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  Chapter 2054 Visiting Nuwa, I want to control the Three Thousand   Ways Chu Kuangren is the master of Yin Sector .

It's just that he has made trouble with the power of Yin Sector in his hand.

To whom is this Yin Sector power?   Hua Wuai guessed well, he really wanted to be lazy.

But even if you are lazy, you have to hand over this power first and find someone to take charge of the Yin Sector instead of yourself and maintain the order of the Yin Sector.

Who should I call?

One by one names flashed in my mind.

In the end, he finalized the High Priest.

The other party can be said that besides himself, Hua Wuai, he is the strongest in Yin Sector, and his loyalty is also enough.

The most important thing is that he is highly qualified.

Give him the power of Yin Sector, and no one will gossip.

No matter how bad, there is still Hua Wuai walking around.

High Priest looks at the power of Yin Sector gradually injected into his body, and feels that he is in control of Yin Sector. He is still a little confused now.

Have you become the master of Yin Sector?

He didn't even dare to think about this kind of thing before.

He saw that he had just transferred the power of Yin Sector to himself, as if he had lost a burden. Chu Kuangren, who was sighed in relief, was a bit speechless.

This is the Yin Sector power of countless people yearn for something even in dreams.

Why is the Ghost Emperor so disgusted?


How far is the realm of the Ghost Emperor?

Even if High Priest now has the power of Yin Sector, he still looks at Chu Kuangren as if he is facing a bottomless sea.

The opponent is far from being able to contend.

It is indeed a Ghost Emperor.

High Priest thought to himself that he was even more in awe of Chu Kuangren.

"Okay, it's time to deal with this guy."

Chu Kuangren waved his sleeves.

Suddenly, a soul was released by him.

The opponent is wearing a scarlet robe, it is the Netherworld River Old Ancestor.

"High Priest, take him to the Eighteen Levels of Hell, and be tortured forever!"

Chu Kuangren coldly said.


High Priest nodded.

After hearing about some actions of the Netherworld River, High Priest was also furious, blaspheming the dead, which is an unforgivable crime in Yin Sector!   After finishing some things, Chu Kuangren went to Sanshenghe again.

Resurrection Lily Sea.

Hua Wuai is leaning on the Sansheng tablet, the exquisite jade foot is gently swaying in the river water, rippling circles.

After sensing Chu Kuangren approaching, Hua Wuai glanced at him.

"What's the matter?"

"Visiting old friends and chatting freely."

Chu Kuangren walked into the sea of ​​flowers.

The fragrance of flowers is permeated and the scenery is pleasant.

This is the best place in Yin Sector.

At the same time, it is also the biggest forbidden area in Yin Sector. If you enter here without the permission of Hua Wuai, it will make the other party angry.

And only Chu Kuangren can freely enter and exit here.

"Sit down." Hua Wuai said.

Chu Kuangren is also welcome, sitting next to her.

"You have been away for 20,000 years, where have you been?"

"Other universes."

Hua Wuai's eyes showed a touch of surprise, but there was no Too shocked.

Tianyuan Universe has it all.

They already knew the existence of other universes.

"What is the scenery of other universes?"

"It's nothing, it's not much different from the Pangu universe. Some universes don't even have the Great Firmament realm, so they are very fragile. , In some universes, there are people sitting on an equal footing with the avenue, fighting against courtesy..."

Chu Kuangren calmly talked about some of his own experiences.

Hua Wuai is even more surprised.

didn't expect Chu Kuangren to go to more than one universe.

"How many universes have you been to?"

"Forgot to count."

Chu Kuangren haha ​​smiled, there is no one thousand, there are seven or eight hundred, right? , Even so, he dare not say that he has completely traveled all over the universe.

After a trip, I realized the vastness of the world.

Far above my imagination.

After chatting for a while, Chu Kuangren suddenly remembered something, "By the way, have you ever heard of the Pangu universe, who is best at Dao of Space?"

"Dao of Space..."

