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  Chapter 2061 He knows me, just as I know him, Chu Kuangren Transcending Tribulation

Transcending Tribulation .

But at the last moment, Chu Kuangren showed up! The   majestic coercion, instantly locks in the disaster!   This scene stunned everyone.

"What's the matter? Why does Immortal King appear here?"

"This, my mind is a little confused."

It's Three Purities and the like Some clues are seen in the peerless existence of.

Li Jun faintly smiled, "Hunyuan Tribulation is not over yet. This is the final Tribulation of Hunyuan Tribulation, and it is also the most difficult...Heart Demon Tribulation!"

Heart Demon Tribulation.

Not every Hunyuan Jie will appear Heart Demon Tribulation.

But it is undeniable that Heart Demon Tribulation is very difficult, which is more difficult than the previous tribulation of Hunyuan Tribulation.

"Heart Demon of the military disaster is actually Chu Kuangren, which is surprising."

"What is the origin of these two people?"

"Tsk , Interesting."

"The so-called bystanders are clear, the authorities are fans, we can see that this Chu Kuangren is the Heart Demon transformed by the power of the Dao, but under the influence of the Hunyuan Jie, it may not be awarded. Qing, he is in trouble this time."

Several peerless existences discuss spiritedly.

In the disaster under Hunyuan Jie, seeing Chu Kuangren appear behind him, his eyebrows frowned slightly, he instinctively felt something was wrong.

But there is something wrong, but I can’t tell.

"Chu Kuangren, why are you here?"

"Kill you!"

Chu Kuangren said indifferently, with a cold tone.

The terrifying killing intent instantly locked the disaster, making him inevitable.

"Kill me?"

Hearing this, first was taken aback, and then laughed loudly, but the grievance on his body increased again, "hahaha, you want to kill me?! is it possible that you saw me being promoted to Hunyuan, are you afraid of being surpassed by me?!"

"You are just my Avatar, and you dare to be crazy?" Chu Kuangren said indifferently, raising his hand. In the meantime, Kunwu sword was already in hand.

The majestic sword pressure erupts along with the killing intent.

Upon seeing the disaster, he would not retreat, "Very well, Chu Kuangren, I wanted to fight you a long time ago to prove who is stronger!!"

His silhouette is one Flash, disappeared instantly, waving the remnant front in his hand, colliding with the Kunwu Sword, with a clang, both sides shook back.

Then, the two confronted again.

The strength is getting stronger and stronger.

Every collision is often accompanied by tens of thousands of stars broken.

"Armed disasters, eight wilderness, wars of war!"

"Azure Lotus Secret Arts, create the world!"

Extremely stroke collision, heaven falls and earth rends.

But seeing Chu Kuangren, the two men flew out of the disaster.


The silhouette flickered and collided like a meteor again.

This battle lasted three days and three nights.

The fluctuation of the two battles turned a galaxy into ruins.

Boom! The   remnant of Bingcai's hand waved out, smashing Chu Kuangren away.

After a hard fight, he finally suppressed the opponent.

An inexplicable excitement, rise in the mind!   I have to surpass Chu Kuangren!

"I lost..."

In the end, Chu Kuangren lay exhausted on an ancient star, watching the disaster and indifferently said: "You win, kill me "

The brows of the soldiers frowned slightly, the more it felt wrong.

"What are you hesitating? Kill me. From then on, you will be able to replace me and own everything, rights, and status of me..."

Before he could finish his words, the soldiers shouted loudly, "Shut up!"

At this moment, the soldiers finally knew where the sense of violation came from.

He stared coldly at the so-called Chu Kuangren in front of him, "You are simply not him, you are just a Heart Demon that's all from the road!"

Chu Kuangren was stunned for a moment," What did you say?"

"Fake, do you want to act again? You acted too badly. If it was Chu Kuangren, he would never give up easily. Even in a desperate situation, he would never compromise. Chu Kuangren, he will never say anything to let me replace him, because he knows that I am me, he is him, and we are not the same existence!"

