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2021-07-14   Luohou, Immortal King's 2045 Declaration on Boxun Zhang war and now is my time   chuangshen swing Huanyu, breaking the formation with a sword!   Xianting Liuyu was swept away.

And the fairy court cultivator that turned into millions and millions li starry sky, under the attack of sword qi and Formation backlash, disappeared one by one.

One of the two Killing Formations once famous for Immortal Ancient Era, but now it’s hard to beat Chu Kuangren alone. This result is extremely shocking.

"Heavenly Stars Revolution, just this!"

Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

The long sword in his hand moved instantaneously, and everyone only saw a sword light streak across.


Haotian Shangyu's head was thrown high.

Spread the heavenly sword qi, instantly strangling his Tao!

This is not over yet.

Chu Kuangren locks down the remaining five people of the Six Imperial Court of Xian Ting.

Crape Myrtle's eyes showed horror, and their hearts were palpitating.

But right now.

A long spear locked Chu Kuangren.

It's Luo Hu!   He shot!

As for the military disaster, a group of demonic cultivators temporarily stopped it.

A spear thrust came out, rushed to Heavenly Demon Prestige.

Chu Kuangren does not retreat, and the long sword pierces straight out.

The sword collided with the gun.

all around The void exploded frantically.

"Chu Kuangren, see the power of the demon ancestor!"

Luo Huo let out a long roar.

Wielding the divine spear in the hand, the demonic path magic method is played out in an endless stream, and every blow contains a monstrous killing intent, which is extremely harsh.

"Magic Ancestor? So what!"

Chu Kuangren does not evade, his power is urged to the extreme.

The power of the powerful Tao is blasted out.

Luo Hu was actually forcibly knocked out.

It's not just him.

Bo Xun also shot.

Quartz and the flower of desire together can hardly resist this ancient existence.

I saw a strange expression on his handsome and strange face, purple light flashed in his eyes, and the ways of desire were intertwined, turning into six invisible chains.

"Six Dust Demon Hook!"

This was once the Supreme Treasure of Bo Xun.

But this Supreme Treasure has already been destroyed.

Bo Xun is now using Tao to condense this thing. With his realm and cultivation base, its practicality is similar to that of the magic hook of the six dusts.

Mogou grabbed out, mighty and powerful, locked Chu Kuangren.

"Demon Buddha Bo Xun? What can I do!"

Chu Kuangren raised his hand and slashed.

The Heaven Beyond the Heaven sword exploded, and the six dust magic hooks exploded.

Bo Xun was shocked and flew out.

His face was dignified, and he saw his hand squeezing mysterious secret art. A huge crack appeared in the sky. The power of endless desire spewed out from it. A large number of heavenly demon also turned into pure power of desire. He sucked into his body.

In an instant, his breath soared.

"Bo Xun killed the Tathagata!"

Bo Xun pushed with both hands.

A scarlet swastika whirls and smashes moved towards Chu Kuangren.

The vast magic power, which contains the power of desire, rolls like waves, and its power is as strong as a blow from Hunyuan.

On the other side, Mozu Luohu rose into the sky.

The boundless demonic energy sweeps the world.

"The gun of the extinguishing soul, buried the gods and Buddha!"

The demon ancestor a spear thrust out.

The power of Taoism is intertwined, reflecting the natural phenomenon of gods and Buddhas turning into dead bones.

The strength is so strong that it has also reached the level of Hunyuan.

These two people are all Peak existences in the immortal ancient period, and they are taboo evildoers.

After reincarnate and recultivate, with previous life experience in hand, he was able to break and stand up, and with his non-Hunyuan body, he burst out Hunyuan-level battle strength!   "Interesting!"

Chu Kuangren faced the left and right flanking, his expression indifferent.

I saw a lot of Daoist power gushing out of his body, the destruction of Azure Lotus and the creation of Life Power were intertwined, turning into a huge Azure Lotus blooming slowly.

Between the flying petals, the Tao is like a hong.

