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  Chapter 2060 Transcending Tribulation, to cut through the disaster? Chu Kuangren appeared   Hun Yuan Jie.

As the name implies, it is a kind of Heavenly Tribulation that appears when breakthrough is mixed.

This Heavenly Tribulation is extremely powerful.

Once the breakthrough fails, it is most likely the result of body dies and Dao disappears.

As for the Pangu universe, since Immortal Ancient Era, there has been only one Hunyuan Tribulation, which appeared when the god and demon lineage had no regrets breakthrough.

Today, Hunyuan Jie has reappeared! The   Tribulation of Hunyuan is extremely powerful.

Most of the galaxy is shrouded in thick dark clouds, and a terrifying tribulation thunder is brewing in it. Any lightning seems to have a World Destroying Might!

When many powerhouses saw this, they were all surprised.

"Oh my God, he really attracted Hun Yuan Jie."

"Only cultivation one way, can you go to the Primordial Chaos Realm world?! This kind of thing? , I heard once again that this is a brand-new cultivation way!"

"Chu Kuangren, he is too abnormal. The deity's words can make Dadao retreat. An Avatar creates a brand new path of cultivation!"

"tsk tsk, Chu Kuangren, inhuman!"

Everyone discusses spiritedly and stares at the disaster.

While the soldiers stood volley in the air, the white hair danced wildly, and the posture was extremely arrogant.

"Come on, let me see the power of Hun Yuan Jie!!"

He stood with his hand in his hand, surrounded by flames.

The eyes are like stars, as if reflecting the boundless battlefield of beacon!


The dark clouds in the sky rolled, and a huge ten thousand zhang thunder suddenly fell from the sky, wherever it went, the void exploded, and the stars burst into pieces one after another! The   military disaster is completely motionless, haha ​​smiled and slammed a punch.

"The Eight Desolation Formula of Soldiers Disasters, Break the Void!"

Boom! !

Fist strength Hengkong, the void is like a mirror, shattered into thousands of pieces.

Every piece of space locks floating in the void, as if they all reflect a beacon battlefield, endless fighting intents, shaking the sky of the universe.

The moment the fist strength collided with the void, between Heaven and Earth made a roar.

The energy spreads out one after another like a tide.

The entire universe, like a huge rock dropped on a calm lake, ripples in circles, wherever the ripples go, the void, the stars, the universe Spiritual Qi, etc. Was destroyed into nothingness.

After the shock of terrifying energy.

But seeing the military disaster stand in the air, his posture is unabated and arrogant.

"Come again!"

Hun Yuan Jie seemed to be provoked.

The dull thunder sound, like the roar of a terrifying giant beast.

There is another heavenly thunder, which blasts into the disaster.

The formidable power of this blow is even more terrifying than before.

An electric arc shot out of it is enough to kill the Dao Integration Realm world.

Everyone was shocked to see.

However, I am not afraid to see the disaster. With the power of Dao Transformation with both hands, a violent atmosphere of beacon spreads, and the void ignites endless flames out of thin air.

"The army is plagued by the eight famines, and the beacon is overwhelming!"

A palm blasted out.

The roads meet and turn into a huge flame palm print.

The impact of the palm print and the thunder formed an energy storm even stronger than before. The fire and the thunder, wherever they went, one after another big star was swept in and turned into ashes, a scene in front of him, Like the end of the universe!

But Hunyuan Jie is not over yet.


This is even just an appetizer.

Hunyuan robbery and robbery clouds are surging.

He did not attack again, but was accumulating more powerful strength.

Upon seeing some ancient beings, clicking one's tongue in wonder.

"Such a Hunyuan Jie, I haven't seen it in the ancient times."

"Generally speaking, the stronger the breakthrough Hunyuan is, the more Hunyuan Jie encountered The more terrifying, how strong is the strength of this military disaster."

"Not only is his strength, but also that he created an unprecedented path of cultivation in the Pangu universe. This is the main reason why his Hunyuan Jie is so powerful."