Hua Wuai thought about it, "Dao of Space has a lot of users, but there are a few of the most famous ones, the Buddha Kingdom in the Palm from the West, and the view of five villages. The ancestor of Earth Immortal, Zhen Yuanzi’s Universe in the Sleeves, etc..."

"I’m not looking for this. Do you know what kind of willow branches can give full play to a powerful space? Power."

"Willow branches..."

Hua Wuai thought about it, but didn't have a clue.

Chu Kuangren did not force it either.

It's a pity that his great destiny can't accurately deduce the origin of the willow branches. If you want to come, the opponent can do no less than Hunyuan.

The fate is even above Hunyuan!   Otherwise, I have no reason to deduce it.

After chatting with Huawuai for a while, he left Yin Sector.

Back to Immortal World.

Some housekeeping was handled.

Then I have a good time with Gu Linglong.

A few years later, Chu Kuangren left the empire and took Gu Linglong and Lan Yu to visit the ancient existence one by one.

The first one to visit is naturally the mother of Human Race, Nuwa!   Above Nine Heavens, Wa Imperial Palace.

Chu Kuangren came slowly, seeming to sense his arrival. This gold and jade in glorious splendor, the gate of the imperial palace, opened slowly.

A fairy-like silhouette walked out slowly.

"Oh, it's you."

Chu Kuangren was slightly surprised.

The visitor was actually the former descendant of Nuwa, Huaxi.

"I have seen Immortal King."

Huaxi gave a salute.

"It seems that you have a great opportunity to follow the emperor Wa for cultivation."

"How long will the emperor have pity."

Huaxi is also quite For emotion.

Although she previously claimed to be a descendant of Nuwa, in fact, she only gained a bit of Nuwa's inheritance. It is not the true descendant of the other party. Not only her, but also the descendants of Fuxi and Xuanyuan, etc. same.

"Wai Huang can be here?"

"Waiting for the Immortal King inside."

Chu Kuangren followed Huaxi and entered the Wa Imperial Palace.

Inside the Imperial Palace, there is a state of dignity.

The circulation of True Dragon Divine Phoenix illusory shadow is very sacred.

In the hall, a beautiful woman with a peaceful eyebrow is sitting on the futon.

Chu Kuangren once met Nuwa.

Not only Nuwa, Fuxi, Shennong and the others, he has all been seen one after another in the illusion created by the Human Sovereign History of the Human Sovereign Sect.

I personally experienced many Human Race major events.

"I have seen the emperor Wa."

Facing the mother of Human Race in front of him, Chu Kuangren also restrained some arrogance and gave the other party the respect he deserved.

Gu Linglong and Lan Yu also salute slightly.

"Well, Immortal King is polite."

Nuwa faintly smiled, looking at Chu Kuangren, with a sense of comfort and kindness in his eyes, as if he was looking at his successful child.

"Sit down."

Nuwa waved his sleeves and three futons appeared.

Chu Kuangren is not formal.

When he came here, he wanted to talk to the other party.

Do not cover up, be straightforward.


Nuwa did not refuse either.

The two Taoists began to discuss Taoism, Taoist sounds echoed in the sky, and the ground surged Golden Lotus, flameboyant, and various mysterious natural phenomena, reflecting on the sky.

In a discussion, neither of them has hidden personalities, and both have gained.

As for Gu Linglong, Lan Yu also had a lot of sentiment.

Chu Kuangren discovered that Nuwa's deep understanding of the path of good fortune has long been able to dominate the rest of the path and achieve the position of Hunyuan.

But the other party did not have a breakthrough for a long time.

He couldn't help but ask curiously.

"Hey, Immortal King, why not breakthrough?"

Nuwa asked rhetorically.

"I want to dominate three thousand ways!"

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

It's easy and natural to say it, as if you will be able to achieve it.

Even Nuwa had a heartbeat, a little shocked.

"Immortal King is really...so bold!"

Dominates three thousand ways, such words, let alone the Pangu universe, I am afraid that it is the universe of the heavens, it is difficult to have anyone Dare to think about it.

(End of this chapter)

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