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  Chapter 2051 The Three Lives Monument, the reincarnation vortex reappears, the cloudy sky, you can convict

In Yin Sector.

Cloudy Heavenly Son, Hua Wuai, the two most powerful in Yin Sector are in a head-to-head contest, the terrifying Samsara Power, colliding in the sky.

The water of the Sansheng River is tumbling for it.

This powerful force fluctuation has naturally attracted the attention of many people.

Countless people looked towards Sanshenghe with solemn expressions.

Lu You, High Priest and other Yin Sector joined together and hurried to.

When they arrived, they only saw a large amount of Sansheng River rising into the sky, like a downpour, crash-bang falling.

Every drop of river water contains powerful Samsara Power.

On the ground of Yin Sector, big pits were smashed.

Even Lu You, the existence of such a combination of High Priest, in the rain is also impossible to move a single step, urging Samsara Power and turning it into a shield to resist.

They looked around.

In the heavy rain, two dark silhouettes faced each other in the air.

Wearing a black imperial robe, a crown on his head, a jade belt around his waist, and a majestic face, he is an ancient cloudy emperor.

And the other one is the flower without love that looks very petite.

Although she looks like a teenage girl, the aura from Hua Wu'ai makes all Hedao feel dull.

The collision of the two sentiments caused turbulence in the Yin Sector.

"It is cloudy again!"

High Priest cried out in surprise.

His expression is a bit complicated. After all, he comes from the Yin Division, and the Yin Division was established by the Yin Tianzi. Logically speaking, he should obey the Yin Tianzi.

But when I think of Chu Kuangren.

His eyes gradually showed firmness.

"I only respect the Ghost Emperor now!"

Then, he looked towards the battle between Hua Wuai and Yin Tianzi, and said to all those who came: "The cultivation base is insufficient Great Firmament, retreat to a hundred million li away!"

He has seen Hua Wuai's last battle with Yin Tianzi.

That kind of power, even Hedao can hardly intervene.

Even if Great Firmament stays to watch the game, there is a worry of life.

"Great Firmament cultivator, quickly evacuate the nearby dead souls."

The High Priest said again.

Everyone went to execute the order in an orderly manner.

And now.

Hua Wuai and Yin Tianzi have already taken action.

"When my flowers bloom, a hundred flowers will kill!"

Hua Wuai looked at the cloudy sky, and between raising her hands, flowers of Resurrection Lily bloomed in the air, powerful Samsara Power, diffused out of these Resurrection Lily, turned into endless reincarnation to kill all, out of death!

"It's a killer when you get started! Hua Wuai, you are ruthless."

Coldly snorted.

Then, there was a grey glow all over him.

It is the divine ability of reincarnation celestial bodies.

"Samsara Tribulation light!"

Samsara Power turns into gray tribulation light, like a circle of ripples, moving towards all around spreads out, smashing the flowers of Resurrection Lily Knock down.

"The relationship is broken, why say more?"

"The sky is full of flowers!"

Hua Wuai said indifferently.

The ruby-like within both eyes reveal a strange wave, a huge enchanting Resurrection Lily, blooming between Heaven and Earth, beautifully beautiful.

And the moment when Resurrection Lily blooms.

The more powerful Samsara Power has enveloped all around, like a huge grinding disc, moved towards Yin Tianzi crushed away.

This power is flooded with Heaven and Earth, and the cloudy sky is inevitable.

But he was coldly snorted, and with a wave of his sleeves, the overbearing Samsara Power broke out, and the six ways flowed out around him.

These six paths represent Heavenly Dao, Humanity, Asura Road, Hell Dao, Hungry Ghost Path, and Beast Dao, which are the complete Six Paths Samsara Power!   "Six Paths of Samsara Great World!!!"

The second Great Divine Ability of Samsara celestial body erupts.

The explosion of the void bombing.

The huge Resurrection Lily is shrouded by Six Paths Great World.

The two reincarnation forces are crashing crazily, very terrifying.

When High Priest and the others saw this, his face was dignified.

"The battle at this time is more dangerous than the previous one."

"It seems that this time, the cloudy sky is determined to seize the power of Yin Sector, Hua Can no love really be able to stop it?"

"I don’t know, the battle of these two people is not something we can intervene."

High Priest, Lu You is also Dao Integration Realm.

