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  Chapter 2048 Dadao vows, the ambition of the cloudy sky, a bit of privilege is normal

With the crimson Torch Dragon's The Fire burned, and the blood gods of the Netherworld River Old Ancestor were constantly consuming. Soon, the blood sea and the sea level were visibly falling under naked eye. The 480 million blood gods had already been consumed in half.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor urges the divine ability to destroy its power.

But there is no way.

When all the divine abilities hit Torch Dragon's Fire, they were all easily stopped by Chu Kuangren. Netherworld River Old Ancestor had no way at all.

Watching the blood god child keep declining, Netherworld River Old Ancestor is completely anxious.

"Chu Kuangren, you are bully intolerably!!"

Netherworld River old man angrily roared.

Yuantu Abi was waving frantically in his hand.

one after another The terrifying sword light moved towards Chu Kuangren.

sword qi Ruhong, sword intent is monstrous.

Very fierce.

Every sword is cut out, as if to wipe out all the avenues.

When Chu Kuangren saw it, his expression was indifferent, his sword fingers condensed, and even the weapon was not used. The one after another scarlet sword light was wiped out when he approached him.

This is simply a two-level existence!   Everyone looked at this scene, exclaimed.

Chu Kuangren, did he advance to Hunyuan after all?

How can this battle strength be more terrifying than Hunyuan? !

Boom!   Netherworld River Old Ancestor was blown up again.

This time, after he recovered, he quickly moved towards the outside of the sea of ​​blood.

He knew he was not an opponent.

If you stay here again, it is likely to be body dies and Dao disappears.

But a pity.

In front of Chu Kuangren, he did not have the ability to escape at all. He raised his hand gently, Time and Space Baojian appeared, and Space-Time Power blocked Heaven and Earth.

The entire sea of ​​blood was completely sealed by a space-time force field.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor, was forcibly locked in a sea of ​​blood, unable to leave.

In the past, the sea of ​​blood gave Netherworld River Old Ancestor an endless sense of security, but now, this sea of ​​blood has become his prison, preventing him from getting out of it.

Watching the sea of ​​blood burn out, Netherworld River Old Ancestor is terrified.

"Chu Chu Kuangren, stop, I surrender!"

Netherworld River Old Ancestor swallowed and said.

Upon hearing this, Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly, "Surrender? No regrets to stop him, help Luo Huo, now it’s okay to just say surrender? And how dare you surrender someone in the past to imitate the emperor Wa Looting the souls of Yin Sector, the soul sea buried in the blood, do you remember? You deserve to say surrender too?!"

Chu Kuangren said afterwards, his tone gradually became cold.


As the Yin Sector Ghost Emperor, he has the responsibility to protect the Yin Sector.

And Netherworld River Old Ancestor's desecration of the dead souls has violated his bottom line!   Others can spare it.

But Netherworld River Old Ancestor, no!   "Yin Sector..." When Chu Kuangren mentioned Yin Sector, Netherworld River Old Ancestor seemed to have something in mind. Loudly said: "Chu Kuangren, I have a news here. You will be interested in Yin Sector. ."

Upon hearing this, Chu Kuangren light flashed his eyes, "Say."

"You promised to let me go first."

"You have Are you eligible to negotiate terms with me?"

Chu Kuangren said indifferently, and between raising his hands, Torch Dragon's Fire reminded him again, the sea of ​​blood was evaporated a lot, and the blood gods disappeared in misery.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor gritted his teeth, "Chu Kuangren, this news is not only related to Resurrection Lily, but also to the ownership of Yin Sector, are you sure not?"

Chu Kuangren also He really aroused some interest.

I pondered for a while.

He said indifferently: "Okay, I don't need to kill you."

"I want you to lay down the great oath!"

"Oh, yes."

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly.

The Dadao Oath is a guarantee made by the cultivator to Dadao.

Even if the cultivator reaches the Primordial Chaos Realm, if the Dao Oath is issued, if it is violated, it will also be punished by Dao.

