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  Chapter 2047: Visit Demon Country in person, descend on the sea of ​​blood, and kill you 480 million times

Chu Kuangren returned to Immortal World, and his strength shocked everyone.

by the strength of oneself, destroy Ancient Mulberry Divine Kingdom, Golden Crow Tianshan, Xiantian Three Great Influences, and this is just what he just stepped into Immortal World casually.

As for the strength he can really display, no one knows.

But it is definitely far above everyone.

After all.

His immortal consciousness and some power are enough to contend with the existence of Luohu and Bo Xun, and his deity is naturally extraordinary.

Within Demon Country.

Luo Hui held the Divine Spear in his hand tightly.

He looked at Chu Kuangren at the World of Immortals Gate in the distance. Regardless of the law and of natural morality, he felt an emotion called fear for the first time.

How could this person in front of me compare with the self who already existed when Chaos first opened in terms of qualifications? But unfortunately, it's not Immortal Ancient Era anymore.

Now is the era of Chu Kuangren.

In this era, Chu Kuangren, suppress all enemies!

As powerful as him, there is still only one who bows his head and claims to be a courtier!   "Even if you try your best, it is definitely not the opponent of this person. If you want to keep Demon Country, there is only one way... disband Demon Country!"

Luo Hui thought to himself.

He acted very quickly and immediately issued the one after another command.

Disband Demon Country on the spot.

The many demonic cultivators who received the order were all shocked.

In their eyes, the demon ancestor is the only one who created Demon Country and let the world's demonic path return to his heart. But now, because of a Chu Kuangren, Demon Country is disbanded.

This makes them feel very uncomfortable.

But why does Luo Hu feel better in his heart?   "I underestimated Chu Kuangren, underestimated this era, everyone immediately left Demon Country, otherwise, it will be too late!"

Luo Hu said.

He can perceive it.

Chu Kuangren in the distance has already taken action.

I saw the silhouette of the other party flashing, and instantly crossing the distance of millions and millions li to the sky above Demon Country, the atmosphere of horror has filled the entire Demon Country.

The Heavenly Demon Prestige erupted from Luo Hui.

The horrible demonic energy gathered in midair into a huge magic ancestor.

The law of Demon Country blocked Chu Kuangren's coercion.

"Chu Kuangren, I am a Demon Country alone, come on me!"

Luohu loudly said.

And many powerhouses in Demon Country have also taken actions, performing various divine abilities, taking the people of Demon Country, and dispersing all directions.

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly, "It looks like a monarch."

He waved his sleeves.

bang! The   huge magic image of the ancestor burst open on the spot!

Luo Hui's body shook and he vomited blood.

This scene is extremely shocking. The dignified demon ancestor Luo Hu, in front of Chu Kuangren's deity, is so impossible to withstand a single blow? !

Luo Huo also looked at Chu Kuangren very solemnly, telling him intuitively that the Chu Kuangren cultivation base in front of him had not yet reached Hunyuan.

But the battle strength, but I don’t know how many times it is stronger than myself.

The gap between the two sides is simply one in the sky and the other on the ground!   "He is mine!"

At this point.

In Chu Kuangren's mind, a voice came.


A silhouette of white hair, stepping on the smell of beacon fire in the sky.

The one who came is the disaster of soldiers.

"I have a battle with the demon ancestor, and there is no victory or defeat, he, leave it to me!"

Chu Kuangren glanced at the other party, "It's OK."

The disaster and the demon ancestor confronted again, and the two sides collided.

all around The storm is surging, thunder is thunderbolt.

And Chu Kuangren glanced at the fierce battle between the two sides, then he glanced at the void in the distance, stepped out, disappeared.

When we come again, it is the Netherworld Blood Sea.

The air of the sea of ​​blood, assaults the senses.

In the past, every time Chu Kuangren went to this sea of ​​blood, he always had a sense of control over this sea of ​​blood, but this time, he did not have that feeling.