"It is possible..."

To achieve Hunyuan in one way.

Splitting heaven and earth apart is the first such thing since splitting heaven and earth apart.

There is such a powerful Hunyuan Jie, it is not that difficult to understand.

Boom, boom, boom...

The powerful Hunyuanjie power is brewing.

The thunder surges, faintly, revealing a terrifying grandeur.

Upon seeing the disaster, he said indifferently: "You have always been attacking, this time, it's better to change you to taste my power!!"

He stepped forward, unexpectedly It is actively approaching Hun Yuan Jie.

The power of the Taoist movement around the body, the beacon aura circulating, and the momentum is terrifying.

With one palm and one punch, there is World Destroying Might.

However, outside the Hunyuan Jie, countless runes flowed out, turning into a golden light gleaming, celestial and brilliant road barrier.

All the attacks of the military disaster were easily blocked by this barrier.

"hmph, a small barrier, also wants to block me?!"

He raised his hand in the sky and grabbed it.

In the ancient star of the military disaster, endless resentment rolls over.

A handful of treacherous remnants broke through the air!

The disaster catches the remnants, and a terrifying grievance erupts from his body, which merges with his cultivation fire Dao.

The remnants waved out, and countless roads and grievances were intertwined to form thousands of remnants, slashing towards the barrier of the avenue like a vast torrent!

"Armed disasters and eight famines, Wan Feng cut!"

Bang peng~ peng~!!

Wan Feng cut on the avenue barrier and issued A series of rumbling sound.

I saw one after another crack on the barrier.

Suddenly, the avenue barrier broke!

The torrent of weapons rushed towards Hunyuan Jie.

But at this time, the tribulation thunder brewed by Hunyuan Jie has exploded.

A fierce dragon head poked his head out of the robbery cloud.

The atmosphere of horror is permeated.

A roar!   Wan Feng burst!

The huge Thunder Dragon swoops down, the target is locked in the disaster!   With a loud noise, the disaster was forcibly blasted out by this blow, and the body was like a meteor, smashing countless stars one after another.

"The power of the Hunyuan Jie is a bit scary."

"tsk tsk, it seems a bit unbearable for the disaster."

Everyone concentrated their attention. Watched.

At this point.

In a piece of shattered star ruins, terrifying aura vents out.

The disaster struck out.

The blow just now did not cause him too much trauma. The resentment on his body was rolling, and his breath was rising steadily.

"Heaven Destroying, Heaven Destroying!"

The remnants of the soldiers swung down fiercely.

Accompanied by the breath of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry, all around the starry sky is crazily shattering, and a pitch-black energy rolls out like a black hole.


destroying heaven, extinguishing earth, fell on the Hunyuan Jie.

The powerful energy vented out, millions and millions li The dark clouds were impacted by this energy, and the clouds were constantly broken, dissipated, and turned into nothing.

Hunyuan Jie, break! !

When everyone sees it, clicking one's tongue in wonder.

"This time is over?"

"Really strong Great Hunyuan Tribulation, this military disaster is also terrible, even such a Heavenly Tribulation can survive, and the future is limitless. Ah."

"Not only that, he created a precedent for Hunyuan to be achieved through a path. No one knows how high his achievements are in the future."

"Not bad. ......"

Everyone discusses spiritedly.

And just when everyone thought that Hun Yuan Jie had passed.

In the starry sky, dark clouds are surging.

A huge dark vortex was created out of thin air.

In vortex, a terrifying pressure permeates, as if there is something peerless, about to come, the pressure makes everyone feel suffocated.

But there is a sense of familiarity inexplicably.

"No way, this coercion, is it..."

Some people find it incredible.

I saw a white clothed silhouette slowly descending in the vortex.

Xianhui circulating, coercion! The   heavens are turbulent!   It is the strongest man in this era, Chu Kuangren!   (End of this chapter)

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