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  Chapter 2066 The Light Enchantment, step by step pressing hard, give you a face, right   "I The place where I am now is the bright domain. This place is not too eye-catching among the many big domains of Primordial Chaos Great World."

"And the most powerful force here is the Church who wanted to woo me to join before. of Light, and Church of Light is one of the most peak forces in the Great Influence of Primordial Chaos Great World. It is said that it is backed by the detached."

"This church in the Bright Domain is just a branch of sect It's only going to be."

"I've encountered this kind of trouble when I came here. I'm not lucky."

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.


He sensed a familiar breath quickly approaching Qianyang City.

From a distance, it is Yan Xu who haunted him not long ago.

"Is this specifically for me?"

Chu Kuangren thought to himself.

After coming to Qianyang City, Xu came directly to a conversation here, and directly took out a token to show his identity.

When the people in the church saw this token, they immediately startled.

"I have seen Pastor Yan."

In Church of Light, there are also hierarchical status.

From ordinary congregation to senior congregation, primary level pastor, intermediate pastor, high level pastor, big pastor, and then to bishop...

The principal is just an ordinary primary level pastor.

But Yan Xu is a high level pastor.

There is a big gap between the two sides.

"Open the enchantment of light and block the city of Qianyang."

Yan Xu said nothing, he was straightforward.

Hear this.

The priest of Qianyang City was nodded, and immediately let people open the enchantment.

In the church, a white Goddess statue suddenly burst into ten thousand zhang divine light, and the majestic Light Dao breath gushed out of the statue.

Church of Light Believe in Lord Light God.

Also known as Goddess of Light.

Every Church of Light will have a Goddess statue.

And this statue is also extremely extraordinary. With the support of a lot of strength of Faith, it can burst out a powerful Light Power and do many things.

In an instant.

The white beam of light soared into the sky, and a large amount of Dao's power spread and turned into a huge enchantment, covering the entire Thousand Sun City completely.

"What's going on?!"

"This power is the barrier laid by Light Power."

"Why do you do this?"

The many cultivators in Qianyang City are very puzzled.

But the Church of Light is so powerful that everyone is afraid to speak up.

After Chu Kuangren saw this enchantment, his eyes flashed lightly.

"Oh, could it be set for me?"

On the other side.

Several cultivators dressed in black robes gathered together. They looked at the light barrier that enveloped the entire Qianyang City, and the complexion slightly changed.

"Why did the church suddenly set up a barrier?"

"Did it find us?"

"Our actions are so secretive, how could we be Found."

"Let everyone be careful."

These cultivators are extremely solemn.

It seems that I am afraid of being discovered by people in the church.

In the church, Yan Xu looked at the bright barrier, slightly smiled, "The barrier has been raised, no one can leave without the permission of the church, now there is only one left to find you, the newcomer... …"

Yan Xu's immortal consciousness spread out like a tide.

This immortal consciousness is so huge that it is already very close to the Hunyuan level.

Strength is what he depends on to become a high level priest.

"Found it."


Yan Xu opened his eyes and locked Chu Kuangren's breath.

And Qianyang City, inside a restaurant.

Chu Kuangren was drinking alcohol, his hand toasting his glass paused slightly, and then he showed an indifferent smile, "Come on."


A silhouette walks up to the restaurant, it is Yan Xu.

"Haha, my brother, I've had a hard time looking for you."

Yan Xu haha ​​smiled, came to Chu Kuangren and sat down, pointing to the bright knot outside Jie said: "Do you know what this is?"


"Yes, this is called the enchantment of light, which is formed by the power of Goddess. Even if it is Hunyuan, don't want to break it easily, and this is just one billionth of Goddess's ability that's all. As long as you are willing to join my church, if you can be favored by Goddess in the future, detachment is not a dream..."

Yan Xu talked to Chu Kuangren endlessly.

The effort is to draw him a cake.

It looks like a pyramid scheme.

Chu Kuangren sat in the same place, remained unmoved, indifferently said: "I am not interested in your Goddess, please leave."

"Ai, Little Brother, you really Do you not want to join?"


"That's a pity."

Yan Xu shook the head.

Then he said: "By the way, I think you used a Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure before. It is very mysterious. Can I see you again?"

"I It’s not something anyone can see if they want to."

"Little Brother, you are boring, I just want to see it, and I didn’t say not to return it to you."


As Yan Xu spoke, he displayed a secret art at the same time.


Outside the restaurant.

A cultivator wearing a white robe surrounded the restaurant.

When everyone saw this, they couldn't help but a strategic withdrawal.

"It's the people from Church of Light, what are they doing here?"

"Who seems to provoke them."

"Hey, Who is so bold?"

In the crowd.

Several cultivators in black clothes glanced at each other and relaxed.

"It seems that it is not for us."

"Then proceed."

Inside the restaurant.

Chu Kuangren sees Yan Xu's small actions clearly, and his expression indifferently said: "I'll give you a piece of advice, don't mess around."

"Little Brother is too worried, I Church of Light always persuades people with virtue, even if you don’t enter the church, we won’t hurt you, but..."

Yan Xu laughed haha ​​first, then turned his conversation, his eyes became cold. , "My church recently lost a treasure, and that treasure is very similar to the Primordial Chaos Supreme Treasure in your hand. Could you please take it out for me to verify it to determine the authenticity?"

"What if I say no?"

"Then, I have to take some coercive measures." Yan Xu stretched out his hand moved towards Chu Kuangren and grabbed it. In his palm, there was a very powerful way. The power seems to make Chu Kuangren lose battle strength.

In his opinion, Chu Kuangren has just arrived and has not yet fully adapted to the rules of Primordial Chaos Great World. He has to deal with him, is this not just reaching over to snatch away the grain?   Originally, I wanted to deceive the other party into the church, and slowly lured him into asking the other party to surrender the Supreme Treasure, but now, I can only resort to tough measures.

bang!   This palm fell on Chu Kuangren's shoulder.

The opponent's body shook slightly.

Yan Xu’s complexion was slightly changed.

This kind of shock... is a bit wrong.

Before he could react, Chu Kuangren in front of him put down the wine glass in his hand and looked towards him with a fierce light.

Chu Kuangren raised his hand and slapped it out. Yan Xu only felt a sharp pain in his cheek, and his body flew out involuntarily.

Boom!   A big hole was punched in the restaurant.

Yan Xu flew out for an unknown number of miles, and directly hit the light barrier. This scene made the church cultivators ready to go bewildered.

And in the restaurant.

Chu Kuangren walked out slowly, looking at Yan Xu who was taken away, with an ice-cold saying: "unsatisfied, I TM gave you a face, right?!"

Although he is a newcomer, he doesn't want to be too ostentatious.

But not afraid of things.

The opponent is pressing hard, if he retreats, then he is not Chu Kuangren, dare to provoke him, whether you are light or dark, all will be finished.

(End of this chapter)

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