"Although I am transformed by his immortal knowledge But in this world, there will be no other people who recognize my existence more than him. You are not him at all!"

"He knows me just as I know him!"

Bingquan holds a remnant front, his eyes are extremely cold.

Chu Kuangren in front of me indifferently said: "Don't you want to defeat him?"

"Yes, but what I want to defeat is the real him, not you seem right but Actually isn't Heart Demon!" The disaster indifferently said, and the remnant in his hand was cut out.

bang!   Heart Demon collapsed immediately!

When the disaster of soldiers opened his eyes again, Hunyuan Jie had completely dissipated.

There is no trace of his fight with Chu Kuangren all around.

Everything is illusory.

In the eyes of the others, Heart Demon Chu Kuangren did not fight with the disaster after the arrival, but just watched the opponent for a while.

Immediately, Hunyuan Jie disappeared.

"Hey, he successfully survived the Hunyuan Jie."

Li Jun faintly smiled.

After the Hunyuan Jie dissipated, the power of the military disaster was also rapidly increasing.

Soon, it reached a whole new level.

Strictly speaking, the realm he is now in is not a Hunyuan. After all, he only has one way, but this one is extremely powerful.


"My path, when it transcends the infinite after the extreme, as long as I continue to improve this path, what is Hunyuan, what is the avenue, I don't care at all. With the remnants in my hands, I can smooth everything out!"

The disaster is high-spirited and vigorous.

He looked towards Immortal World in the distance and murmured: "Chu Kuangren, you have to dominate three thousand ways. I have infinite ways to improve, just see who goes further!"

The other side.

Within Immortal World.

Chu Kuangren, who was in retreat, seemed to sense something, looked into the depths of the universe, faintly smiled, "Congratulations...the disaster."

The disaster can find one of his own Road, he was very happy.

After all, a long cultivation path requires opponents.

Troop Disaster is a good opponent.

They know each other, and they are both rivals and confidants.

"Since you have been promoted, how can I stop moving forward?"

Chu Kuangren lightly said with a smile.

The words fall.

I saw a terrifying aura burst out of him suddenly.

This power swept the world and hit the earth!   Over the empire, black clouds swept across.

In this scene, many immortals existed turn pale with fright.

"Another Hunyuan Tribulation!!"

"Oh my God, this Avatar has just passed the Hunyuan Tribulation, and now this deity has come to save the Hunyuan Tribulation again, this Transcending Tribulation, how is it like playing."

Everyone was speechless.

But Nuwa, Three Purities and the others felt something was wrong.

"Fellow Daoist Chu said that he wants to dominate three thousand Dao, Fang Cheng Hunyuan, in such a short time, he has no reason to accomplish this goal."

" The opportunity has not yet arrived, why is now Transcending Tribulation?"

"Is it because he saw the Transcending Tribulation, his deity was stimulated, and he wanted to become a Hunyuan as soon as possible?"

"No, he's not such a reckless person."

In the universe, the military disaster silhouette flashed and came to Immortal World. Looking at the Hunyuan Jie in the sky, his eyebrows frowned, "Chu Kuangren, you want What are you doing?"

He didn't believe that Chu Kuangren would give up his goal of dominating the three thousand realms.

This is not like the other party's style.

Just when everyone doubts.

Inside the imperial palace, a scarlet beam of light soars into the sky. Look carefully, this beam of light is formed by an incomparably surging force of energy and blood.

In the beam of light, a white clothed silhouette walked out slowly.

It is Chu Kuangren!   At this moment, his skin is like jade, his muscles and bones are like immortal gold, and mysterious lines circulate faintly, revealing an extremely terrifying breath.

Li Jun and Yang Mei, the oldest and most knowledgeable beings of the two immortal ancient periods, could not help but get eyes shrank after seeing the state of Chu Kuangren.

"This is..."

(End of this chapter)

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