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  Chapter 2065 Primordial Chaos Great World, Church of Light Yan Xu, Get Information   Pangu Universe, Hongmeng The door.

Since this gate appeared, people have entered here one after another.

And just today, there is another silhouette, stepping forward with his head high, and a powerful breath instantly enveloped the starry sky.

Chu Kuangren came here.

Looking at the giant gate in front of him, Chu Kuangren's eyes were extremely calm.

"Primordial Chaos Great World, it is looking forward to."

His silhouette flashed and stepped into it.

in an instant.

And when Chu Kuangren entered, the entire Hongmeng Gate seemed to be shocked by something, and then calm again.

In a certain universe.

A pair of star-like eyes suddenly opened.

"This breath... is the Master. The Master has entered the Primordial Chaos Great World. It seems that the thin gift I prepared for the Master should come out now."


Primordial Chaos Great World.

This is a Great World wider than the universe.

As soon as Chu Kuangren stepped into this place, he felt an unprecedented surging Spiritual Qi sweeping over him, making him extremely happy both physically and mentally.

Not only that.

He can perceive that the rules of this world are different from other universes.

In the universe, there are limits of great roads.

Wan Ling can only live under the restriction of the avenue, but here, there is no restriction of the avenue, and the perception of the Tao is smoother.

At this moment, Chu Kuangren finally understood what the opportunity Nuwa and the others sensed was, it was the Primordial Chaos Great World itself!   Here, breaking the avenue restrictions will not be impossible.

"It's just that, when I came to this Primordial Chaos Great World for the first time, I had to adapt to the rules of this World for a while."

Chu Kuangren felt that this world’s Although Spiritual Qi is extremely abundant.

But because it is a world with different rules, its own principles are faintly difficult to display, and it takes a period of time to adapt.

At this point.

A silhouette flies over like lightning.

The man here is a man wearing a white robe. His body is full of powerful Dao Ze aura, revealing a vast and bright aura.

The moment he saw Chu Kuangren, the man's eyes lit up.

"Good temperament and breath."

"Looking at his bone age, his age should not be more than one hundred thousand years."

The man thought to himself. , He immediately said: "This friend, next is the pastor of Church of Light, Yan Xu, you should have just come to Hongmeng world."

Chu Kuangren muttered for a while, the other party should have come by himself I was attracted by the space fluctuations that occurred when I arrived at Primordial Chaos Great World.

The language of the other party is not the language of the Pangu universe.

But it seems that because of a certain rule, I can understand what the other person is saying. I want to come to this is the magic of Primordial Chaos Great World.

Church of Light ……

In his early years, he also encountered a self-proclaimed bright church.

Finally let him tear it down.

Even the so-called gods that the other party believed in have also disappeared.

"I am indeed a newcomer here. I wonder if you have any advice?"

"I don't dare to teach me, but I think you have a good temperament, and I want to invite you to join me in the Church of Light." Yan Xu said.

"Sorry, I have no interest here."

Chu Kuangren indifferently said.

But the other party did not intend to give up, and continued: "You might as well come to my church to have a look. When you see the vastness of the divine might of my god, I promise you will be convinced and join the church."

"Your good intentions, I have taken it in my heart." Chu Kuangren said, and then he stepped forward, which is already a few million li away.

His speed is extremely fast, and Yan Xu can’t help being surprised when he sees him, “I have just entered the Hongmeng world and have not yet fully adapted to the rules of this place. He has such strength. This person is really a good seed. He should enter me. Church."

He is more satisfied with Chu Kuangren. Once he successfully introduces such an outstanding person to the church, he will be able to get some rewards.

sou!   Yan Xu transformed into a streak of divine light, to keep up with Chu Kuangren.


Chu Kuangren frowned slightly.

I came to Primordial Chaos Great World for the first time, but I didn't fully adapt to the rules of this place, let alone the least bit of information about this place, so I didn't want to shoot at will.

But didn't expect, but came across an annoying guy.

"This person has a good cultivation base. If I can fully adapt to the rules here, it will not be difficult to get rid of him, but now, I have to use some means." Chu Kuangren thought to himself Tao.

I saw him take out the Time and Space Treasure Mirror, and immortal Origin Force poured it into it.


The treasure mirror is in full bloom.

A light of time and space enveloped Chu Kuangren, leading him to disappear in the blink of an eye, and Yan Xu couldn't help being a little shocked when he saw it.

"That kind of breath... is Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure! And it's the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure of Dao of Space-Time!" Yan Xu's eyes flashed with fiery heat.

Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure, no matter in which universe it is a rare treasure.

Even in this Primordial Chaos Great World, there are only a few who can have Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure. Most Primordial Chaos Realm do not have this kind of treasure.

And Chu Kuangren, a Hedao has this kind of Supreme Treasure.

Yan Xu couldn't help but get crooked.

"When this person arrives for the first time, he will definitely find ways to obtain the information of Hongmeng world. In this bright field, there are only a few cultivator gathering points to collect information. The nearest one is... Qianyang City."

Yan Xu thought to himself.

Far beyond millions and millions li.

A flash of time and space.

A silhouette walked out slowly, just to get rid of Yan Xuda Chu Kuangren.

"As a last resort, time and space treasures were exposed. If this person harbors malicious intentions, I am afraid that I will be misbehaving. It seems that I must adapt to the rules of this place as soon as possible and restore the battle strength to the greatest extent. "

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

He looked towards a city not far away.

This city is very old.

There is a vast atmosphere on the city wall, and many places are already dilapidated.

Only the three big characters engraved on the city gate, there is still a good Dao Rhyme circulating, many people stopped to watch, trying to comprehend something out of it.

"Thousand Sun City..."

Chu Kuangren glanced at the three characters and muttered.

This is the closest gathering place for cultivator he can find. He plans to adapt to the rules of Primordial Chaos Great World here and get information by the way.

After entering the city, he watched all around.

There are a lot of buildings.

But most of them have fallen apart.

However, you can vaguely see the past glory of this city.

After some collection.

Chu Kuangren finally understands his current situation.

Primordial Chaos Great World, its origin, has long been unexplorable, has experienced many restarts, and now they can see the scenery before the restart, such as this Qianyang City, it is A city before restarting.

Before the restart began, all the people in this city had already left the Primordial Chaos Great World, and only then did they see the ruined Thousand Sun City they see now.

Most of the resources here have been evacuated.

As for Primordial Chaos Great World, after the restart, it will continue to nurture various treasures of opportunity, and even have the inheritance left by the transcendents of the last restart era.

In addition, the Primordial Chaos Great World has been divided into many large domains and small domains after an unknown number of restarts.

There are more opportunities in the big domain, but they are often occupied by the Peak existence or forces of those heavens and universes.

It is not easy to get a piece of the pie from them.

All in all.

This is a world of surging forward with great momentum, where opportunities and dangers coexist.

Here, transcendence is not an illusion. As long as there is enough opportunity and strength, it is not impossible to become a transcendence of the cream of the crop.

(End of this chapter)

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