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  Chapter 2058 Yang Mei recognizes counseling, Pangu’s heart, great road, give face   Yang Mei, The oldest existence in the Pangu universe.

In terms of qualifications, even Hongjun is slightly inferior.

However, at this time, he is in a crisis.

The strongest person in the current era found him, the oldest existence in the Pangu universe, and, apart from anything else, he directly hit him.

And with little effort, he fell into a disadvantage.

I can barely resist it by relying on my own spatial means.

sou! A   sword qi split open space fell on Yang Mei.

But seeing the brilliance of the opponent's body flashed, sword qi actually seemed to be transferred to another place in the sky, and did not cause much harm to him.

This method surprised Chu Kuangren.

Just when he was about to make another shot, Yang Mei loudly said: "Immortal King stop, stop fighting, I surrender."

"You help Luo Hui, give up in one sentence." Don't forget it?"

"Luo Hui is forced, I can't help but, if Immortal King is angry, I am willing to apologize." Yang Mei said.

Only Chu Kuangren can push him to this point.

But he can't help it.

In the face of the most powerful house in this era, he can only be softened.

Otherwise, even if he can escape, but this knot is not solved one day, he and Chu Kuangren will not end for a day, and sooner or later they will have to break.

If it's someone else, even Luo Huo, he doesn't care.

But Chu Kuangren is different.

Not only because he is the most powerhouse of this era.

It’s because he is an unimaginable anomaly, an anomaly that is even harder to figure out and control than himself. With such an anomaly as an enemy, what will happen in the future, Yang Mei has no idea. bottom.

This cause and effect can only be settled as soon as possible.

"Oh, how do you want to compensate?"

Chu Kuangren showed interest.

"Now I can discuss with Immortal King, and I will share my understanding of Dao of Space." Yang Mei groaned and said.

Chu Kuangren's eyes lit up.

On Dao of Space alone, I am indeed inferior to Yang Mei.

If you can learn the other party's ability mathematically, it can be regarded as a gain.

However, Chu Kuangren feels that this is not enough.

"Only in this way, there is no way to calm my anger."

Chu Kuangren said.

Yang Mei was a little anxious, thinking that the other party looked like a hooligan.

But I have to deal with this rogue.

Otherwise, the future will be endless entanglement.

"I still have something here."

Yang Mei took out a black heart, with Chaos Energy machines entwined on it, revealing a very mysterious charm.

After this thing appeared, the road roared, seeming to be furious.

Yang Mei was shocked.

Over the Ying State Island, dark clouds gather, and the terrorist Thunder Tribulation seems to be brewing.

The entire Immortal World is sensible, and I can't help being surprised.

"What's going on? Dadao shook."

"Who annoyed Dadao?"

"Who has this ability?"

Everyone started deducing, but it was difficult to figure out.

Following the direction of Thunder Tribulation, they only found a white fairy mist. They wanted to spy on the fairy mist, but the fairy consciousness was completely isolated.

"It's not simple to be able to have this kind of ability."

"Apart from Three Purities, Two Western Buddhas, and Emperor Wa, there is such an existence in this world? Universe? It's so big, there is no lack of strange things."


On Ying State Island.

The moment the black heart appeared, the great qi machine swept across, and a huge cloud of catastrophe was condensed in the sky, and the horrible energy gathered.

It seems that thunder may descend at any time!   Yang Mei's face was very solemn, "Sure enough, this thing shouldn't have appeared in this world."

Chu Kuangren looked at the heart in Yang Mei's hand curiously, "What is this thing? Can it attract the road? So fearful?"

"This is...the heart of Pangu!!"

Upon hearing this, Chu Kuangren was extremely surprised, "Pangu's heart?"

"Not bad!"

"Interesting, no wonder it can attract great fears."

Pangu, the creator of the Pangu universe, the god of creation.

It is that he split the endless chaos, split the New World, and it is said that after his death, his body turned into World's All Living Things.

didn't expect, there was still a heart left.

The power of Pangu, even if it is his heart, is no less valuable than the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure.

No wonder it will attract great jealousy.

"At that time, when Pangu opened the sky, three thousand Demon Gods were plotted against the road. They fought, and finally fell. Pangu's body turned into World's All Living Things, but its heart was stale with Heaven and Earth. Fusion turned into the heart of Pangu. With my own divine ability, I was lucky enough to hide the Dao, and even put it in my bag."

"It's a pity that I underestimated the Dao."


"The power of this Pangu Heart is too strong to be tolerated by the Dao. Once I take it out, it will attract the Dao chase. I thought I got the Supreme Treasure, but didn't expect it. I took a hot potato."

Yang Mei said slowly.

Then, looked towards Chu Kuangren, "This is the most precious treasure in my hand. It depends on you, whether you have the ability to win it."

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly. With a sound, extend the hand and grab it.

The heart of Pangu was held in his hand.

Starting with warm, texture like jade, Chu Kuangren can feel the surging blood contained in it, as well as a mysterious Dao Rhyme that is hard to describe.

"It is indeed a good treasure, if you help Luohu, use this thing to offset it." Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

Yang Mei was slightly nodded, and then pointed to the increasingly powerful Jieyun in the sky and said: "Immortal King can have a way to deal with it?"

"You don't need to worry about this. Now."

Chu Kuangren rose into the air.

Above the sky.

The robbery cloud becomes thicker, and the thunder power contained in it becomes more terrifying. The lightning flickers, and any one of them seems to have World Destroying Might.

Every powerhouse in Immortal World has noticed.

"Who can block this might of Grand Dao."

"Hunyuan can't hold it either."

"Yes. "

At this point.

They saw a white silhouette rising into the air.

Xianhui is brilliant, shining all directions.

Fairy and charming, charming style.

"It's Immortal King!"

"Sure enough, he is the only one who attracted such power of Grand Dao."

"It's just that he did What?"

Everyone was very curious.

And Chu Kuangren came to the sky under the robbery cloud alone, facing the vast Heavenly Might alone, his expression was indifferent, without the slightest panic.

The next moment.

An unimaginable force burst out from him!   That is also power of Grand Dao!

Chu Kuangren, mobilizing the portable cosmic power in the body.

With the emergence of this force, the two powers of Grand Dao collided, and the sea surrounding millions and millions li set off a monstrous turmoil.

Everyone swallowed and watched this scene.

At this time, Chu Kuangren, the breath radiating from his body, far surpasses his previous shots, the breath alone makes some Great Firmament extreme, and even Hedao has a feeling of suffocation. .

This force surpasses ordinary Hunyuan.

"Immortal King Chu Kuangren, how many hole cards does he have?"

"Is there any limit to his power?"

Many immortals Existence is also horrified.

Boom, boom...

The void burst, and the thunder in the roar of the cloud roared loudly.

And Chu Kuangren looked at Jieyun calmly, his power of Grand Dao is constantly rising, not weaker than Jieyun.

Under the gaze of everyone, Chu Kuangren put his right hand on the hilt of the Kunwu sword at his waist, indifferently said: "Dadao, give face, how about?"

(This chapter End)

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