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  Chapter 2044, the ancestor of the Prince Slashing the East and the Golden Crow, breaks the Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation

"Damn! !"

"How did Gu Linglong become so powerful?!"

"No, she is Chu Kuangren now!"

Everyone turned pale with fright.

The mosquito person is an ancient ominous beast, and the cultivation base has to be careful to deal with even the half-step Hunyuan, and he will accidentally catch his way.

But now, Chu Kuangren slapped him to death? !   What kind of cultivation base is this? !

Everyone was horrified.

And Luohu, Bo Xun and other powerhouses are also a little dignified.

"hmph, it's not Chu Kuangren's deity who came in person, but just a fairy sense plus some power attached to a woman, how much power can it exert? receive my one move, East-Rising Purple Qi !!!"

Seeing the Eastern Prince rushed out.

Between raising his hands, the Origin Force of the terrifying fairy exploded, and various daos converged.

Among them, headed by a powerful and domineering Da Sun Dao, it turns into a billowing Purple Qi, like a big wave, slaps the void, moved towards Chu Kuangren and grinds away.

Chu Kuangren stood still.

Sword edge in hand.

A sword qi was cut out, and the billowing Purple Qi was actually split in half!

The Eastern Prince was affected by Purple Qi and flew out on the spot, vomiting blood.

"How is it possible?!"

"His strength is so powerful!!"

The Eastern Prince couldn't believe it.

At this point.

Chu Kuangren stepped out and came to the sky above the Eastern Prince.

Wave the long sword in his hand casually.

It is another sword qi, but in the sword qi, it is mixed with the power of various principles, which makes the Eastern Prince feel a tingling scalp.

"Ancient Mulberry, come out!!!"

A fairy radiance flew out of him.

Turn into a huge Ancient Mulberry Divine Tree, where Power of Yin-Yang meets.

But in front of Chu Kuangren’s sword qi.

Rao is this Ancient Mulberry, it is also difficult to resist.

Boom!   With a loud noise, the Fusang Tree was cut in half directly, the golden leaves scattered all over the sky, and the Eastern Prince was cut in half by the sword qi.

The Tao in the body is gradually worn out.

The Eastern Prince, fell.

The other side.

After seeing this scene, the ancestor of Golden Crow suddenly shrank his pupils, but then he noticed a breath covering him completely.

That is Chu Kuangren's sword intent.

"Not good!!!"

At the moment when Chu Kuangren's eyes met, he actually felt a sense of coldness all over his body, and speechless fear invaded his heart.

Without saying anything, he urged the strongest moves on the spot.

"Golden Crow third leg!!"

In the sky, dark clouds surge.

A black golden giant claw fell from the sky and fiercely grabbed Chu Kuangren.

Wherever he went, the void collapsed and shattered.

It is the strongest natural phenomenon of Golden Crow Clan!   Chu Kuangren had fought against this trick several times in his early years, and he is no stranger to it.

However, no matter when this move faces him, there will always be only one end, that is...broken! !   Long sword Cut out.

The power of Azure Lotus flows through it.

The sword light of azure seems to be cut out of chaos, to open up Heaven and Earth, it is Azure Lotus Secret Arts First Style, open the sky! !

The sword of opening the sky, smashing Heaven and Earth.

Cut off the third leg of Golden Crow!   The ancestor of Golden Crow let out a miserable cry and was blown out on the spot. The third leg of the abdomen was originally left, but now there was only a bowl-sized wound left.

The blood keeps pouring out, it is extremely miserable.

"Is this really only part of his power?!"

Everyone couldn't believe it.

There is such a terrifying battle strength just by adding part of the power to the immortal consciousness.

How terrifying would it be if the deity came in person?   Everyone can't imagine.

And Chu Kuangren's crushing continues.

Stepping out in one step, as if crossing the distance of time and space, came to the ancestor of Golden Crow, the sword in his hand was cut down like a hot knife through butter.

Along with the spewing of a blood mist, black feathers are scattered everywhere...