The three forces converge and collide.

Bo Xun, Luo Huo and the two were shaken back.


Luo Hui glanced at Chu Kuangren, who was unscathed but unscathed after the two teamed up. His brows frowned, loudly shouts.


Everyone moved towards the hollow willow branches in the sky.

Power of Space that wants to rely on this thing to leave.

Upon seeing Chu Kuangren, he was lightly snorted, and between raising his hands, Space-Time Power flowed out and blocked Heaven and Earth. This is the witness of the sky, the prison of the sky!

Several Shangyu in Xianting was affected, and they had a meal.

Lan Yu and the others saw this and immediately shot.

A variety of powerful immortals roared out, covering several people.

In the end, only Crape Myrtle escaped from among these people, and Luohu and the others had also broken free of the sky and flew into the hollow willow branches.


Powerful spatial energy erupts from the willow branches.

In the midst of siege and killing, he escaped into the void and disappeared.

"Good Dao of Space."

Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up.

Then, he looked towards the demonic cultivators who will have time to enter the hollow willow branches in the future, as well as the other cultivators who came to make a fuss, indifferently said: "Kill!"

, The killing revived.

"Immortal King, spare your life, we just obey Rahu's order that's all."

"Yes, he is the culprit."

"We Willing to swear, never dare."

Many people begged for mercy.

But it was useless and was killed by one after another.

After the end.

Everyone looked at Chu Kuangren with admiration in their eyes.

They have too many things to ask.

For example, where has the other party been in the past 20,000 years?   Chu Kuangren saw the people's thoughts, faintly smiled, "I know you have some doubts, but it's not too late to ask me when I come back."


The immortal knowledge he left in Gu Linglong's body rose to the sky.

The last remaining power, turned into a golden tide, spread out to every corner of the moved towards Immortal World, wherever it passed, all souls trembled.

Everyone knows.

This Immortal King is angry!

bang! The   clouds are blown up!

Chu Kuangren’s fairy consciousness turns into an illusory shadow connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, with eyes like stars, divine light flowing, as if reflecting an entire Immortal World in his eyes.

"I, Chu Kuangren, fought against evildoers, never defeated, and became the Lord of Immortal World. I led an army of hundreds of millions to overthrow the fairy garden and let Human Sovereign regain its glory. As a container, seal the Qi of Taoism..."

"The Wuzu took advantage of the battle between the two universes, and wanted to take advantage of the situation. It was me who killed the Wuzu conspiracy. No regrets were sealed. No one dared to do it. Blocking Hunyuan is my one man one sword. Before the passage between the two realms, I will kill Hunyuan with a cultivation base..."

"Space war, my planning strategies, pulling strongly against a crazy tide , To regain the territory of the Pangu universe, to protect the mountains and rivers, when the decisive battle, Hun Yuan took action, or when I was in danger, I would turn the mansions back..."

Chu Kuangren’s voice echoed in the sky. .

Immortal World is a cultivator of hundreds of millions, all of which can be heard clearly.

These achievements of his are still written in history books.

"I said so much, not to sing praises to myself, but to tell you all person, now is my age!!"

"Now, A group of so-called immortal existences popped up, wanting to make waves in this era? Have you asked for my consent?!"

Chu Kuangren's huge illusory shadow waved his sleeves, majestic Catharsis.

The entire Immortal World trembles.

"I don't care whether you are the Demon Ancestor, Immortal Emperor, or anything else, I don't care, you have heard it clearly for me, if you are willing to obediently pursue longevity under my asylum rule , I don’t care, but if you dare to offend the empire and offend me! Then, up to Nine Heavens, down to Nine Nether, I promise that there is no place for you!"

"Pangu universe has great will, All things and all souls live under its framework, but the will of the great road still has boundaries, and my will has no limits!"

"acknowledge allegiance me, or be wiped out by me!"

"The ancient beings, choose one of the two, let's do it for yourself..."

(End of this chapter)

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