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  Chapter 2050 The thoughts of flower without love, the cloudy sky wants to seize power   Yin Sector.

A huge river traverses Heaven and Earth.

And on the bank of this river, there is a Resurrection Lily Sea, a girl in a gorgeous black robe, jade foot gently swayed, rippling ripples in the water, this girl is Xuantian One of the nine stars has no love.

In Yin Sector, she is the only one who dares to use the water of the Sansheng River, which is full of majestic reincarnation power, to bathe her feet. Others dare not even approach.

A token on Hua Wu'ai's waist lit up slightly.

That is Xuantian Ling.

Her ruby-like within both eyes passed by with a touch of surprise.

"Oh, he has returned."

A rare smile appeared on Hua Wu'ai's face.

Even lightly hummed a ballad.

In my mind, a scene of knowing Chu Kuangren could not help.

The Sansheng River under her feet, with her thoughts, rippled circles, and also reflected her past acquaintance with Chu Kuangren.

The last time the two met was 20,000 years ago.

At that time.

Chu Kuangren came to Yin Sector to fulfill her promise to relieve Hua Wuai from the suffering of endless reincarnation and help her get rid of the vortex of reincarnation.

This kind of thing that even Hunyuan couldn't possibly do, was done by Chu Kuangren, who forcibly shattered the reincarnation vortex with the power of Grand Dao.

From then on, Hua Wuai no longer has to suffer from reincarnation.

However, Chu Kuangren found another chore for her.

That is, entrust the entire Yin Sector to her, and even give her the power of Yin Sector without reservation, so that she will become the new Yin Sector Ghost Emperor.

Hua Wu'ai was so stunned by this. He controls Yin Sector. There is no doubt that this is a Supreme power. Countless people are yearn for something even in dreams.

But Chu Kuangren, just leave it to her?

She still remembers the other's hearty smile.

"Ha, I also have to take care of Immortal World and Yin Sector. It's so tiring. Just like that, Yin Sector will take care of you."

To be honest .

This supreme power to others, in Hua Wu'ai's eyes, is just an unnecessary burden that's all.

She has been trapped in reincarnation for many years.

Nowadays, it's hard to get rid of reincarnation. I just want to plant flowers by the Sansheng River. When I have time, I will go out for a walk.

If you’re tired, it’s okay to come back and sleep for tens of thousands of years.

Just live so leisurely.

Let her take charge of Yin Sector, busy with that many things, how tired.

However, she still took it in a ghostly manner.

Not how tempting this power is.

It's that she wants to share the burden for Chu Kuangren. In her opinion, Chu Kuangren is just a big boy who is less than his own fraction.

But the other party, over the years, has shouldered a heavy burden that no one can imagine.

To revive Human Race and overthrow Xian Ting.

To lead the Pangu universe and defeat the Tianyuan universe.

It is necessary to maintain the order of Immortal World and Yin Sector...

This is indeed too tiring.

She feels distressed.

After finally defeating Tianyuan Universe, he should have a good rest for a while, this Yin Sector, let me watch it for him first...

At that time, Hua Wuai, This is the idea.

This control is 20,000 years.

During this period, the existence of Xiangu has recovered one after another.

This is among which is included some of the existences belonging to Yin Sector.

She also met many old people.

Including... cloudy sky.

However, this meeting was not very pleasant.

Yin Tianzi wanted to regain control of Yin Sector, but she refused.

In her opinion, she is only temporarily managing Yin Sector for Chu Kuangren, not the real Ghost Emperor, and she is not qualified to transfer this power to anyone.

Even if this person is a cloudy son of the past.

For this.

She also had a fight with Yin Tianzi and the others.

It is a sin to not know how many souls disappeared.


At this point.

There was a strong fluctuation in the Yin Sector void.

In Sansheng Hanoi, the river is surging.

in the sky.

After several silhouettes walked out, everyone carried a strong breath.

Hua Wuai recognizes these people. They are the Ghost Emperor of Immortal Ancient Era, Ten Temples Yama, Mount Tai Fujun, etc., all of whom were the leaders of this Yin Sector.

It’s just that the three major lands are now transformed into a whole under the integration of Chu Kuangren. This Yin Sector has no rights left to them.

Therefore, they want to regain control of Yin Sector with Yin Tianzi.

And self is their greatest enemy.

Thinking of this, Hua Wuai faintly sighed, "Mortals run for power and gain, and didn’t expect even the ancient Immortal God."

"Yes Ah, you and I are accustomed to the reincarnation of all souls, and I should be clear that this is the root of inferiority deeply planted in the soul of intelligent creatures."

An indifferent voice sounded.

In the void, a heavy oppression force swept out.

I saw a man wearing a black imperial robe slowly walking out, wearing a crown on his head and a jade belt around his waist. There was a kind of imperial majesty in every gesture.

"I have seen the emperor!"

The Ghost Emperor, Yan Luo and the others saluted the people.

This person is the son of a cloudy sky!

"Yin Tianzi, I said, I can't give you this power, you should leave." Hua Wuai said indifferently.

"Today, if I don't get this power, I will never leave, even if it... kills you!!" Yin Tianzi said coldly.

Hua Wu'ai felt a faint sorrow in her heart.

In the past, she had a friendship with Yin Tianzi.

Yin Tianzi is one of her few friends.

I didn't expect now, but I wanted to meet each other.

Even, want to see life and death? !

"Goodbye you and I, but it's such a scene, it's embarrassing."

"Proactively hand over your power, you and I can still be like before."

"Heh, I can't go back anymore."

Hua Wuai shook the head.

Then, she gently raised her hand, and in the void, Resurrection Lily opened, and the majestic Samsara Power poured out, blasting towards the cloudy sky.

Yin Tianzi also punched.


All over the sky Resurrection Lily shattered.

His face somewhat gloomy said: "For a Chu Kuangren, do you have to be my enemy here? Resurrection Lily, how many years have you met him? I and you, but thousands It’s been over for thousands of years!!"

Not bad.

In the ancient times, he and Resurrection Lily have known each other for tens of millions of years.

Available now.

Resurrection Lily has known Chu Kuangren for only 20,000 years.

And in the 20,000 years of getting along with each other for a few days, just like this, you have to be your enemy for the other party, do you hesitate to see life and death? !   Yin Tianzi is very puzzled.

"Yin Tianzi, maybe I have known you for tens of millions of years, you and I have never really met, otherwise it won't be like today."

Resurrection Lily indifferently said .

What can we do if we know it for a long time?

If you don’t know each other, it will be the same no matter how long you know.

If Yin Tianzi really regards herself as a friend, then she will not be forced to surrender the power of Yin Sector like today, or even kill her at all.

Perhaps, from the beginning to the end, you are the only one who gives sincerely.

Thinking of this, the last trace of warmth in Hua Wu'ai's eyes has dissipated. Looking at the cloudy sky, only coldness is left in her eyes.

This fiercely stings the cloudy sky.

He is very angry.

Why, why?   Why doesn't Huawuai give the power of Yin Sector to herself?

"Hua Wuai, you are too selfish. If you really treat me as a friend, you should give me power. It seems that everything is my own passion. Then I can kill you today. No more psychological burden!"

The cloudy sky took a deep breath.

The circulation of Samsara Power.

Compared to Huawuai, it is not bad at all.

The power of the overcast son, burst out with all his strength!

(End of this chapter)

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