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  Chapter 2059 Clear comprehension of military disasters. The way of oneself, the way of surpassing the ultimate

"Great way, give face , How?"

In a word, the air shook the sky, and the coercion was everywhere!

The surging coercion makes the heavenly robbery clouds surging endlessly.

Seeing countless cultivators, it was held breath cold air, extremely shocked, let the avenue give a face? What is this operation? !

It is the first time that many cultivators have lived for so long.

Even those immortal existences are utterly stupefied.

Chu Kuangren's tone, this gesture, there is no doubt that he is equal to the avenue, and even faintly above the avenue.

"Chu Kuangren, it's too crazy, right."

"Yes, what does he think of the avenue?"

"tsk tsk, live For the first time in so long, I saw the existence of negotiations with Dadao, Chu Kuangren...really refreshed my understanding."

"Yes, it's too unimaginable."

Everyone shook their heads and sighed, feeling incredible.

And Chu Kuangren fell silent.

The robbery cloud rolled, and the power contained in it did not fall for a long time.

It seems that I am really thinking about Chu Kuangren's suggestion.

"Of course, it doesn't matter if you don't give face, we can also compete." Chu Kuangren put his left hand on the Kunwu sword.

A wisp of sword qi swept out, sweeping away the clouds in all directions.


The tribulation cloud in the sky slowly dissipated.

This scene made everyone's pupils tremble slightly.

didn't expect, Dadao really gave in!

"Chu Kuangren's operation today is enough to be recorded in history."

"Yes, it's amazing."

"Chu Kuangren, Wangu The first madness, the name is not in vain, is so mad that even the avenue has to be a strategic withdrawal. Since the ages, who has been competing with the avenue."

Negotiating with the avenue and forcing it to retreat.

This kind of thing is enough to make everyone remember for a lifetime.

After the robbery cloud dispersed.

Chu Kuangren returns to Ying State Island again.

And Yang Mei looked at Chu Kuangren with complicated eyes, the other hand, even if it was him, had to say a word of approval.

At the same time, he also secretly palpitates, which can make Dadao so jealous.

What is the strength of Chu Kuangren?   At least, there is a way to hit the road.

He guessed really well.

If Chu Kuangren at all costs, call all the power in the body with the universe, it will be able to exert the power of the Dao level.

By then, it will indeed be possible to severely inflict the Pangu Universe Avenue.

This is also his confidence to negotiate with Dadao.

"Immortal King can do, I admire it."

Yang Mei came to Chu Kuangren and cupped his hands and said.

"You don't need to say more polite remarks, just talk about it, and take all your thoughts about Dao of Space."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.


Yang Mei nodded.

Then, the two sat down and talked.

In this discussion, the two mainly focused on Dao of Space.

In dozens of days.

Chu Kuangren's perception of Dao of Space has taken a step forward.

Has reached the extreme point.

After visiting Yang Mei, his visit to Immortal Existence this time has come to an end. He has gained a lot, and the various ways of his own integration have been improved more or less. There are many This kind has been raised to the extreme level.

In terms of battle strength, it is a step up.

Now, if he urges his power to the extreme, no one knows what power he can exert, but it is certain that the Hunyuan like Shentian and Fengmo before, even if there are more One, he can easily solve it.

After returning to the empire.

Chu Kuangren began to retreat.

This time, he wants to refining the Heart of Pangu.

This treasure contains surging vitality and blood, which shows how terrifying Pangu’s fleshy body was before his death. This reminds Chu Kuangren of the Dao-level cultivation technique he had recently obtained...The Nine Tribulations of Hunyuan body!

It happens to use the Heart of Pangu to cultivation such a cultivation technique.

Raise your fleshy body to the mixed element level.


It has been ten years since Chu Kuangren refining the heart of Pangu.

And on the other side.

Above an ancient star.

A white-haired young man in Battle Armor is sitting cross-legged on a high tower.

This person is a disaster.

Ever since he met Chu Kuangren last time and was awakened by the opponent, he returned to the Ancient Star of the Disaster and has been thinking about it.

He already wants to understand some things. Although he has always claimed that he is not Chu Kuangren, he has always imitated him unconsciously.

If the other party wants to dominate three thousand ways, do you also want?   Sure.

Dominating three thousand ways is something that everyone yearn for something even in dreams.

But everyone yearn for something even in dreams, is that the way they want to walk?

I was born out of resentment and blended part of Chu Kuangren’s immortal knowledge, but I was a brand-new individual and had his own way to go.

He called a military disaster!

To Heaven and Earth, bring endless beacon catastrophe!

The way he walks is the way that only he can walk!   As the calamity gradually clears comprehension of self, the first comprehend way of calamity in his body begins to bloom with infinite brilliance!   Under this brilliance, the dozens of other paths he merged were eclipsed one after another, and even began to disintegrate on their own.

Turned into the purest Dao ability, absorbed by the path of military disaster.


The military disaster abandoned the remaining dozens of roads that he had spent 20,000 years to comprehend and merged, leaving only the military disaster Dao of Fire that he first realized!

And the power of this path is also rising steadily.

Reached the extreme, and finally, the breakthrough!


An incomparably surging atmosphere of beacon fire, centered on the military disaster, swept and spread fiercely, spreading throughout the entire ancient star, the entire Pangu universe!

Even the void channel is connected, even people in the Tianyuan Universe can feel it.

"This, what a powerful breath is this?!"

"Who is it!"

Everyone couldn't help being shocked.

There are immortals, and his eyes are solemn.

"Does anyone want to break through the Chaos Realm?!"

"It's not right, there is only one kind of Dao breath, one kind of Dao, how to break through the Primordial Chaos Realm world? What exactly is this? The situation?"

Wahuang, Three Purities and the others' celestial knowledge circulation.

Soon, he locked in the direction of the disaster. When he noticed the unimaginable way of the opponent, he couldn't help being shocked.

"Although there is only one kind of Tao, the breath of this Tao is extremely powerful. Since ancient times, I have never seen a stronger Tao."

" This person is Chu Kuangren's Avatar?"

"Immortal King said that although it is an Avatar he refined, it is a completely new individual with the resentment of ancient stars."

"Does he want to use a kind of way, breakthrough Hunyuan?!"

"Can this kind of thing be done?"

Everyone watched the disaster with great concentration.

You must know that in the Primordial Chaos Realm world, multiple daos are merged and one dao dominates other daos, thus forming a Chaotic-Origin Force.

Hunyuan can be achieved by one path, they have never heard of it.

"From the end, the breakthrough is the ultimate! Perhaps, this is a new path of cultivation." Li Jun said curiously.

The rest are also very much looking forward to it.

Above the ancient star of the military disaster, the military disaster clear comprehension his own way, rose into the air into the universe, and the endless beacon Fire Dao vented out of his body.

The stars are shaking, and the world is shaking.

This is the strongest way in the history of the Pangu universe!

Breaking through the five states of harmony is a way beyond the ultimate!

"Behind me, there is a sea of ​​blood and corpses!"

"Under my feet, Heavenly Tribulation is difficult!"

"Behind me, sigh Sorrow!"

"My name, disaster!"

bang!   With the incomparably powerful Dao of Fire catharsis, the road roars and stirs The power of the universe, dark clouds converge, and thunder surges.

Hunyuan Jie...coming!   (End of this chapter)

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