The ancestor of Golden Crow, has fallen!   "Chu Kuangren, Hugh is impudent!"

I saw the Six Imperial Court rushing out and surrounding Chu Kuangren in Tuantuan.

The breath of the six resonates.

It turned out a huge Formation in an instant.

After Heaven and Earth changed, it turned into an unforgettable Star River, the Star River circulated, and the stars were transformed, which contained an unspeakable mysterious atmosphere.

Except for the Six Imperial Court of Xian Ting.

The army of Xian Ting also rushed into the Star River formed by this big formation, turning into stars, strengthening the power of the big formation.

"Chu Kuangren, try the formidable power of Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation of my fairy garden!" Crape Myrtle said, staring at Chu Kuangren with cold eyes.

Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation is one of the two Killing Formations of Immortal Ancient Era.

Side by side with Immortal Beheading Sword Formation.

It is an important support for Immortal World to dominate Immortal World.

It is a pity that no one can reproduce the glory of this array in future generations of Xian Ting, and can only split it into 72 Earthly Fiend and 36 Heavenly Stars Array.

"You Xianting, really a centipede dies, but never falls!"

Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

Facing Heavenly Stars Revolution, his expression was indifferent, and the surging sword pressure circling around his body became stronger and stronger. "You said, if you kill the founders of the six Xian Ting, Xian Ting, you can still Is it resurgence?"

Sword edge deflection.

A sword qi burst out.

Blink a star into powder.

The cultivator, which turned into a star, also shattered and died on the spot.


The Haotian Supreme Imperial is coldly snorted.

In an instant, Heavenly Stars Revolution circulated, starlight moved out of it, hiding the sky and covering the earth, turning into inescapable net moved towards Chu Kuangren.


With a soft snort, a sword qi burst out of Chu Kuangren's body.

one after another starlight shattered.


A dragon roar reverberates.

Behind Chu Kuangren, Nine Sovereign Dao True Dragons soared into the sky!

The Human Sovereign Prestige, which has never been seen before, spreads out.

"really strong!"

Xian Ting Liu Yu eyes slightly shrink.

Chu Kuangren’s Human Sovereign Prestige pressure is the strongest they have ever seen.

After the Tribulation of the Conferred Gods, Human Sovereign declined. Now, didn't expect a Human Sovereign that is more terrifying than King Zhou and even more terrifying than Xuanyuan!

This kind of Sovereign Dao Dragon Qi, even if Ancestral Dragon comes, may not be able to handle it.

"Do you think there is only this?"

Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

The words fall.

I saw the immortal within the realm, and an equity can be blessed on him.

It actually made his breath soar again!

"Don’t forget, I’m still Lord of Immortal World! Although the deity is not there, I can’t use all the powers of the Immortal King, but it’s enough to deal with you!"

Sovereign Dao Dragon Qi, Immortal King power.

With the blessing of the two forces, Chu Kuangren's figure looks extremely tall and stalwart. In the eyes of everyone, it is like an empress of peerless grace and elegance!

After all, he is now using Gu Linglong's body.


a light shout.

Chu Kuangren cuts out the long sword in his hand and locks it into the starry sky. One of the six largest stars is the body of the Six Imperial Palace.

This is also where the formation eye of Heavenly Stars Revolution is.

"It's not that easy to break the formation!"

Xian Ting Liu Yu, together to stop it.

Chanran starlight converges and turns into a monstrous torrent.

sword qi, starlight strikes.

Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation was hit hard.

The whole starry sky is shocking!   Outside the big array.

Bo Xun, Luo Hu and the others couldn't intervene and watched the battle attentively.

This may be the final battle between Xian Ting and Chu Kuangren.

But see in the starlight torrent.

An azure light echoed.

Immediately afterwards, there was a voice of indifference that echoed all over the world.

"Creating the world!"

The surging sword light is like a hurricane.

Enveloping the destruction and creation of Life Aura, it instantly shattered millions and millions of li starry sky, and the entire Heavenly Stars Revolution Great Formation was broken! !   (End of this chapter)

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