Parents will lose the cultivation base, and body dies and Dao disappears.

"I, Chu Kuangren, made a great oath here, as long as the Netherworld River Old Ancestor informs Yin Sector of future changes, I will not kill him..."

After the oath is taken, Netherworld River Old Ancestor relaxed on the spot.

But he saw that Torch Dragon's Fire all around was still burning, and said, "Chu Kuangren, haven't you already taken an oath? Why are you still burning the blood."

"Anyway You will not die for a while."

Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

Hearing this, Netherworld River Old Ancestor was anxious, but helpless. When the upcoming change of Yin Sector was about to come, he said, "The cloudy sky came to my blood sea some time ago. He said he would kill Dead Resurrection Lily, master Yin Sector."

Chu Kuangren's eyes flashed lightly.

Yin Tianzi...

The founder of the Yin Sector Samsara of Pangu Universe.

The first reincarnation celestial body between Heaven and Earth.

In the ancient times, there was a rare existence of mention on equal terms with Hunyuan.

A message about Yin Tianzi came to his mind.

If other people say that they want to defeat Resurrection Lily and take control of Yin Sector, then Chu Kuangren is just a joke, but it is not necessarily cloudy.

How does the other party say that he is also an ancient cloudy day...

"Did he say any way to control Yin Sector?"

"This is me. I don’t know."

Netherworld River Old Ancestor shook the head, "May I leave now?"


Listen Half a sentence before Chu Kuangren, Netherworld River Old Ancestor smiled, but after the last two words came out, his pupils shrank sharply.

"Chu Kuangren, what do you mean? Do you want to go back on one's word?!"

"I said, I won't kill you, but I didn't say, let you go. "

Chu Kuangren's eyes are ice-cold saying: "Playing with dead souls is a heinous crime. You should be in Yin Sector Eighteen Levels of Hell... you will be tortured forever!!"

The voice fell.

Torch Dragon's Fire burns blazingly, completely evaporating the remaining blood sea.

Only Netherworld River Old Ancestor is left, shiver coldly in front of Chu Kuangren, he was severely injured by the opponent in three or two, and completely lost his resistance.

"Chu Kuangren, is it ugly to think that the avenue will be so foolish? Wait, the avenue will punish you!!"

Netherworld River Old Ancestor loudly said.

The method of seize every opportunity is of no use to the avenue.

Since ancient times, like Chu Kuangren, there are countless people who want to use words and word games to fool Dao Oaths.

But without exception, they were all seen through the main road and punished.

Netherworld River Old Ancestor believes that this time is no exception.

But when Chu Kuangren destroyed his fleshy body and only one soul was left, he didn't see the Dao taking action to punish Chu Kuangren.

He is a little confused.

Is the avenue really fooled this time? It   makes no sense.

This is impossible.

How could Dadao be so talkative?   Netherworld River Old Ancestor is extremely puzzled.

Don’t Dadao want to hurt Chu Kuangren?   "You, what did you do to the avenue? How did you escape the avenue sanctions!" Netherworld River Old Ancestor asked loudly.

"For those who have saved the universe, it is not normal for Dadao to give some privileges?" Chu Kuangren said indifferently.


He knew that even if he violated the Dao Oath, he would not receive any sanctions. As a result, he was not controlled by Great Dao Palm.

Secondly, as he himself said.

I saved the Pangu universe, and in a sense helped the cosmos avenue. The other party gave some privileges, right? !

Nevertheless, Chu Kuangren does not intend to kill Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

The other party blasphemed the souls of the dead. Killing like this is too cheap for the other party. The torture of the Eighteen Levels of Hell requires the other party to taste them one by one.


The soul of Netherworld River Old Ancestor was also dying by Chu Kuangren. He grabbed the soul of the opponent and threw it into Universe in the Sleeves like a chicken.

Asura King and the others met, the pupils were trembling slightly.

(End of this chapter)

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