"Netherworld River Old Ancestor, you have regained control of the sea of ​​blood, indeed has several points of ability, but now, I have come in person, do you dare to bow?"

Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

The coercion of grandiose caused the entire sea of ​​blood to roll.

The entire Asura clan trembled for it.

The four Asura Kings, the four Great Demon generals, and Shiva Goddess and the others all flew out and came to Chu Kuangren.

These people were once Chu Kuangren's subordinates.

But because of the return of Netherworld River Old Ancestor, he was helpless to suppress it. Now seeing Chu Kuangren come back, they rushed over and knelt in front of him to show his attitude.

"I am waiting for the return of Immortal King."

Among these people, Shiva Goddess is the head.

As they knelt in front of Chu Kuangren, the entire Netherworld Blood Sea rolled over, and a silhouette holding two swords stepped into the air.

It is the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

He looked at the Big Four Asura King and the Demon Generals, furious.

"A group of traitors!"

"I am your master!"

The old man of Netherworld River roared loudly.

But everyone is still kneeling in front of Chu Kuangren, respectful and pious.

They know that if they don't show their attitude now, and wait for the other party to actually start, then there will be no room for change.

As for Netherworld River’s questioning anger, several people said that they did not hear it.

Powerhouse is respected in Immortal World.

Acknowledge allegiance to Chu Kuangren is very wise in their opinion.

"Okay, okay!"

"If I was blind, I created a race like you."

Netherworld River said with a gloomy face .

"impudent!" At this time, Chu Kuangren coldly snorted and said: "Netherworld River, who allowed you to yell in front of me!"

"Chu Kuangren, Today I want to let you know who is the real master of the sea of ​​blood!" Netherworld River lightly snorted, his eyes showed cold killing intent.

I saw him take out Yuantu Abi.

This Two Swords was originally in the hands of Sin Tathagata.

But since Netherworld River has returned, he also took away the Two Swords.


Netherworld River was cut out with a single sword, and the scarlet sword light was monstrous.

Chu Kuangren flicked his fingers.

The scarlet sword light exploded on the spot and couldn't hurt Chu Kuangren at all.

The opposite.

A surging Dao force surges out.

Shattered Netherworld River's body on the spot.

Can the next moment.

A sea of ​​blood surged, and another Netherworld River condensed again.

This is the power of Netherworld River.

As long as the blood is endless, Netherworld River will not die!   "Chu Kuangren, the 480 million blood god son you used to refining, has now been taken back by me, you can't kill me!!"

Netherworld River coldly said.

This is his greatest confidence, whether it is Xiangu or now, as long as the sea of ​​blood still exists, his Netherworld River is Undying and Inextinguishable.

"I can easily kill you once, and naturally I can kill you... 480 million times!!" Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

Chu Kuangren has no good way to deal with Netherworld River’s divine ability.

Then use the most straightforward and simple method.

Are there 480 million blood gods in your blood?

If the sea of ​​blood does not wither, the Netherworld River will not die?

Then kill a few more times and burn the entire sea of ​​blood.

Chu Kuangren raised his hand, and a flame rose from his palm.

That is Torch Dragon's Fire!

Torch Dragon's Fire was thrown into the sea of ​​blood by him. After a while, the scarlet fire spread to most of the sea of ​​blood, and the entire sea of ​​blood was bubbling.

A large amount of sea water was evaporated, and the blood god child was burned.

The number of deaths of Netherworld River Old Ancestor is also increasing rapidly.

Ten thousand times, twenty thousand times, thirty thousand times...

One million times, two million times...

This frightened him .

absolutely didn't expect, Chu Kuangren would use such a direct method to deal with him, but the other party really has this ability to do it.

Torch Dragon's Fire's formidable power, terrifying matchless, has reached the level of mixed elements.

Burn a sea of ​​dried blood, no more.

Even if Netherworld River Old Ancestor wants to destroy it.

But how can Chu Kuangren please him?

(End of this chapter)

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