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  Chapter 2053 The soul flew away and scattered, Yin Sector does not need you   Reincarnation Eighteen Dian, this is a powerful killer move of Yin Tianzi.

Performing in this Yin Sector, you will be blessed with Yin Sector power. The formidable power is so strong that it is almost always unfavorable, even if he knows that Chu Kuangren is no small thing.

It is possible to resist oneself this move.

But blocking it so easily is still beyond his imagination.

At this point.

But see Chu Kuangren gaze as if a torch, looked towards Yin Tianzi.

The power of the body is gradually increasing.

He actually overwhelmed him who has the power of Yin Sector.

"This is impossible, impossible!"

"I have the power of Yin Sector. In Yin Sector, even Hunyuan may not be my opponent. How could I lose to you? What?!"

The Yin Tianzi coldly shouted.

Suddenly, the Samsara Power on his body surged, a vortex appeared in his palm, and a stone tablet burst out of the water in the distance.

It is the Sansheng Monument! The   Sansheng stele shows that endless Samsara Power escapes from it.

Xianhui surging, billions of brilliance circulating.

Reflect the past, the next life, and this life!


The Sansheng stele grows up against the wind, and soon turns into a ten thousand zhang giant peak.

Suppress Chu Kuangren!

"I don't save the past, I'm not in the next life, beyond reincarnation, how can you suppress me, the Three Lives Monument?!"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Facing the suppression of the Three Lives Tablet, he stood with his hand held up, and between raising his hand, a gray tribulation light circulated in the palm of his palm and burst out.

With a roar, the stone tablet resembling a giant peak was knocked out by a Dao Tribulation light, and the billions of immortals suddenly converged.

A crowd of Ghost Emperors of Immortal Ancient Era, the Hades are all dumbfounded.

Yin Tianzi has done everything possible, even the Sansheng Tablet has been used.

But it still can’t help Chu Kuangren? !

This strength is extraordinary!

Doesn't it mean that Yin Sector is invincible?

Why does it not work for Chu Kuangren?   Everyone is puzzled.

After seeing the tribulation performed by Chu Kuangren, Yin Tianzi eyes slightly shrink, "This kind of power...reincarnation celestial body, you have reincarnation celestial body!"

Chu Kuangren cannot be placed no.

Although the reincarnation celestial body has long been integrated into the body of the only source.

But this physique's divine ability, he can still use it easily.

"Six Paths of Samsara Great World!"

Chu Kuangren urged divine ability.

Six Paths Reincarnation Soul Light flows out of him.

Heavenly Dao, Humanity, Asura Road, Hell Dao, Hungry Ghost Path, Beast Dao, the power of the six Dao Dao Transformation, turned into a reincarnation Great World.

grandiose, spread out.

And Yin Tianzi also uses this divine ability again.

Only two worlds collide.

One like a hot knife through butter, the other shatters like a bubble.

The cloudy sky was immediately enveloped by Six Paths of Samsara, and the endless Samsara Power was crushing his body like a grinding disc.

Even with Yin Sector's power, it won't help!   "Why?!"

"I am the founder of Yin Sector Order, the first reincarnation celestial body between Heaven and Earth, why would I lose to you? This is impossible!"

The cloudy sky yelled unwillingly.

But none of this helps.

Chu Kuangren raised his hand and moved towards Yin Tianzi and grabbed it. The Yin Sector power in the opponent's body poured out like a flood and was sucked out.

In the end, it turned into a ball of light in Chu Kuangren's palm.

"This Yin Sector has never been up to you."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said, with Yin Sector capabilities, it is indeed possible to obtain huge blessings in Yin Sector, even if it is mixed Yuan is not necessarily an opponent.

Unfortunately, Chu Kuangren is not a Hunyuan.

But he is an odd number.

The battle strength is also above the ordinary Hunyuan.

The accomplishments of Reincarnation Dao are more than those of the cloudy sky.

