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  Chapter 2067 The extreme of fleshy body, the light trial, kill Yan Xu

Yan Xu is stunned.

I was actually slapped by a newcomer?

Is there a mistake?   Why?   Why did the newcomer forcibly take a palm of himself, but nothing happened? How did the other party do it?

Do you protect your body?

Not right.

I didn't feel the breath of Dao Ze.

Moreover, the opponent has not yet fully adapted to the rules of Primordial Chaos Great World, and it is basically impossible to explode such a strong power.

What is going on?

Yan Xu clutched his swollen cheeks, and said with blood in his mouth: "He is a heresy, give me all, kill him!!"

He was furious, but he opened his mouth. The teeth couldn't help falling out one after another, it looked very funny.

But he is the high level pastor of the church. The church cultivator in Thousand Sun City simply didn't dare to defy his orders and let people go with him immediately.

"There is a good show to watch."

"Let’s stay away, don’t be affected."

"Hey, this young man looks like He just entered the Primordial Chaos Great World, and the Dao Ze aura on his body has not yet fully integrated with the rules of this place."

"I'm afraid this time is going to suffer."

Everyone discusses spiritedly.

And Chu Kuangren watched the cultivator rushing up one by one, taking a step without evading, and the breath on his body swept out.

Not a rule.

It is the purest fleshy body blood!

The crimson blood, like a long river of blood, spewed out of his limbs, hundreds of skeletons, and thousands of pores, sweeping across all directions!   The church cultivators that rushed up one after another were lifted off by this force, lying on the ground wailing.

Chu Kuangren urges the blood of fleshy body, slapping the void.

It's just that if it were in the Pangu universe, his energy and blood would be enough to strike the shatter void, but here, it would not even be possible to make the void vibrate.

It can be seen how powerful the space wall barrier of Primordial Chaos Great World is.

But this does not affect his battle strength.

"Fleshy body qi and blood?!"

"Fuck, this is a body cultivator, and this level of qi and blood, is it legendary that it can be comparable to Hunyuan? The fleshy body is the ultimate?!"

"What a domineering blood."

Everyone was terrified.

The extreme of fleshy body is rumored in many universes.

"How is it possible? How can you be the extreme of Fleshy body?"

Yan Xu complexion changed.

He misjudged!

Indeed, when Chu Kuangren arrived for the first time, his way would indeed be suppressed by the Rule suppression of Primordial Chaos Great World, and he would not be able to exert his full strength before adapting.

But the fleshy body is different.

Fleshy body is not subject to this restriction.

"No wonder he was able to be hit by me without any damage."

"Damn it!"

Seeing the church cultivator in Qianyang City, he couldn't handle it at all. Chu Kuangren, Yan Xu could only shoot by himself, and between raising his hands, a lot of Dao gushed out.

A vast and bright breath enveloped the scene.

"Try the divine technique of my Church of Light!"

Yan Xu loudly said.

The Tao meets and lasses out as a lance in his palm.

sou! The   lightning-like white lance is wrapped in an extremely shocking and sharp aura, and the earth is torn apart by a huge hole.

Upon seeing this, Chu Kuangren, lightly snorted, punched out.

He does not retreat and cannot evade, hardly shakes the Light God technique.

Boom! The   white lance is broken.

Chu Kuangren's fists are still as white as white jade.

He stepped out one step, his blood gushing like a fire beacon.

The whole person is like a War God walking out of a sea of ​​blood!


Seeing that his attack had no effect, Yan Xu was a little shocked.

But then, his Light Dao surged with power, transformed into white lances in the air, moving towards Chu Kuangren one after another, lasing away.

"I don't believe it, I can't kill you!!"

Bang, bang, bang...

Lance hit Chu Kuangren's body one after another.

A large amount of light aura escaped, shattering the earth, billowing smoke and dust, light and crimson qi and blood were intertwined and collided.


Yan Xu's power is urged to the extreme, and he has a crazy output.

It took a while.

He just stopped to catch his breath.

The ground in front of him was already in a mess. Large pits appeared on the ground, and the fire beacon rolled over and swept all over the place.

A lot of bright breath is scattered in the air, reflecting everywhere.

Such an attack, even a Hunyuan may not be able to withstand it.

Everyone looked towards billowing smoke...

"Did you die?"

"This kind of attack, if you don't die, you will be seriously injured, right? "


Right now.

A clatter of footsteps suddenly sounded.

Everyone only saw that a silhouette came out slowly amidst the smoke and dust in the sky, dressed in white clothed untainted by even a speck of dust, a body of blood flowing around, attracted but not sent, like a set of blood-colored armor Wrapped around him tightly.

Those attacks were blocked by this armor one after another.

He couldn't hurt him at all.

Chu Kuangren's armor disappeared and walked towards Yan Xu step by step.

punched out.

Boom! The   blood rushed fiercely and hit Yan Xu fiercely. Even if the opponent urged Dao to resist, he was still bombarded by this fist.

Once again hit the light barrier.

pu!   Yan Xu vomited blood with horror on his face.

"This, how is this possible?!"

"No, I won't lose. I am the high level priest of Church of Light. With the blessing of Goddess, how is it possible? Will lose to you?"

Yan Xu loudly said.

Immediately afterwards, I saw him squeeze the mysterious secret art.

A powerful wave of energy came from the direction of the church in the distance, and a huge Goddess of Light illusory shadow appeared in the sky.

Yan Xu rose into the sky, "Here, accept the judgment of the light!"

The light barriers all around spread out and turned into pure light power, endless Inject into his body, making his breath grow.

Chu Kuangren looked at the church in the distance.

Seeing that Goddess statue, the color of thinking appeared in his eyes.


Is that Goddess of Light?   He thought of the Dark Lord, and heard from the other party that the other party was severely injured by the Light God Lord, that is, this Goddess of Light.

Don’t know if Goddess of Light is in this Primordial Chaos Great World?

If the other party personally takes action against him, then he can't stop it.

Chu Kuangren has thoughts in his mind.

As far as Xu saw him, he dared to be distracted and furious, but Light Dao urged him to the extreme, turning it into a huge white golden sword.

"Sword of Judgment!"


The big sword is cut down, grandiose.

The entire Thousand Sun City was shaking, and Chu Kuangren was also light flashed in the face of this blow, and the blood of his fleshy body was running to the extreme.

"Let me try, how powerful this fleshy body is."

Qi and blood surged, making the sound of a tsunami.

Every bone in his body burst out with celestial splendor.

punched out!   A divine light of crimson's blood burst out loudly.

One red and one gold.

The two forces collided fiercely in the air, and Heaven and Earth roared endlessly.

I saw that golden sword of judgment broke every inch in front of Chu Kuangren's blood. As for Xu's eyes shrank, the whole person was trembling.

"no! !"

With a horrible cry, Yan Xu was bombarded by violent fist strength, and his whole body burst out one after another blood mist, like a rag from in The midair fell.

The breath gradually dissipated.

When everyone saw this, the scalp became numb.

"This kind of qi and blood power is absolutely comparable to Hunyuan!"

"The extreme fleshy body is really extraordinary."

Everyone is all inclusive With emotion.

(End of this chapter)

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