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  Chapter 2062 absorbs Hunyuan Jie, Pangu Dharma, and the Great Avenue of Power

Within the Immortal World.

Chu Kuangren stepped forward and walked out of the imperial palace. The breath circulated on his body, and the faint breath that came out made many existences in Immortal World terrifying.

He did not reveal the breath of the cultivation base.

The breath that spontaneously bursts out of the body just between the breaths is already shocking.

Yang Mei and Li Jun guessed what they thought of at the same time.

"Is this... the extreme of fleshy body!!"

A long time ago, Li Jun once heard Hongjun preach, the other party once mentioned the extreme of fleshy body Conceptually, it is said that the realm of Hunyuan is achieved by Fleshy body.

It’s just too difficult.

Even Hongjun can't do it.

In the Pangu universe for countless years, only one person has succeeded.

That is splitting heaven and earth apart Number One Person, Pangu!

And Yang Mei also knows that the fleshy body has become a chaotic element, because in the time of chaos, he has fought with Pangu and has seen this state.

For many years, Pangu's power has been imprinted in his heart.

He knows the extreme state of this fleshy body better than anything else.

Originally, he thought he would never have the chance to meet again in this life to someone with this kind of power, didn't expect, I saw it in Chu Kuangren today!   "The extreme of fleshy body, Chu Kuangren, you really shock me."

Yang Mei murmured.

He knew that this must be the credit of Pangu Heart.

But I also know that it is impossible to achieve the ultimate fleshy body with a heart of Pangu. The most important thing is Chu Kuangren.

Over the imperial palace.

Hunyuan Jie made a roar, and a thunder descended fiercely. The formidable power was enough to kill the overwhelming majority under Hunyuan.

Chu Kuangren is completely motionless.

Let Thunder be added.

Boom! The   thunder exploded on him.

At the same time, everyone's eyelids were frightened, and the fleshy body was used to fight against the mixed element. In the eyes of the overwhelming majority, this is undoubtedly the rhythm of courting death.

The surging energy burst, ten thousand li clouds shattered.

Many cultivators were shocked.

But some Dao Integration Realms have frowning eyebrows.

This movement is too small.

With the power of the thunder just now, and its explosive energy, even if it blows up a thousand ten thousand li mountains and rivers, they don't feel surprised.

But now, it's just ten thousand li clouds? !

This Hun Yuan Jie is not such a dish.


At this point, someone couldn't help but cred out in surprise.

I saw countless arcs beating on Chu Kuangren's body. It was the energy of the Hunyuanjie just now, and now, this energy is flowing around Chu Kuangren's body surface, constantly drilling into his pores. inside.

But the other party is unscathed!

It is as if these forces were absorbed by Chu Kuangren.

"He is absorbing the power of Hun Yuan Jie? How can there be such a thing?"

Everyone turned pale with fright.

Chu Kuangren’s Transcending Tribulation is even more outrageous than a disaster.

At this point.

The Hun Yuan Jie high in the sky seems to be irritated by Chu Kuangren's behavior.

The more terrifying tribulation thunder is in operation.

"Heh, come on."

Chu Kuangren chuckled lightly. The most important thing is to survive the nine times of Hunyuan’s calamity, and the most important thing is to survive the nine times of Hunyuan’s calamity. Once strong, it is necessary to absorb the power of these Hunyuan Jie to consolidate the fleshy body.

It's only the first time for him to mix Yuanjie. If he finds it difficult now, he will suffer from it in the future.

bang!   Thunder Tribulation fell sharply.

Chu Kuangren is still unavoidable, letting Thunder Tribulation add him.

The Hunyuan Nine Tribulations are running.

He robbed Thunder Power and was quickly swallowed by him.

"roar! !"

At this point.

In Hunyuan's robbery, the moved towards Chu Kuangren of a sinister's terrifying Thunder Dragon baring fangs and brandishing claws swooped down, powerful enough to be comparable to Hunyuan.

With this blow, Chu Kuangren took a few steps back.

The arcs crackled on him.

Then, he was absorbed.

Extremely fleshy body, one step closer!   "What a perverted fleshy body."

Everyone was palpitating.

Even the Ancestral Dragon, Zombie Corpse King and the others who are best at fleshly body strength in the existence of Xiangu, after seeing the fleshy body of Chu Kuangren, couldn’t help but shudder and felt myself If you get a punch...

I'm afraid you will be hit directly.

Hun Yuan Jie's power is getting stronger and stronger.

And the format is also changing.

In addition to Thunder Tribulation, it also derived out Wind Tribulation and Fire Tribulation! The   endless wind, as if to destroy everything.

The raging fire will burn the sky.

This power.

Even more terrifying than the Transcending Tribulation.

But Chu Kuangren curl one's lip, opening his mouth and inhaling, like a terrifying Great Desolate Giant Beast, opening his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl, sucking endless gusts and flames into his body for tempering internal organs, strengthen the bones and bones membrane.

On top of the strengthening of Hunyuan Jie, Chu Kuangren’s skin is shining with shining radiance, every inch of flesh and blood contains surging power, every bone is branded with mysterious rune, even that The blood flowing in blood vessels is like a turbulent river formed by the gathering of fairy marrow, which is extremely amazing...

Gradually, Chu Kuangren feels that this time’s mixed calamity has not improved himself so much. Obviously, he stood in place, and any Heavenly Tribulation was added, and he still couldn't get the slightest damage to him.

"It seems that this is already the limit of the first calamity."

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

Then, he looked towards the Hun Yuan Jie in the sky and murmured: "Then let you try my newly acquired divine ability!"

bang! The   horror qi and blood rises into the sky with each Tao.

In an instant, a huge illusory shadow was outlined.

This image, as if coming from a long time ago, is wrapped around the Chaos Energy machine, the bronze-colored body is flowing with the color of gold and iron, and the muscles are more like a hill-like rolling ups and downs, full of a Kind of power.

Yang Mei immediately creded out in surprise after seeing this image.

"This is...Pangu!!"

Not bad.

This image is actually Pangu!

The heart of Pangu contains more than just the power of surging Qi and blood.

It also contains the inheritance of Pangu.

After Chu Kuangren refining the heart of Pangu, he can freely summon this Pangu image and exert Pangu's divine ability.

Pangu reappears, millions and millions of creatures are shocked, all creeping on the ground.

This is an instinct derived from the depths of the bloodline.

Pangu opens the sky, the body transforms into World's All Living Things, nourishing all souls. For the cultivator of the Pangu universe, Pangu is the creator god!   "Splitting heaven and earth apart!"

Chu Kuangren slowly raised his hand.

And Pan Gu Faxiang behind him also raised his hand, with Chaos Energy machine flowing out in his hand, turning it into a huge axe.

That is to open the Heavenly God axe.

Although it is not the real Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure that opened the Heavenly God axe, it was a simulation of Pangu, but its power is still extremely amazing.

Pan Gu Faxiang raised the Heavenly God axe high, moved towards Hunyuan Jie fiercely and chopped it down.

The endless divine light and the road are gushing out!

This axe does not have any complicated breath.

It is the purest road of power!

And the Dao of Power is also the Dao of Pangu's major. It doesn't pay attention to the bells and whistles, only the most pure power!   bang!!

An axe fell, Heaven and Earth roared, the void tore a million li-long huge crack, and even the deep void barrier was easily torn.

And Hun Yuan Jie was also split in half in front of this force, and gradually dissipated. Between Heaven and Earth, only the white clothed law stood proudly.

At this moment, Wan Ling lost his voice and was shocked.

(End of this chapter)

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