In addition, he also once possessed the Yin Sector power, and his familiarity with this power is no less than that of Yin Tianzi.

The combination of various factors makes Yin Tianzi unable to have any influence on him even if he masters this power.

The gap between them is really too big.


At this time, Chu Kuangren drank indifferently.

In the horrified gaze of the Yin Tianzi, one after another Yin Qi's chain of fusion Dao Ze came out from in the sky, completely blocking the Yin Tianzi.

The overcast son, was hung in midair.

"Yin Tianzi, disturb the Yin Sector order, when...the soul flew away and scattered!"

The words fell.

Countless chains shrank suddenly, and the cloudy sky only felt an unprecedented force strangling his body frantically.

The Tao in the body is gradually worn out.

"No, no..."

The cloudy sky is struggling frantically, but he has lost the power of Yin Sector. He can't see enough in front of Chu Kuangren and can't escape his control.

There was a bang.

I saw a cloud of blood mist exploded.

The dignified cloudy son, under the witness of Yin Sector Wanling, has completely fallen!

But this is not over yet.

Those Ghost Emperors who came with Yin Tianzi, the Hades have been dealt with, they knelt in front of Chu Kuangren one after another.

"I will wait to see the Ghost Emperor, and please forgive me for the Ghost Emperor."

"Yes, I am willing to do the Ghost Emperor's liver and brain."

" I am waiting to provide my own strength for the construction of Yin Sector."

These Ghost Emperor Hades have a lot of confidence in their hearts.

After all, their strength is not bad.

Together, it is a force that no force can ignore.

They took the initiative to play for Chu Kuangren.

The opponent impossible does not agree.

"Your strength is not bad."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

Everyone was happy, as they expected.

But a sentence behind the other party made them feel like an ice cellar.

"But unfortunately, Yin Sector has no use for you."

The pupils of the Hades Ghost Emperors shrank sharply.

Before they could take any action, Chu Kuangren saw the dull light flashed in his eyes, and the surging Samsara Power poured out, crushing everyone into blood mist on the spot.

So far.

The rebellion caused by this cloudy son has completely ended.

Chu Kuangren looked towards Hua Wuai, lightly said with a smile: "Are you okay."


Hua Wuai He raised his hand and brought the Sansheng Tablet not far away.

She stroked the stone tablet, showing nostalgia.

"This Sansheng River monument is from Sanshenghe, which can recreate the reincarnation vortex. Do you need me to destroy it?" Chu Kuangren asked.

"No need, it's just an artifact, there is no fault in itself."

Hua Wuai shook the head.

Chu Kuangren did not insist.

The strength of the Sansheng Tablet is not bad, the formidable power is tyrannical, it is the top grade Source Supreme Treasure, even if it is Hunyuan, it will be jealous.

The opponent keeps it, and the refining is also helpful to the strength.

"Okay, I will put this power into your body now."

Chu Kuangren said with the Yin Sector power in his hand.

But Hua Wuai hearing this, but backed up two steps, a refusing appearance, "This power, give it to whom you love, I'm tired."

Chu Kuangren was taken aback for a moment, "This is the power of Yin Sector."

Is there anyone who doesn't want Supreme's Yin Sector power?

"has anything to do with me? I just want to spend my days leisurely, let alone... You give me this power, in fact, you want to be an arm-flinging shopkeeper."

Hua Wu'ai glanced at each other, indifferently said.

"Cough cough, how is it possible, it's just that Immortal World is busy, and the empire has a lot of internal affairs to deal with. I am really too busy."

Chu Kuangren coughed twice. Tao.

"As far as I know, Elder Ruyan is in charge of the empire."

Hua Wuai said.

"Do you also know this?"

Chu Kuangren regretted it as soon as he said it.

Isn’t this just exposing yourself?   Hua Wuai helplessly shook the head, "Sure enough, you guys just want to be lazy, right, this Yin Sector, you can manage it yourself."

(End of this chapter)

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