But Dao Integration Realm, there are also differences.

Hua Wuai, Yin Tianzi is obviously the most terrifying existence in Dao Integration Realm, and his accomplishments in Reincarnation Dao are not even as good as Hunyuan.

The other side.

Just when the battle between Hua Wuai and the son of cloudy sky is in full swing.

The King of Hades, Ghost Emperor and the others brought by Yin Tianzi, came to the sky above Sanshenghe, took out a stone tablet, and jointly injected Samsara Power into it.


The stone tablet blooms with infinite brilliance, and a peculiar power flows from the stone tablet, faintly resonating with Samsara Power of Sanshenghe.

Hua Wuai, who is fighting the cloudy sky, seems to sense something, looking into the distance, there is a look of uncertainty in her eyes.

"This power..."

On the Sansheng River, the river was surging and formed a huge vortex.

In vortex, hundreds of millions of dead souls are ups and downs, and howling miserably.

An incomparable Samsara Power escapes from the vortex.

Hua Wuai looked at the vortex, with a faint trace of fear in her eyes.

"Reincarnation vortex, how could this happen?!"

The vortex in front of me is the culprit that caused Hua Wuai to fall into endless reincarnation, but this vortex has been It was broken by Chu Kuangren.

How can it reappear at this time? !

Hua Wuai is a little puzzled.

Then, she saw Hades, the stone tablet the Ghost Emperors were manipulating, and immediately recognized the origin of the stone tablet, "Three Lives Monument!!"

"Yes, right. It’s the Sansheng stele you lost back then!"

Yin Tianzi said indifferently.

The Sansheng stele was born in the Sansheng River. She was acquired by Hua Wuai in the early years. She was kept by the river, but mysteriously disappeared later.

"It turned out to be taken by you."

"Yes, flowers have no love. You have always been limited by the reincarnation vortex, but you don't know that the reincarnation vortex was born in Sanshenghe. The power of these three-life monuments and the Samsara vortex are from the same source, and they can be said to be mutually reinforcing and restraining each other. Although the Samsara vortex has been destroyed once, I can recreate reincarnation with the three-life monuments!"

"Coming into existence and restraining each other... …"

Hua Wu'ai showed thoughts, and then lightly said with a smile: "So, I can leave the samsara vortex with these three-life monuments?"

"Although you can't get rid of it completely, it can also get you out of reincarnation."

"Oh, you know this secret, but you watch me endure the endless suffering of reincarnation, and even fear that I will penetrate the three The secret of the Shengbei, I stole it, cloudy day son, this is what you said...friend?!"

Hua Wuai only feels ironic.

And Yin Tianzi looked indifferent, "At that time I first established the Yin Sector order, your power is the variable of Yin Sector, if there is no reincarnation vortex to check and balance you, how can I rest assured that you stay in Yin Sector? So I can only do this."

"Oh, after all, you are still selfish."

Hua Wuai shook the head. At this time, the reincarnation vortex on the Sansheng River broke out. With a strong suction, she was enveloped in an instant.

Samsara vortex is the nemesis of flowerless love. For countless years, she has been limited by this. At this time, she is locked in by Samsara vortex. She feels that her soul is about to escape and is again Pulled into Endless Samsara.

And when Yin Tianzi saw this, he also acted instantly.

I saw him urging the third divine ability of the reincarnation celestial body, "Reincarnation Heaven and Earth!"

Suddenly, Hua Wuai felt that the Yin Sector power in her body could be continuously absorbed. Into the body of Yin Tianzi.

Reincarnation vortex checks and balances, and reincarnation Heaven and Earth extracts the power of Yin Sector, Huawuai suddenly fell into unprecedented danger.

"This equity capability is finally back."

Yin Tianzi perceives the familiar power in his body, feels his own control of Yin Sector, and his face is happy.

And the other side.

Hua Wuai's soul also leaves the fleshy body, moved towards the reincarnation vortex and flies away.

Seeing that it was about to be swallowed, a breath of incomparable surging suddenly fell from the sky, and the entire Yin Sector was shocked.

Immediately afterwards, over the Yin Sector, Yin Qi rolled, turning into a huge human face, and an endless stream of majesty flowed out.

"Yin Tianzi, can you know your sin?!"

(End of this chapter)

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