

Upon seeing the Haotian Emperor who was fighting with Lan Yu, he was coldly snorted and urged some kind of secret art to break into the Clear Sky Tower in the Divine Item array.


Clear Sky Tower was shocked, and it was out of Gu Linglong's control.

The Divine Item array is broken!

"Don't forget, I am the original owner of Clear Sky Tower."

Haotian Shangyu said with a sneer.

Even if Clear Sky Tower is controlled by others, he still has a way to influence it.

After the Divine Item array was broken, the blood light blasted towards Gu Linglong, but was blocked by the radiance of the skirt on her body.

This skirt is better than Ten Great Divine Artifacts.

"There are a lot of treasures, but it depends on how far you can use them." Mosquito Daoist said, taking out a blood-red long sword at random.

This sword is strange and strange.

It was made by him with his own mouthparts. It has a blood-phasing effect. In terms of attacking, it is not weaker than the Netherworld River Old Ancestor, Yuantu Abi.


one after another Scarlet sword qi, madly slashed towards Gu Linglong.

Even if Gu Linglong has a lot of treasures to help, she is still a bit inferior in the face of the mosquito person who is doing her best.

Under the force of sword qi, he soon fell into a disadvantage.

Ruyan Elder stepped forward to help, but was thrown into the air by a sword.

"Woman, die!"

The mosquito man smiled.

The blood-colored long sword pierced out of the hand, bringing up a blood-colored sword light, as if torn a blood mark between Heaven and Earth, moved towards Gu Linglong surging away.

Powerful, swallowing heaven devouring earth, extremely powerful.

"Not good!"

"Sister Linglong!!"

Lan Yu, Chu Hong and the others turn pale with fright.


In the distance, on a misty immortal island.

Inside a palace.

A man in azure clothes sit cross-legged on a futon.

The man has sharp eyebrows and white temples.

A faint sword qi circulates all over the body.


The man opened his eyes and muttered: "Luo Hu, mosquito man, your biggest mistake is...underestimating this era."

Another place, above Nine Heavens In the palace.

A white clothed old man sitting cross-legged, he looked in the direction of the imperial palace of the sky, and chuckled, "Do you really think that the empire he created is so easy to destroy? I really thought, he didn't keep it. What next move?"

Human, in a college.

A young man riding Azure Ox is holding a book and looking at with keen interest pleasure. All around him, Yin-Yang Energy is faintly intertwined.

It is like a Yin-Yang Symbol.


He looked towards the direction of the imperial palace in the distance, and chuckled, "Luo Hu, are you ready to face the greatest anomaly in all ages?"

It is Three Purities.

This moment.

Many immortals exist, all of which are eyelids twitching.

It seems to sense something.


Inside the imperial palace.

The mosquito man pierced out with a sword, the overbearing scarlet sword light engulfed the heaven flooding Divine Might, and the grandiose slashed towards Gu Linglong.

This sword, if it hits.

Even if Gu Linglong has Supreme Treasure protection on her body, she might be injured.

But just now.

From Gu Linglong's body, a fairy radiance suddenly bloomed.

An extremely shocking fairy Origin Force is like a big wave, surging, and it shattered the scarlet sword light in the blink of an eye.

"How is it possible?!"

The mosquito trap complexion changed.

Gu Linglong, absolutely no such strength? !

In the end, what happened?

The sudden change shocked the entire battlefield.

Everyone couldn't help but stop.

I saw Gu Linglong, who had originally fought with the mosquito person and fell into a disadvantage. At this moment, it seemed as if she had changed herself. She stood with her hands held in her hands, and she had no wind in her dress.

The cold face is full of majesty.

The sword edge in the hand is deflected.

Like endless sword pressure spreading out with her as the center, covering the entire battlefield in the blink of an eye. At this moment, Heaven and Earth seems to have acknowledged allegiance.

"This kind of breath... is the king!!"

Yin Honghua's face was overjoyed, and he distinguished the source of this breath.

The others were also extremely shocked.

At the same time, there are some doubts.

Why did Gu Linglong suddenly burst out of Chu Kuangren's power?   "Follow my empire, you are so daring."

Gu Linglong said indifferently.

The tone is completely different from just now.

There is a sense of majesty and killing.

The posture of holding a sword actually has several points of the arrogance of seeing the world as nothing. This posture is like Chu Kuangren on the battlefield!   "Immortal King, Chu Kuangren!!!"

Luo Hui looked at Chu Kuangren, expression congeals.

Not bad.

Gu Linglong at this time is not Gu Linglong.

Its fleshy body has been completely taken over by Chu Kuangren's consciousness.

As early as many years ago, when he used the great destiny technique to deduce the nation's fortune for the empire, he expected that the empire would be a catastrophe.

Although I don’t know the specific reason.

But it left behind.

One of them is leaving a piece of her own fairy consciousness and some power on Gu Linglong's body, which will be stimulated when the other party is in danger.

"Whether it's Chu Kuangren or Gu Linglong, kill it!"

The mosquito person held a bloody long sword in his hand and moved towards Chu Kuangren and shot away.

However, the other person looked indifferent.

The long sword in his hand did not move, but slightly raised his left hand.

"A mosquito can be slapped to death."

With the left hand down, the boundless celestial elements converge, containing surging Taoism, turning into a shaking giant palm, like the sky Suddenly blast down!   Boom! !

The giant palm hit the mosquito man and hit the ground.

The whole earth shook.

When the palm prints dissipated, a huge five-fingered pit appeared on the earth, and in the pit, the mosquito person was covered in blood and breathless.

The Tao in the body is completely wiped out.

The ominous beast of this fierce name was slapped to death by a palm! !

(End of this chapter)

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